Chapter 1

Rated B for Blame it on the Alcohol.

Tony pursed his lips, a serious expression on his face. "I have a question, and I'm not sure if I want to know the answer to it..." he said choosing his words carefully. It was harder that usual, and he blamed the assorted empties at the base of his chair for that.

Loki turned his green eyes at him, one eyebrow piqued. "Well then I certainly want to know the question." he said evenly which Tony didn't really think was very fair considering the half empty bottle of scotch next to the God. He knew he was feeling that alcohol, even Gods get drunk just like men, but Loki just didn't show it.

"I know most of the stories aren't true, but some of them are based on fact. But which ones?"

Loki frowned and peered into his almost empty glass. He reached for the bottle and refilled his glass before answering. Tony was used to this stalling technique. "Which ones are true you mean? Or the closest to the truth I suppose..."

"The one with your Dads horse." He said bluntly and Loki actually choked on his drink. Tony smirked.

"No." he said icily after he had recovered. "That one is not in the least true."

Tony's smirk turned into an all out grin and Loki could only scowl at him. Apparently he took his expression as proof that he didn't believe him. "Sleipnir was a gift from one of the far reaching realms, I had nothing to do with his creation. Why people seem to think I gave birth to him is beyond me."

"Alright alright, don't get your armor in a twist. So you didn't do it with a horse. I believe you!" Tony laughed, but didn't miss the way Loki's eyes flashed at his words. "Seriously i do!"

Loki looked away, and something fell from his lips but Tony couldn't hear it. All traces of mirth were gone though and Tony realized that he stepped over another line. He'd been doing that more and more. It came with his candid personality. He would ramble on and stumble onto some sore spot, usually having to do with Thor somehow. But how the god of thunder was involved here he could only imagine. Maybe he had started the rumor? It seemed unlikely, Thor acted more like the kind of big brother that would give you a wedgie rather than spread mean rumors.

It didn't really matter though at this point because Loki had fallen completely silent, and was apparently now hell bent on getting drunk as he purposely refilled his glass with a healthy amount.

Tony watched him with a small frown. Loki remained silent looking off into the distance, his mind probably hundreds of years in the past. Usually Tony would say something to distract him at this point, drag him out his funk before he brooded to much, but he couldn't think of anything to say this time. So they sat there for what felt like hours, which was probably only twenty minutes while Loki slowly polished off the bottle of scotch and Tony waited.

"They never believe me," Loki said so quietly Tony was sure he was talking to himself.

"Who?" he asked.

Loki smiled a self depreciating smile. "All of them. Everyone."

Tony nodded slowly, his alcohol soaked brain working out the puzzle. "Even when it wasn't you? When you didn't do anything?" It made sense, who would believe the god of lies was telling the truth. Hell even Tony did it, every story and tale that came out of Loki's mouth he had to remind himself that it was likely a lie.

But looking at the man beside him Tony suddenly felt worse for it. What it must be like to know that no matter what you said people would assume it was false.

"You know, there's this roman legend, or is it Greek? Nevermind, anyways there's this story of this girl back in ancient times. She was cursed by someone so she could have visions. So she would know when there was going to be an earthquake, or invading army or something." Loki was looking at him now and Tony had to swallow at the sight of his expression. "Anyways the reason it was a curse was because no one would believe what she said. She could try and warn everyone but it wouldn't matter because she was cursed to tell the truth and be called a liar."

Loki gave a breath of laughter and turned back to the city. His long fingers played with the design etched in his glass and Tony waited.

"Thors friend Sif insulted me once," he said slowly, frowning as though he wasn't himself sure why he was sharing. "A great insult at the time though I can't remember her words exactly. But she mocked my ability with magic, a skill that only women were expected to excel in. I was embarrassed and angry, but i didn't strike back, not even with words. A rare moment of self restraint actually. Instead I hid with my books and practiced my skill in my room. That night was the night I discovered one of the secret paths between the realms. It was astounding, one moment I was in my quarters, the next I was on Svartalfheim. I could do something that no other could do and it was because of my magic." Loki smiled grandly at the memory of his young pride. It soon faded though. "I was gone all night, testing and perfecting my new skill. So when I opened my chamber doors in the morning I was hardly expecting Thor to be there, nor the fist directed at my face."

Tony blinked. "He hit you?"

Loki shook his head, his eyes holding no humor as he said "To borrow a midgardian phrase, he 'beat the living shit' out of me. Eventually he managed to tell me why. Someone had gone into Sifs room in the night, and cut off all of her hair."

"And they blamed you." Tony finished.

"It was logical, she had insulted me the day before, and I had not been seen since."


