Team Possible had just entered Drakken's lair because he was threatening the world with a machine that could blow up the weather or maybe it was space. So when they got inside there were a bunch of the red wearing henchmen and Shego. Kim saw Shego and Shego saw Kim and there was immediately a connection that they had felt for a long time but just never wanted to admit. It was a spark, an understanding between two strong alpha females that the world would just never understand except for those two.

So Kim and Shego stood up and ran at each other to fight. They fought with a flurry of punches and kicks and were getting really sweaty. Meanwhile Ron was busy doing something stupid and he farted.

"Check it out Rufus, I farted," he said with male pride.

"HNK FART!" Rufus echoed.

Kim heard this and got really pissed off at her stupid immature boyfriend. "Ron quit screwing around and help me. You're so stupid and immature."

"But Kim I can't help it I just ate like ten chimurritos."

"I don't fucking care Ron. Fucking help me."

"Wow Princess Kimmie Cupcake, why are you suddenly swearing?" Shego asked.

"Because I'm ignoring all Disney canon and characterization you stupid bitch," Kim said as she lifted her crop top up to flash her small breasts.

"Oh look at this a shiny thing," Ron said as he ignored Kim and wandered off to another part of the room.

So Kim and Shego were still fighting and Shego called Kim "Kimmie" and "Princess" and Kim got really upset and started fighting even harder. Then they eventually fell on top of each other and they stared into each other's passionate emerald eyes.

"Kimmie, I've been keeping hidden feelings from you for decades now. You know all those times I insult you? I'm calling you pet names because I love you."

"I know Shego. I've been keeping hidden feelings from you too. Every time we fight it's just because I want to get my hands all over your beautiful body."

"I'm so happy we finally told each other," Shego cried.

Then they stood up and Ron was there and he was angry because he has a micropenis and never was able to satisfy Kim the way Shego can. You should check out micropenis on Wikipedia because it's a real thing, I'm not making it up, and it's pretty sad for those who have it. I think this one guy went through one of those TSA body scanners at an airport and he had one and the people put pictures on the internet so he got pissed and beat a guy up. I saw this on the Philip DeFranco Show a few months ago. Also Ron is immature and has nothing in common with Kim.

"What is this?" he screamed. "Kim we're going back to our house to have sex and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"No Ron I'm breaking up with you I'm with Shego now."

So Ron got really angry and turned blue. "Zorpox will destroy you now!" he yelled.

But then Kim just bitchslapped Ron and he fell to the ground and ran away with Rufus so he could plot his evil revenge on the world because he's immature and according to experts his relationship with Kim would never work out.

Then Kim and Shego went back to Shego's place and they had hot lesbian sex and all the male readers got hard imagining it and all the female readers were happy that they were being represented by two strong female characters, but pretty much all of them identified with Shego because she was probably shunned and picked on for being green and Kim is just there because she's like black clothes and can go with anything.

The end.