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Slytherins and Slip Ups

Harry's heavy breathing sounded off the walls and he pressed his face to a pale shoulder, groaning loudly and bucking his hips up. A smug chuckle was muffled into his hair and long slim fingers unwrapped from around his member.

"Draco stop teasing." He muttered, and the platinum blonde's intense eyes met his own.

Draco pushed his legs back, thrust into him after mumbling against his lips and Harry cried out loudly before wrapping his legs around his waist. Their bodies moved quickly with each other, and soon the heat was becoming too much.

"H-Harry." Draco mumbled into that soft brunette hair and Harry cried out as he came between their bodies. Draco released deep into him, making him shudder until they were calmed down enough to separate.

Harry sat back against the big old desk that used to be a teacher's, and watched Draco get up to grab his pants. The teen watched him as he got dressed, before Draco glanced down at him.

"What?" He asked and Harry chuckled, shrugging.

"Nothing." He whispered and stood up, rubbing his tender lower back for a moment.

He stepped up to the blonde and kissed him, making him chuckle as he grabbed the hair at the back of his head to pull him closer. A hand squeezed his ass until he moaned loudly and Draco stepped back.

"Get dressed, people will wonder if you're gone too l-"

"I know, I know." Harry sighed and grabbed his clothes, getting dressed.

They walked out together and Draco let Harry kiss him once more before they went separate ways. Harry bit his lower lip and adjusted his glasses as he walked, thinking about the Slytherin wizard. He entered the Gryffindor chambers and went to his bed, undressing then slipping under the covers. Most would be coming back soon, and he was tired enough to doze off. Ron was loud as he walked in, but quieted to see Harry sleeping. Eyeing his friend for a moment, Harry laid there silently staring at the wall before Ron went to bed. Harry smiled to himself, before closing his eyes again to fall asleep.


"Harry are you okay mate?" Ron called out and Harry coughed, wiping his lip.

"Fine Ron." He called back and flushed the toilet, standing up.

That had been the fourth time in the past three weeks he'd had to suddenly start running to the bathroom to vomit. After the third time though, he figured out why. He ran a hand through his brown hair, his forehead damp with sweat and his skin warm. He sighed as he walked out of the stall and Ron stared at him, the redhead watching him closely.

"Are you sure?" He asked as Harry washed his hands. Ron had heard him vomiting, but the past couple times Harry had made the excuse that he'd been feeling under the weather lately. He nodded and splashed his face, before replacing his glasses from his pocket back on his nose, and then turned.

"I have to go find Malfoy." He mumbled, using his secret boyfriend's surname. Ron's eyes widened.

"And why the bloody hell do you need to do that?" He asked and Harry shook his head as he walked out, Ron forced to follow him in puzzlement. "Harry!" He said as the brunette began to walk quickly through the crowded halls. Ron tried to keep up with him, stumbling a couple times but managing to stay near him.

"Malfoy!" Harry called out as he saw the blonde with his other Slytherins.

They all turned and narrowed their eyes, Draco's eyes holding a harsh warning glint as he looked at Harry.

"Potter." He spat and Harry frowned, knowing Draco had to act this way. They were supposed to be enemies.

"I need to talk to you." Harry growled and Draco rolled his eyes, turning to walk away.

"Go tell someone who cares Potter." He said airily over his shoulder, a few laughing around him as they began to walk.

"You need to listen." Harry demanded and Draco turned sharply, glaring.

"I don't think I do." He muttered and Harry felt a hard shove from behind him. He fell into Draco by mistake, the blonde grabbing his arm so he didn't completely fall. It looked more like a move to protect himself, instead it was one to help Harry. "What?" He hissed low enough for only Harry.

Brilliant green eyes looked up at him, shining with unshed tears. His eyes held anger and he gripped Draco's arm harshly, nails biting into his skin.

"Draco I'm pregnant." He growled very quietly only for the blonde to hear and Draco stared at him, just stared. His grip on Harry loosened and the brunette pulled away, Ron grabbing him from behind.

Harry looked at Draco, and he could tell he was absolutely livid. Their eyes met and together they figured it was easiest to meet where they always did. So hours later, Harry anxiously pushed the door open to the abandoned classroom. The moment the door closed with a quiet bang, hands pushed him back against the wall. But it wasn't the usual way those hands shoved him back then pinned him against the cold wall. No, this time he was pinned and angry eyes glared down at him. Yes he was a couple inches shorter than the blonde, he hated it.

"Let go of me." Harry muttered and Draco narrowed his eyes before releasing his hold.