"I couldn't tell the truth, that I'd been traveling between the realms." Loki continued as though Tony hasn't spoken. "I would either be called a liar and punished for cutting off Sifs hair, or they would believe me and everyone would know about my new ability. At the time it seemed the lesser of two evils to just take the blame. It was hardly the worst thing I'd been blamed for. Thor was not to be calmed though. After I admitted to the crime he raged on, demanding that I fix it. To use my magic, the magic she had scorned the day before mind you, to fix it. One can only repair their own jaw so many times, so I told him I would fix it somehow." Loki sighed and looked confused at the empty glass before him, and then at the empty bottle. He waved his hand and the bottle was full again as was his glass. "I went to the dwarves, they had forged my f- the allfathers spear, along with many other wonders. I asked them to make a wig of hair out of gold for Sif. They named their price, I accepted."

"I've heard this one," Tony interrupted. "They wanted your head, and you got out of it by saying they couldn't take your neck. No one could define where the neck starts and the head ends so you got away without paying."

"Yes. Sif got her beautiful hair back, and I got to keep my head." Loki said quietly and took a large mouthful from his glass.

Tony narrowed his eyes. "Theres more to that story."

Loki glanced at him, his eyes unguarded again and this time Tony had the time to make out the emotions that brewed within. Hurt and betrayal ran deep, along with so much pain Tony almost turned away. Out of respect for Loki though he held his gaze, determined to see this to the end, wherever that was.

"Apparently it wasn't enough, fixing Sifs hair. Thor was upset that I hadn't been punished and the dwarves raged at being cheated out of their payment. So they sewed my mouth shut with magic thread while Thor held me down."

The roof was silent, the only noise coming from the street below. Suddenly Tony lurched up from his seat and started towards the roof entrance door.

"Where are you going?" Loki called, sounding honestly surprised.

"To beat the shit out of your brother." Tony growled, stumbling only a little.

Loki had gotten up from his chair and was following him now. "Why?" he sounded confused.

"Because he deserves it!"

"This event happened hundreds of years ago - Tony stop!" An hand grabbed his arm and yanked him from the door before he could get through. Tony turned to face Loki ready for a fight but the hand holding him dropped away and Loki stood back trying to regain his composure. It didn't work. His hair had become disheveled in his drunken scramble to catch him, and he was swaying slightly. "Though I appreciate your desire to avenge my honor," he spoke the last word with contempt, "it is unnecessary."

"Like hell it is!" Tony went to make for the door again and again Loki held him back with both hands.

"Leave it! It is done!"

"It was cruel!" Tony shouted back into Loki's shocked face. "It's sick! I don't care what you did, or didn't do. No one should have that happen to them! And he's your brother for gods sake!" He yanked on his arm again but only managed to topple them both to the gravel roof floor.

Tony's head was spinning and from Loki's lack of movement beside him he guessed he was feeling the same. He managed to pull himself up into a seated position and rested his arms on his knees. Ok fine, he wouldn't go punch out Thor. But next time they were in battle and Doom is tossing city busses around, Tony just might yell duck a couple seconds too late.

Loki sat himself up slowly, a long fingered hand coming up to massage his temple. "Next time I think I'll just let you go and meet your demise at the business end of Mjolnir."

Tony gave a breath of laughter as the trickster tried to lessen the pain in his head. Loki frowned at the noise but kept his eyes shut. Tony watched him frown, and then realized that this was the closest he'd been to Loki even after all this time. And he realized, leaning closer to make sure he was really seeing it, he could see white dots running along his lips. About a dozen above and below. Tiny, and almost completely unnoticeable, but after the story he had just heard they stood out like beacons to his eyes. Tony scooted closer, and without asking permission he took the gods chin between his fingers and turned his face so he could see better. He didn't bother to notice Loki's surprised eyes, or how he had gone completely still. He just stared at those tiny little scars that were proof that at least this time Loki was telling the truth.

Tony ran a calloused thumb over the lower lip and ignored how Loki's breath had hitched at the intimate contact. He cocked his head to the side, and dully noting that this was probably a really bad idea, moved his hand from Loki's chin to behind his neck and pressed his lips to those scars.

Loki wasn't moving. Like, at all. Tony didn't care, the way he figured it, he had made it this far, it was time to commit. So he ran his tongue over Loki's lips which parted in a small gasp.

He leaned away from the kiss to meet the greenest eyes he had ever seen in his whole life, and they were staring at him wide and shocked before they weren't there anymore.

Tony blinked. Loki was gone.

He cursed and lay back down on the gravel roof. That was probably a big mistake, he thought to himself.


Loki never came back to the roof, and Tony couldn't stop kicking himself over the whole thing. Missions came and went and each time he checked the the skyline his heart sank a little at the empty roofs he past.

Of course he wasn't surprised it had happened. Loki was hardly this first man he had kissed, Tonys conquests have spanned both sexual horizons. And Loki was very attractive.

And clever. Funny too... and damnit Tony honestly liked hanging out with the man. Loki's wit could keep up with his own and was intelligent enough to follow even his more technical ramblings.

And he had ruined it. Classic Tony.

He shook his head and bent further over the engine he was currently taking apart. He was trying but even his favorite side hobby wasn't distracting him enough. He sighed heavily and looked over the filter he had just yanked out. He tossed it over his shoulder and reached blindly for the new on on the table nearby.

