Chapter 2

Rated G for gender bending!

Tony was feeling pretty pleased with himself at the moment. He usually was when he thought he was being particularly clever. There were no missions tonight, the latest threat having been dealt with by way of creative hacking on his own part and a call to a few old friends. So he had the night off, and had then immediately told Pepper that she could have it off as well. Of course she had raised an eyebrow at the offer, asking what he was up to but he swore he wouldn't be doing anything other than working in his shop. He knew she had told Jarvis to alert her if he left the building but that barely mattered. Pepper was gone on a date with some man she had met recently at one of his events, and with all the time off he had been giving her she actually was able to really date the guy. As for Tony, the reason he had been giving Pepper so many nights off was currently straddling his lap, tongue doing wicked things with his own.

He didn't have to lie to Pepper either, he was totally still in his workshop.

Tony groaned a bit as Loki sucked on his tongue and gripped his ass in response. He had been teaching the trickster god the finer points of making out for the better part of a month now, and dear god was he ever a fast learner. Tony grinned into the lips pressed against his own and moved them across a hairless jaw to where his ear met his neck. Loki sighed into his hair as he sucked at that spot slowly. Pulling back the white collar of the shirt Loki wore he moved the hollow of his neck and Loki shivered against him.

Loki had started appearing in earth clothes once he realized that his usual outfit wasn't best made for necking, what with the high collar and hundreds of ties and clasps. Tony was glad because he personally liked him better like this. Coat and tie tossed aside, the buttons of his stark white shirt mostly undone with one of Tony's arms snaking inside to run up and down the gods back pulling him closer. Loki's own hands were tangled in his short hair, tugging him back to meet his lips in a bruising kiss.

Tony wasn't an idiot though, he knew this couldn't last forever. It was only a matter of time before someone figured it out. And he dreaded that day. Just imagining Nick Furys face, or worse, Peppers. Ye gods ritual suicide was looking to be his only way out of this. Because he couldn't just stop. That would be crazy.

Because as much as he dreaded everyone finding out, and the sheer volume of excrement that was going to hit the fan that day, he dreaded ending this more.

So he pushed those thoughts aside with practiced ease and set about making the most of the time they left. Loki was very appreciative of the focused attention.


Tony missed the rooftop. Or rather, the company on the rooftop he mused. Looking around the exclusive lounge and bar (that he owned) he frowned a little at the social prospects. Business men and women milled about, some trying to catch his eye but Tony wasn't in the mood. Sighing he turned back to his drink and tried to slow his over heated brain. Distantly he noticed a woman in a dark green dress take a seat two stools down from him, and he spared a glance to make sure it wasn't anyone he knew.

Nice. Very nice. Long black hair, a graceful, if angular face with just the right amount of curves. She didn't notice him looking so he took another glance. He almost wished he hadn't. She was beautiful for sure but there was something there that had him doing a double take. He knew he'd never met her before, but there was something familiar with how she held herself. He watched as thin fingers reached out for the glass that had been placed in front of her, watched as those same fingers traced absently over the groves in the crystal.

That's when it clicked into place. "Loki?" he asked lowly, and green eyes met his. She smirked that smirk. "Uh, ok. You're a girl." He stated, just wanting to be sure that he/she was aware.

The smirk widened. "Noticed that, did you?" She (he?) asked, her voice low and melodic and very feminine.

"Kinda hard not to." He muttered as he outright stared at her bosom. "I didn't know you could do that."

Loki shook her head minutely. "There are many things you do not know about me Tony."

He tilted his head in thought and Loki seemed to be content to sit in silence while he looked over her new form. "Can you dance?" he asked finally.

Loki blinked, the startled expression looking familiar on the new face. "Yes," she answered slowly.

"Good." He said before standing up and taking her hand and leading her off her stool towards the dance floor where a few couples were already swaying. Loki seemed to want to play along, at least for the time being and allowed herself to be led in a slow dance around the floor, only raising a single eyebrow in question.

Tony ignored it and just basked in the surreal moment. "I honestly don't know what to say to this." He admitted quietly into her ear. "I mean is it a complement or an insult if I tell you that you make a beautiful woman."

He felt Loki give a breath of laughter. "Then don't say anything. Just because I look like a women doesn't mean that I am one, so there is no need to sooth me with words of flattery."

This time it was Tony who laughed. "Fair enough. So what are you doing here?"

