Blaine Anderson is four and a half, a fact he will proudly tell anyone who will listen.

He hugs his mommy's leg as they enter the room. On one side, there are lots of children his age playing with everything from Lego's to stuffed animals. On the other, a group of mommies are sitting around and talking. Blaine doesn't understand why mommies and daddies love to talk so much and not play. It's so boring. But he supposes that those sorts of things aren't boring when you're all grown up.

Blaine wonders if grown ups find the games he likes to play boring.

He is interrupted by mommy pushing on his back and pulling his thumb out of his mouth.

"Blaine, don't suck your thumb. Now go play." And with that she walks away to the mommy table.

Blaine scans the room. There are a lot of kids.

He steps forward tentatively, looking for someone who will let him play with them. They all seem to be busy playing their own games and Blaine doesn't want to interrupt any of them.

He wishes he could sit with his mommy, but she told him last time that she needs alone time with other grown-ups so Blaine doesn't do that.

As his gaze moves from group to group, hoping someone will catch his eye and invite him over, he spies a boy sitting all alone in the far corner of the room.

The boy is dressed very strangely. He is wearing the kind of clothes his daddy wears to work. It reminds him of the clothes his mommy made him wear for his great aunt Josephine's funeral except the jacket is a different color and his tie is a funny shape.

Blaine wonders if maybe this boy is going to a funeral after, or maybe just coming from one. Maybe that's why he is playing alone. He thinks maybe he should leave the boy alone but something pulls him there anyway.

He worries that he's being rude.

He always worries about being rude because his parents are always telling him to have better manners and they always get mad at him when he does something they don't like. They say his behavior reflects back on them and when his behavior is bad it reflects badly on them. He doesn't really know what that means, only that he has to try harder to be a good son.

As he comes closer, he sees that the boy is surrounded by power rangers. Blaine likes the power rangers. He decides to tell that to the boy.

"I like the power rangers."

The boy looks up and Blaine thinks he had the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. The boy doesn't say anything, he just looks at Blaine.

"I watch them every Saturday morning."

The boy still doesn't say anything. Blaine realizes with horror that he's being rude again with out meaning to and he bites his bottom lip, trying to remember the manners his parents have taught him.

"My name is Blaine Anderson. It's nice to meet you."

He holds out his hand the way his parents taught him. The boy looks at it and then back at Blaine. Blaine's hand starts to shake. What if he was too rude? What if this boy tells his mommy?

But before he can worry any further, the boy stands up, brushing his hands over his pant legs to un-wrinkle them and takes Blaine's outstretched hand.

He smiles and Blaine's heart does a funny jump inside his chest.

"It's very nice to meet you Blaine. My name is Kurt. Kurt Hummel.

Kurt, it turns out, is holding a power ranger wedding. Zordon is officiating and Kurt asks Blaine who his favorite power ranger is.

"Jason because he's a good leader and he's really nice. Also, red is my favorite colour."

"Okay, then you can have Jason." Kurt hands the red figurine to Blaine and picks up the black one, "And I'll be Zack."

Blaine frowns.

"Wait, Jason and Zack are getting married?"

Kurt looks at him.


"But they're both boy power rangers."

Kurt sits up and cocks an eyebrow one hand on his hip, the other clutching the black power ranger.


Blaine is confused. He thought boys could only marry girls, but now that he thinks about it, if he had to marry someone, he would much rather it be this boy with his neatly combed hair and pretty blue eyes than any girl.

So Blaine shrugs and says, "Okay."

Blaine spends the next hour playing Power Ranger wedding with Kurt (Kimberly saves the day when Rita Repulsa tries to ruin it by changing the catering menu and holding the florist hostage).

On the way home Blaine tells his mommy about his new friend Kurt and the power rangers and the wedding and how he thinks that Kurt is better than all the girls he's ever met put together and how he thinks it's silly that boys can't marry other boys.

The next week, his mother takes him to a different playgroup. Blaine asks her why they can't go back to the other playgroup and his mommy tells him that this one is better. That this one doesn't just let anyone in. Blaine tells her he wants to go back to the other playgroup and just about starts to cry when his mother spanks him and tells him not to talk back to her.

Kid!Blaine and Kid!Kurt are so cute!

I have this image in my head of Blaine growing up with this compulsive need to be perfect when he's really just a scared insecure kid on the inside.