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I tossed an old football I found in Tom's room between my hands as he typed furiously away at his computer. I knew what he was doing and I couldn't say that I approved. I don't understand why he felt he needed to hack into the school site to improve his grades, he was a genius in so many ways and yet he was acting so…childishly.

"I don't get why you don't just do well on the tests. I know you knew the answers. If you failed the tests why don't you just ask your dad for help instead of going to all this trouble?" I asked my best friend of five years. He turned to me, his brown eyes flittering anxiously.

"You wouldn't understand Luce, it's a personal thing." he muttered as he turned back to his computer, running a hand through his perfect dark brown hair. Ok I'll admit it, even though me and Tom had been best friends since we were twelve, I found him extremely cute-I might even have a little crush on him.

But he had been acting different recently. We still hung out tons; I'm currently staying with his family for the summer because my parents are away on business, but he seemed to be acting differently. I noticed it as the end of semester tests rolled by. He acted colder, getting into fights with everyone and doing bad in school. He even seemed to be getting irritated with me, even when I wasn't trying to annoy him. Speaking of which, it had been a while since Tom had any fun.

Quietly I stood up from his bed and tiptoed over to his desk. When I was right behind him, I leaned down and let my breath fan over the back of his neck. I knew he hated it when I did that, he said it reminded him of how he imagined people in horror movies felt before they were hacked to death. I smirked as he shuddered before he turned around, glaring at me.

"You know I hate it when you do that." he growled, his eyes glinting mischievously. I knew exactly what that glint meant: he was planning something that he knew I would hate. I giggled as I backed up slightly, causing him to get out of his chair.

"Whatcha ya' goanna do about it?" I smirked before breathing over his face. That seemed to end it as he shrugged and turned back to his computer. While I was glad that he understood not to mess with me and my black belt, I still felt a little rejected that he didn't want to have any fun anymore. I sighed and turned back to the bed, reaching for the football. Suddenly a weight crashed into my side so hard that me and the object fell onto the bed, me knocking the football onto the floor as I was forced onto my back.

Tom laughed as he pinned me down, holding my arms above my head by my wrists with one hand while his other rested on the right side of my waist. I squirmed against it. Curse my body and its insane ticklishness (That's not true, I love my body. While I'm not the tallest girl out there, 5ft 8, I'm slim with tan skin, blue eyes and long chocolate hair.)

Tom smirked at me. "Don't ever breath on my neck." he growled before his hand attacked my side, tickling it for all he was worth. I squealed loudly, not even trying to hide my laughter. It was no use, Tom knew how ticklish I was just like knew how much he hated heights.

"Stop! Tom stop!" I managed through my laughter. He grinned and tickled harder.

"Promise to never breath on my neck again." he shouted over my laughter.

"I'm goanna pee! I'm goanna pee!" I squealed, feeling tears stream down my cheeks.

"Say it!" he demanded.

"Fine! Fine I promise to never breath again!" I shouted as the burning against my sides started to help. He sighed as he stopped, leaving me to catch my breath as he stayed sitting on my stomach. Finally my vision cleared and I realised that Tom was staring at me.

"What?" I asked, shifting slightly under his gaze. He shrugged.

"Nothing." he said with a smile as he rolled off to lay beside me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, my mind just registering the position me and Tom had been in. "What are you thinking about?" he asked me randomly, turning on his side to look at me. I shrugged, trying to look normal.

"Nothing much. Next semester, karate, what's goanna happen this time next year when we're getting ready for collage." I finished sadly. Who knows if me and Tom will be able to stay together.

"Well I know." Tom said, the light back in his eyes. Before I knew it he was back on top of me, pinning my body down by laying on top of it, his face a few inches from mime. This was an extremely un-Tom like gesture. "We are going to pass our final exams and do everything humanly possible to see if we can attend the same collages and stay best friends." he said, smiling warmly.

While I was touched that he cared so much, my heart sank a little at best friends. That's all he'll ever think of me and I guess I'll just have to accept that. My eyes drifted from his as I thought about it.

"You ok Lucy?" he asked, bringing my face back to his with his hand. I gulped, finding the position hard to stay in without letting my mind wonder to some wanted outcomes. "Lucy, do you ever think about…us?" the question caused my attention to go right back into focus. His cheeks were bright red and he wasn't looking at me, what a change.

"Sometimes." I murmured and his eyes brightened. "I mean all friends think about it at some point, they just never act on it." I reasoned, not wanting to mess with anything that was starting to become dangerous topics. He nodded, looking unsure again. "But that doesn't mean they shouldn't try." I finished, deciding to let him take the lead. Tom seemed to understand what I was suggesting as he thought about something.

"Luce, can I try something?" he asked, using my special nickname that only he got to use. I nodded, to scared and excited to do anything else. Slowly his head started to lower towards mine, his eyes searching mine for any sign to stop. When I gave him none, he gently took my face in his hands but stopped when his lips were an inch from mine. I was trying hard not to breath to hardly, not wanting to ruin what could become a perfect moment.