"Oh, just getting a breath of fresh air." Was her answer.

"Uh huh, I'm not getting in the way of one of your villainous plots am I?"

Loki pulled far enough away so that she could trace his jaw with her fingers. "How do you know this isn't exactly what I was planning?"

Tony thought about that then smirked. "Because you can't plan around me. I'm to unpredictable." He said with a grin.

Loki just kept that one eyebrow up, and had that 'you are such an idiot' expression on her face. Funny how now that he knew who she was, all he could see was the Trickster. He stopped dancing suddenly as a plan formed in his mind.

"Come on." He said as he pulled her towards the exit.

"What are you doing?" Loki asked in an exasperated tone.

"Being unpredictable." He answered as he pulled her into the elevator with him and hit the button for the ground floor. As soon as the doors shut he pulled her strange new body close and covered her lips with his. His hands found rounder hips than he was used to, skin that was softer, lips a little more full, but the taste and feel of it was exactly the same.

By the time the elevator doors opened again he had lipstick smeared on his face and Loki was looking a great deal more pleased.

"Please tell me there was more to this than ravishing me in the elevator." She said dryly as they exited the building. Tony just put an arm around her waist and guided her to the car where Happy waited. Making sure Loki was in the car and couldn't overhear, he gave instructions to Happy before climbing in himself.

"Trust me." He said, and received an unreadable look in return.

The car ride was quiet as Loki kept one eye on him, and the other out the window at the passing lights. Thankfully they didn't have far to go and soon he was holding the door open so that he could get a good look at her face.

"Oh you must be joking." She actually wrinkled her nose.

"Well the way I figure it, you probably don't have that many amusement parks in Asgard. And everyone has to ride on the tea cups at least once in their life."

Loki leveled him with a look that would have been dangerous if it weren't discolored by all the flashing lights around them.

"What's wrong, afraid you'll have fun?"

"You think this is fun?" she asked incredulously.

Tony just rolled his eyes and took her hand. It only took a little pulling to get her moving into the crowd. It took a bit more time before Loki started to loosen up. Challenging her to a dart throwing contest was particularly helpful and he could at least sooth himself later by saying he didn't loose 10-0 to a girl because Loki wasn't technically a girl. She also kinda had a few hundred years of practice with throwing knives.

After that Loki started to have fun, not in an obvious way mind you, but there was definitely an amused glint in her eyes when she used her magic to win at the obviously rigged games. She even seemed to enjoy some of the rides, her smirk giving away to a rare smile when she thought he wasn't looking. It was of course too good to last long.

"I really don't think so." Loki was saying.

"Sweetheart," an endearment that he was totally going to keep using even after Loki changed back. "I had my guy pick us up in my car, I paid for everything, we've been dancing and drinking. We're in line to go on the Ferris wheel together. This is a date."

"No, it is not." She insisted.

"All right, what would you call it then?"

Loki smirked but before she could answer a very familiar roar went up from within the crowd nearby. Loki's eyes widened in a way that would have been funny if Tony's own stomach wasn't suddenly sinking past his knees. "Oh shit."

There, at one of the booths nearby was Thor, arms in the air in victory. Probably over reducing the milk bottles he had to knock over to dust. Steve was beside him talking to the booth attendant, likely apologizing for whatever Thor had destroyed.

Loki turned to him, a look of anger and, if he looked carefully he could see the betrayal in there as well. He threw up his hands in surrender. "Hey I swear I had no idea they were going to be here." He told her immediately and Loki only narrowed her green eyes at him. "I mean it!"

Unfortunately to help prove this Thor spotted them and came over with a huge smile on his face. "My friend!" he yelled exuberantly as he clapped him on his shoulder. Tony refused to wince but every time Thor did that it felt like he was being wacked by a side of beef. "You did not tell us you were coming here tonight!"

"Uh yeah, it wasn't really in the plans." He said and to his relief Loki's death glare softened a little.

"Hey Tony!" Steve greeted with a tired smile.

"Hey, so how may games has he destroyed?"

"Counting that one? Five." Steve shrugged but then his eyes shifted to Loki. "Oh! Uh hi!" he greeted with a trace of shyness.

Thor wasn't nearly so shy. "And who is this fair maiden?" he asked with a huge smile, his eyes running over Loki's body.

Oh. My god. That was just… no.

"This is… uh," he paused, "Lulu."

