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Anything Is Possible With Magic

It seemed so close yet so far away. His due date. Harry was so excited, but his body begged to differ. It was sore all the time, his lower back the most, and the baby kicked more often now. He hated being on his feet for more than twenty minutes and his belly was very big now. Very round and smooth, though he despised the very light stretch marks along the edge of his belly. He was tired often and hungry all the time. So moody that it was crazy anyone could keep up with him and he was constantly nagged now. Hermione, Ron and Draco all asked constantly if he was alright or if he needed anything, along with teachers and other students as well who were all nervously awaiting to see this baby.

It was about eleven days away from his due date when Harry really began to be uncomfortable a lot. He had taken to sleeping in Draco's bed at night, and Dumbledore had gifted them with what they needed for their baby girl. A crib, a change table, diapers, all the supplies they needed for a baby they now had. It was all in Draco's room which the blonde had whined about until Harry shut him up with a kiss. They needed it all he assured him. Most of his stuff was in Draco's room as well, though he was still definitely a Gryffindor he just stayed in the Slytherin chambers now. Draco didn't mind having him there alright. They got to fall asleep together, though Harry was starting to find it hard to sleep most of the time now. Draco would be forced to rub his shoulders, practically falling asleep as he did so then he'd just hold him close.

They were laying in bed together late at night talking when Harry started to shift uncomfortably. Draco thought he was just getting comfy for a moment, but he continued to shift. He eventually groaned and Draco sat up, watching in concern.

"Are you alright?" He asked and could hear Harry's staggered breathing.

"I don't know." He mumbled and hissed softly as a sharp pain. "Ow, ow dammit..." He growled and sat up, wincing and moaning in pain. "Draco ow it hurts." He whispered and look almost scared for a moment. Hell Draco looked completely terrified. "I don't know what's happening..." he whispered and Draco was quick to grab a shirt and help Harry out of bed. It was the middle of the night, but they needed to get to the infirmary.

The blonde helped Harry get dressed and grabbed his glasses for him before they were walking down the hall towards the infirmary.

"Ow!" Harry cursed a couple times, Draco placing a hand on his lower back and supporting some of his weight.

"We're almost there." Draco mumbled to him, feeling his heart beat faster.

"Why do these halls have to be so damn long?" Harry complained but continued walking, looking to be in much pain.

"How do you feel?" Draco asked and Harry shot him a look that made him chuckle and smirk.

"Horrible. It burns, everything does. And my head feels so light." Harry murmured and soon they turned a corner and the infirmary was in front of them.

"Help! Hey, we need some goddamn help!" Draco yelled towards the infirmary and a nurse appeared, blinking in surprise.

"Oh! Harry, what's wrong?" She asked, hurrying towards them.

"The baby, ow everything hurts." He whispered and his body clenched, making him cry out painfully. Draco held him closer.

"Oh goodness, sweetie you're in labour. Or what a man's version of labour would be anyway. Come now." She said quickly and helped them into a bed.

Many more nurses and two of the school doctors came forward, and they were wheeling the bed away. Draco was quickly keeping up, holding Harry's hand as the brunette breathed heavily.

"We didn't even decide what to name her yet!" Harry said to Draco who laughed and smiled down at him.

"Oh don't worry about that right this minute Harry." He said and the teen cracked a smile.

And soon he was undressed and laying on a table that was slightly arched, he felt uncomfortable and slightly cold too. Draco was standing by him, too anxious to sit, and everyone was preparing for this baby. They were all nervous and when Harry glanced over he saw that Dumbledore had been alerted and was there, along with Snape. Both of them watched, standing back against the wall to give them enough space. Draco took Harry's hand, and felt him squeeze tightly. They stared at each other, and Draco watched pain cross Harry's face as they used a slightly magical way of cutting into his belly. They waited for a moment before they heard a loud cry cut through the room and tears came to Harry's eyes. Draco swallowed back his own tears as he was asked to cut the cord and then the doctors were dealing with Harry while the nurses were cleaning and wrapping their baby girl.

"Finally she's here." Harry whispered through his happy tears and Draco nodded. He turned when a nurse came up to him and placed a small bundle in his arms, this time he couldn't swallow back the tears.

"She's beautiful." Harry mumbled as he looked down at their daughter's face, her round green eyes staring up at him.

He sat in a bed in the infirmary, leaned back against the pillows wearing a hospital gown. He looked tired but so happy as he held a small bundle in his arms, one tiny hand reaching up to touch his face. He smiled and kissed those tiny fingers, laughing quietly. Draco sat beside the bed, staring at her happily too.

"Yes she is." He agreed as she cooed softly.

She was truly every bit of perfect. She had Draco's platinum blonde hair, though very little of it currently, and Harry's brilliant green eyes. Fair light ivory skin and the most adorable face ever. She was awake now, which Harry loved because they finally got to see her eyes. He was truly happy to have such a beautiful baby girl.

"We still haven't named her." He mumbled as he kissed her forehead and Draco hummed.

"She looks like a Faith to be honest." A low voice said behind Draco.

Harry looked up to see Dumbledore standing there with very soft eyes, looking at the tiny baby girl. Harry smiled and looked down at her, nodding slowly.

"She really does." He said quietly and Draco could see the name fitting her nicely.

"She's very beautiful. You two did great." Dumbledore said and Harry blushed. Faith whined in his arms and he shifted her, kissing her head softly. "I just wanted to congratulate you two before leaving." He said and then said his goodbyes before the two were alone again.

It was morning already and the sunlight was filling the room slowly. Harry felt different, now without his large round hard belly; instead it was soft and smaller. He'd have to ask Draco about that potion to get rid of weight...

"Harry!" A loud voice yelled and Faith whimpered, making Harry shift her so she wouldn't cry.

Ron and Hermione appeared, both of them looking at the little bundle in Harry's arms. Hermione squealed softly, moving forward for Harry to pass off the baby into her arms.

"She's perfect Harry." She breathed and he nodded in agreement with a smile. "What did you name her?"

"Faith." Draco answered quietly. "Dumbledore said she looked like a faith."

Hermione nodded and smiled at the small child before looking at Ron.

"Do you want to hold her?" She asked the redhead who slowly stepped forward.

She helped place her in his arms and she cooed quietly, turning in his arms a bit. A small smile appeared on Ron's lips and he laughed softly, looking down at her then at Harry.

"Congrats mate." He said quietly and Harry smiled.

"Thanks Ron." He said and Draco took his hand, squeezing it. The male glanced at him, and the blonde gave him a look to remind him. "Oh yes, Hermione, Ron...we agreed to make you two her godparents." He said softly.

"Harry that's so nice. Thank you." Hermione said, then looked at Draco with a kind smile too. "Thank you Draco."

"You two fit the role best." He said calmly and Harry squeezed his fingers before Ron gently handed Faith back to him.

Holding her made everything feel alright. The world felt perfect as he held this perfect little bundle in his arms. He smiled at her then looked at Draco who smiled and winked at him, then looked back down to their daughter. Harry looked at his friends, then back down to their daughter and smiled, looking into her bright green eyes. He knew one day she'd be extraordinary. She had her whole life ahead of her now. And Harry felt that somehow, with Draco, they'd all be alright.

They'd proved the impossible was possible, anything could happen with magic right?

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