"Are you sure you're ok with this Lucy?" he asked. I nodded slowly, letting my eyes slid shut. Just as I felt his lips brush mine, a thump sounded from outside. Instantly the spell that had fallen over us was broken as Tom leapt away from me, crouching at the corner of his bed. I knew his overactive imagination was getting the better of him and slumped against his pillows.

"Tom it's probably just a…" I stopped talking as the window slowly started to slide upwards. I crawled forwards and grabbed Tom's hand, squeezing it as I pictured a robber with a gun climbing through. Ok so maybe me and Tom shared the overactive imagination. The window stopped moving and I leaned forwards, preparing myself for the worst. I was met with something far worse beyond anything I could have pictured.

A light brown haired girl's head popped through the window, scaring me into falling back onto the bed in shock.

"One word and you're dead. Both of you." Tom's older sister, Bethany threatened. I watched Tom's shoulders sag in relief as he stood up. As soon as she was through the window Bethany turned around, waving to someone below. I didn't need to guess who it was when the sound of an engine revving loudly in a suburban street loudly filled the air.

"Are you crazy? If dad catches you he's going to kill you." Tom said firmly. Bethany smirked.

"Dad's not going to catch me." she said as Rickey's cars engine faded away. Tom sneered as he glared out the window.

"I don't get it, what do you see in that guy?" he asked, coming to stand behind his sister. Although Tom would never tell anyone besides me, I knew that he didn't like Rickey because he was looking out for his older sister. I smirked at the obvious role reversal.

"You mean other then the fact that he's handsome, sweet, smart, sensitive romantic and ridiculously athletic." Bethany listed. I felt myself slightly agreeing with her.

"She does have a point. He is pretty much every girls dream." I chipped in, always being the helpful one.

Tom turned and glared at me, slight hurt filling his eyes. I felt bad and shrank back onto the bed. Bethany smiled and came to sit beside me.

"See Tom, your girlfriend has the right idea. Now all she needs to do is find a real man." she said with a smirk as she put her arm around my shoulders. I huffed and slapped her arm away.

"One: you know I'm not his girlfriend. Two: Tom is a man and three: Rickey is more of a walking Ken doll then a man." I snapped, always ready to defend Tom.

He smiled before his eyes drifted back over to his computer. "Shit!" he gasped as he sat back down, continuing what he had been doing. Not two minutes later his little sister Hannah was running into the room.

"Dads coming, and he's mad." she said, holding onto the door handle. Even though I saw her nearly everyday she still had an affect on me that made her so adorable to me. She was like the little sister I always wanted.

"At who?" Tom asked in a panicked voice. Just as Hannah pointed and was about to say his name, a definite "Tom!" rang through the house.

Quick as a flash Bethany grabbed her little sisters hand and pulled her behind the door as Tom's dad walked through. I stepped back as Stu stared at his son.

"What?" Tom asked, avoiding his dads eyes.

"If you are smart enough to hack into the school website then you are smart enough to pass math." he said firmly. Tom let out a defeated sigh, shutting his eyes as he prepared for the worst.

"Busted." I muttered under my breath, only to have both men glare at me.

"Tom were you listening? Do you think Bethany got excepted to Michigan by screwing around?" Stu asked his son. Tom rolled his eyes and I knew what he was thinking.

"No. she got in cause she's perfect." he muttered sarcastically. Bethany smirked at him from behind the door and I knew that Tom was seething on the inside.

"No your sister worked her tail off, and that's exactly what I expect from you." his dad continued, obviously not seeing how much pressure he was putting on Tom. But because Tom was Tom he said this.

"You're right dad, I don't deserve a family vacation. Maybe me and Lucy should just stay home tomorrow." Stu frowned.

"No I'm not taking that bait kiddo." he said taking a few steps forward. "This isn't you: the bad attitude, the grades. What is going on?" he asked, giving his son a pleading stare. Oh how I have been wanting to ask that same question.

"Nothing." Tom said with a shrug, although I thought he looked kind of guilty. His dad sighed, obviously not happy with the answer. He turned towards Tom's computer and narrowed his eyes.

"You know what? I blame this," he said pointing at the computer before motioning between Tom and himself. "For coming between this right here." as he finished he walked over to it, unplugging it. Tom winced as his computers life drained away.

"Some good old fashioned, low tech family togetherness is exactly what we need." he said with a smile, referring to the vacation they were going on tomorrow, being generous to let me come with them. The Pearson's really were like a second family to me. "So get some sleep we're hitting the road at sun up." he said as he headed towards the door, stopping to look round the side. "You guys to." he finished before walking out, missing Bethany's defeated look as she and Hannah followed.

"He's kind of right Tom. Maybe you do need a little time away from your computer." I added, trying to lighten the mood. Tom turned and glared at me before flopping onto his bed, burying his face into his pillows. I knew that this meant that he was done talking for the night, an action I had been getting quite a lot recently. I sighed in defeat and walked over to my sleeping bag, crawling inside. Tom was always getting angry to easily but lately he would just stop talking to me and shut down.

I let my eyes slip shut, looking forward to a day where, hopefully, Tom would be in a better mood.

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