So the team just solved a case. It's about 9 pm.

Tony looks across the bull pen at Ziva. "So" he says.

"So" Ziva said.

"Abby and McGee are going to a bar I was going to go" He said hopefully

"And?" She asked
" We were wondering if you wanted to go and-"

"We?" She smiles at him.

"Yes. We."

"I guess but I'm not staying all night"

So they all go to this bar and they had a great time until Abby and McGee left.

"Okay I've had enough to drink I'm go to leave" McGee said.

"I'm leaving to uhhhhhh" Abby says looking at McGee.

"You have meat the nuns to go bowling"


They got up and ran off but they didn't notice that tony watched them leave.

He looks at his watch.

"She's bowling at 11: 30?"

"That's strange."

Tony started smiling his I know what's going on smile. Ziva looks at him.

"What?" She demands.

"They are breaking rule 12."

"How do you know?"

"A. Abby isn't going to bowl at 11:30 all the alleys are closed B. they left holding hands"


"They also kissed before they got into his car"

"Oh Gibbs isn't going to like it" She noticed that she was on her third cocktail and he was on his fourth. "Well I'm going to go' She is about to leave but Tony goes after her.

"Just stay for a little longer you know how depressing it is to drink alone" He says then starts pouting. She hesitates for a second.



"But only for ten minutes"

The next morning she wakes up at 5:30wondering why her alarm didn't go off. She looked at the clock and realized that it was different than hers and that she was completely naked. She turns around to see Tony completely passed out. She then grabbed every thing that was hers got dressed and left as fast as she could.

Ziva got to N.C.I.S before Tony and McGee. Both Tony and McGee came in belting out the same song. Ziva half smiled but went right back to her computer. McGee went strait to Abby's lab still singing. Tony sat down at his desk.

"Hello Ziva"

She barley looks up from her e mails "Hi"

He scratches his head "uh do remember leavening the bar last night?"


"I don't really remember and I was wondering if you saw me and if you maybe saw me with eny one"

She notices that he doesn't know that they slept together. "You took a cab" (Which is true they did take a cab)

"Did you see eny one with me?"


"Are you sure"


"Are really sure"

"Tony you sleep with random girls all the time why does this particular girl matter?"

"It's nothing just curious"

"No really why"

"I may have do or actually not done something"

She suddenly got worried. "Like what"

"You can't tell eny one it may just be nothing"


"I uhhh…. kind of didn't use a condom"

"You what!"

"Ziva shhhhhh see why I need to find this particular girl"

She's completely speechless. Gibbs comes into the bull pen.

"Grab your gear"

So basically for the rest of the day Tony was bothered by the fact the he my have knocked up some one that he can't find and Ziva was worried the he may have knocked her up. So long story shortened they solve the case but it takes like three days. The next day Ziva woke up feeling really sick and when ever she ate something she would throw it up. She ends up calling Gibbs telling him she's sick. She realized that she felt better in the after noon and she got worried so she immediately bought a pregnancy test. Right when Ziva got home she used it and it was positive.

Ziva didn't felt better the next day but she didn't want to miss another day.

When she got to N.C.I.S she felt like complete crap.

"hey" she said to Tony as she sat down at her desk.

"hey" He noticed she didnt exactly look well.

she feels like shes going to throw up"ill be right back" she an to the bathroom.

Ziva couldn't even hold down water and was dizzy as hell .

Tony looked at Ziva and she looked pale and sick. He became worried. "Ziva are you feeling alright?"

She felt like she was going to through up for the 12th time. "Uhhh yes I am fine"

"You don't look it"

"Then what do I look like"

"Like your going to pass out"

"Well I am not okay"

He walked over to her desk. "Ziva you look like you might please just go see Ducky"

She knows if she goes down to see him she'll have to tell him what's going on.

"Ziva please you look horrible" He starts begging.

She then realized that she has no choice. "Okay fine" she stands up and is so dizzy that Tony has to hold her up or she would fall.

" Tony let- " She breaks free from him and starts to through up the little water that she tried to drink. Gibbs came in and Tony ran over to him.

"Hey where's Ziva?"

"She has her head in a waste basket throughing up and she can barely stand she's so dizzy." They both turn toward her desk and she was standing but only for a second until she fainted.

"Ziva!" He yelled just before she hit the ground. Tony and Gibbs immediately ran to her. They both sat on the ground next to her. Gibbs wasted no time he called 911 as Tony who is completely panicking attempted to get her to wake up.

"Ziva! Wake up! Come on get up!" He was shaking her a bit.

"Come on Ziva"