Harry walked over to a chair, sitting and covering his stomach with an arm. Draco looked down before looking back up to his face.

"What the hell was that all about today?" Draco yelled loudly and Harry flinched.

"I told you." He mumbled quietly.

"Yes and how the fuck did this even happen? You're a filthy liar Potter." He growled and Harry narrowed his eyes angrily. He despised being called by his last name by Draco. They'd been secretly together for months, almost six, so they'd long since started calling each other by name.

"It's your fault." He growled and Draco nearly snapped when Harry held up a hand to stop him. "Don't even refuse it. It is. Five weeks ago...don't you remember your little slip up?"

Draco froze and glared, but thought back to five weeks ago. He frowned and Harry watched.

"How was class?" Harry asked softly as Draco wrapped his arms around his waist.

He nuzzled his shoulder, and Draco kissed his head; for some reason definitely in one of those random moods Harry had become to be accustomed to. Sometimes Draco was just quiet, and just wanted to hold him and be kissed. He had also learned not to ask why Draco was in those moods, but just to act normal. Draco's face pressed to his head and Harry smiled softly.

"Boring. We learned about pregnancy spells and wizard offspring." The blonde mumbled in return and tipped Harry's chin up to kiss him.

It slowly became demanding and Harry went along with it, kissing Draco in return and humming against his lips. Clothes were torn off and Draco laid him on the cool floor, making Harry shiver. Sometimes Draco didn't want sex, especially in these moods where he seemed thoughtful and slightly out of it. But they hadn't done it for days and both needed to release that need. Harry bucked his hips up as Draco prepped him with his fingers, and the brunette winced.

"In pain?" Draco whispered and Harry nodded.

Though people who usually judged Draco Malfoy quickly based on how he showed off himself, Harry learned to know differently now. Sometimes Draco was...dare he say it, needy. For actual affection. And every time they'd ever been physical, the blonde never allowed him to be in pain. Pale soft lips pressed against his own and Draco mumbled a spell softly like he normally did. Harry froze though, blinking in surprise.

"Wrong one." He mumbled and the blonde blinked, looking surprised.

"What?" He whispered, grinding slowly down onto Harry who moaned and panted.

"Wrong spell, that's from...Mmmm today." He whispered and Draco cursed, making Harry chuckle. The blonde looked into his eyes warningly, allowing him to know that he didn't want to be laughed at, and Harry simply smiled and kissed him, ignoring the pregnancy spell Draco had mistakenly murmured. Thinking nothing of it.

Draco was troubled, but mumbled the correct spell. The pain for Harry disappeared and Draco thrust into him, and soon they were both forgetting about his little slip up and moving quickly towards release...

"You remember." Harry accused and Draco frowned darkly.

"There's no way in hell that spell actually worked, and it couldn't have been effective without my wand." He argued and Harry stood up.

He glared, because Draco wouldn't believe him, and walked over to a long tall mirror. He took out his wand and undressed himself until he was only wearing dark jeans. Draco stared at him, noticing the slight roundness that had become his lover's lower abdomen. How could he not have noticed Harry's slight weight gain? It definitely hadn't been there a week ago he knew that. Harry gestured Draco closer before they were both looking in the mirror. Harry mumbled a few words softly, and Draco recognized the spell as a wizard way to check pregnancy. Harry touched the tip of his wand to his bare stomach and the white light suddenly got brighter and became a bit pinker. Harry stared and so did Draco for a long time.

"It's a baby girl." Harry whispered. Draco swallowed before turning quickly.

"Fuck!" He yelled so loud that it scared Harry who dropped his wand.

"Draco!" The brunette yelled as the blonde stormed out without a word.

A few said his name as he pushed through the crowds towards his room, muttering angrily. He was absolutely furious. Harry was right, it was his fault they were in this type of mess. He, Draco Malfoy, had slipped up his magic and had gotten his supposed enemy Harry Potter (the freaking chosen one) pregnant. Not only had his magic done it but his own seed had helped to create a baby.

"It's a baby girl." Harry had whispered to him.

Draco slammed the doors loudly as he went then went to his own private room, something he had purposely asked for. He slammed the door shut and went to his bathroom, splashing water on his face and glaring in the mirror, water dripping from the tips of his blonde hair. He could remember that day very well. His father had spoken to him specifically about heirs to the Malfoy family and how he expected them in a near future with the most powerful candidate he could find. His father didn't care about love. That had been the reason for their day's lessons, even Snape had managed to mention offspring in class. He'd been so distracted when he had been with Harry, and he'd been thinking about it all day, and then he'd said that spell...

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