When his fingers didn't make contact he looked over to see where it had moved to. Glancing past the table his heart nearly catapulted out of his throat at the sight of Loki standing not more than a couple feet away.

He did not look happy.

Tony froze, mind racing to think of the best way to handle the situation. In the end he decided to fall back on the tried and true casual aloofness. "Uh, hey!" he tried for a grin but it melted in the full force of Loki's death glare.

"What," Loki growled out through clenched teeth, "did you do to me?"

Tony blinked, "Uh yeah, look I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to freak you out or anything." he held up his hands in a show of surrender when Loki only seemed to grow more upset at his words. "Seriously I'm sorry, sometimes I get too friendly-"

"No. There is something else. You did something to me, what is it?" Loki hissed, stepping closer.

Tony stepped back a few paces and Loki only followed. "I- I got you insanely drunk?" he tried, honestly confused. If he could get closer to the workshop he might be able to distract Loki long enough to get into one of his suits because facing down a seriously pissed of God of Mischief in nothing more than sweats and an undershirt was more than a little unnerving.

"Do not lie to me!" He all but screamed and Tony felt the wall at his back. Fine. If Loki wanted to do it this way, then fine. He straightened his spine and met Loki's crazed eyes with a level look.

"Look, I get that you're pissed, and I'm honestly sorry that I ruined the friendship we had going there. But it was a kiss. Thats it. I didn't do anything else. I know guys probably don't kiss back in Asgard but its not that big a deal down here. Seriously. Whatever else you think I did must have been something else, probably that bottle and a half of single malt you chugged down right before. Jeeze the way you're acting its like you'd never been kissed before!" he threw up his arms in exasperation and noted with a small bit of satisfaction that Loki did back off a little. He was still mad, that was for sure, with his body held stiff and his eye narrowed into- wait a sec...

It was fast, like a shooting star, if he hadn't been looking at the right moment he would have missed it. But he had seen it and jumped on it. "Hold up." he said and now it was Loki's turn to back up in surprise. "You have been kissed before, right?" his lips turned up in a disbelieving grin, because there was no way!

Loki's face turned to fury, his eyes flashing in indignation but Tony could see past all of that now, saw the embarrassment that hid behind the rage and knew the truth. "Holy shit." was all he could say, leaning back a bit to give them some space. "Holy shit." he repeated, "How is that even possible? You're like a thousand years old!"

Loki just glowered and Tony tried again, "Sorry, sorry, its just, wow. I didn't expect that." he took a deep breath and tried not to think to hard about what he was hearing. Then he realized what he had done. "Aw jeeze now I feel really bad." he rubbed his hand though his hair.

"What do you mean?" Loki asked, his voice sounding raw and guarded.

"That was your first kiss," he shrugged, "I could have done better than that."

Loki looked like he had just smacked him with a brick. "Wh-what?" he shook his head. "Why.. why would you..." he stammered out which Tony distantly found terribly endearing.

He shrugged again, finally feeling more in control of the situation. "I like you." he said simply and watched Loki's face carefully.

His brows furrowed in confusion and his mouth was open in shock.

Tony decided it was time to try something. Taking a step forward, he approached the speechless god as though he were an animal he was trying not to spook. "Just... tell me to stop." he instructed slowly as he came to stand before Loki, one hand reaching up to take hold of the nape of his neck, the other slipping around his armored waist pulling him closer.

He made sure to keep his eyes on Loki's, waiting for a sign that he was pushing this to far, to stop before he ruined it again. There was no sign coming, just Loki's dark eyes boring into his, swirling with too many emotions to pin down. They were so close they were breathing each others air, his calm even breaths sucked in by Loki's quick pattern. When Loki didn't push him away, or say anything at all Tony closed the distance between them and did his best to make up for his stolen first kiss. Loki didn't respond at first, still frozen stiff. But just as Tony began to pull away he felt fingers curl softly into the fabric of his shirt at his side. Loki parted his lips a fraction so Tony swiped his tongue across them, inhaling the gasp that followed. He pulled closer and threaded his fingers through dark hair, turning his head to get a better angle. Loki's hands gripped at him, tugging him closer still and when Tony lightly bit his lower lip Loki actually moaned.

It was quite possibly the simplest yet hottest kiss Tony had ever participated in.

Which made all the more difficult to pull away. The sight of Loki's face nearly drew him back again. Eyes half closed, face flushed and lips still parted as his gasped in air. Tony couldn't remember ever being so turned on in his life.

Loki visibly collected himself bringing his eyes to meet Tony's who held his breath. Loki didn't say anything for a moment, but then his lips pulled into a devilish smirk. "Again." he gasped.

Tony was only to happy to oblige.

So yeah, this is slash (obviously) and I'm really sorry if thats not your thing but this was always in the plan. Thats why I made the first story a stand alone, so if you prefer bromance to romance, just stick with the oneshot. A word of warning, the rating is going to go up in a couple chapters. Most of the fic is written actually except for the last two chapters. (if you have any ideas or situations that might lead to hilarity let me know and I'l see if I can fit them in!) So I should be updating pretty regularly.

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