When he got home, he was going to have to find a way to get the security camera footage for the park, because he knew that he was going to want to see the look that crossed Loki's face over and over again.

"It's very nice to meet you miss." Steve said politely and Thor looked like he was tempted to do that kiss the hand thing he was known for. Loki seemed to notice and stepped a little closer to Tony who put his arm around her middle. He pretended not to notice how tense she was.

"Charmed." She said icily.

If the others picked up on Loki's tone, they showed no outward signs of it. Thor even extended the invitation to join them.

"Thanks big guy but I think we-"

"I'd love to." Tony nearly snapped his own neck with speed he turned it in to look at Loki, who only smiled in what he supposed could pass as innocently if you didn't know who was hiding under the disguise. "What?" she asked, "I would love to get to know your friends." Green eyes danced with laughter.

"This is because I called you Lulu, isn't it." Tony muttered under his breath as Thor and Steve led the way to more attractions. Loki flashed her teeth in a wide dangerous smile.

Several rides and games later, Tony had to wonder how Thor could miss that Loki was deliberately fucking with him. Every dart he threw missed, every ball curved away from its target, every game was lost. And Thor would only try harder. Loki was practically vibrating with restrained amusement beside him as they watched as a dart bounced off another balloon.

"Hey, why don't we try something else?" Steve said, eyeing Thor nervously. Tony was all for that plan, as the God of Thunder was likely about to loose it and trash the whole booth. "Hey, lets try out the fun house?" he offered.

The fun house was a series of hallways and rooms filled with moving floors, curved mirrors and hundreds of children running rampant. Steve seemed to be enjoying it though, moving through with a crooked smile on his face.

Tony let the others get ahead and turned to see what was keeping Loki…. who had apparently disappeared. "Uh, Lo-Lulu?" he called over the noise of the funhouse, but got no response. Frowning, he slowly made his way though the obstacles, eyes sweeping the shadows as he went.

Near the end was a large room filled with mirrors and black lights, dry ice filling the maze with mist. Keeping a hand out in front of him as a precaution, Tony slowly made his way though. Suddenly a hand grabbed his arm in a vice like grip and yanked him into, no, through one of the mirrors. His back met solid glass on the other side and a firm masculine body pressed up against him holding him in place.

"Miss me?" Loki purred into his ear.

Tony grinned, "You bet." He answered before grabbing Loki by his armor and yanking him forward into a kiss. The grip on his arm slackened and he felt hands sneak under his jacket seeking the warmth underneath.

Tony glanced past Loki to see the pane of glass he had been pulled through was still intact, and he could see children running past their mirror without pausing. He blinked and pulled away from the kiss. "Uh, where are we? Can they see us?"

Loki just nuzzled his neck and smiled. "They can if I wish it." He leaned back so that he could look Tony in the face, his teeth glowing in the effect of the black lights making him appear like a Cheshire cat. "What would happen I wonder," he tapped his index finger against his chin. "if Thor were to find you here with me like this?"

It was hard to read Loki's expression at the best of times (though he was getting better at it) but in the dark it was nearly impossible. All he knew was that Loki was watching him carefully, waiting for his response.

Tony shrugged. "I'd probably end up as jam under his hammer, but at least I'd die happy." He grinned.

Loki's brows drew together at his response, apparently surprised by his answer. Tony took it as a chance to pull him back into another kiss, taking it slow and he wound his arms around Loki's middle to hold him in place. It took a moment before Loki relaxed in the embrace, slowly sliding his long arms around Tony's neck, all thoughts of Thor and the rest of the world forgotten for the time being.


Loki materialized in one of the darkest corners of Tony's bedroom, aware that the only occupant of the house was sprawled on the bed nearby, ice taped to his leg and trying to rid himself of the migraine that was caused by three stories falling on top of him. He grit his teeth at the memory, sick of the conflicting emotions the memory brought up. Tony hadn't seen him yet, so he waited, pretending that he wasn't scared. Because he shouldn't be really.

Loki had been caught by the Avengers that afternoon casting spells over certain communication arrays. They didn't know his reasoning and he wasn't offering it up. But Thor had gotten to him first, and the battle that had followed leveled the whole building. Tony had been caught under it all and had only survived because of his suit. It had been a terrible heart stopping moment when be saw the Ironman disappear under a mountain of rubble. In the next moment he was hurling through the remaining walls having been hit in the side by Thors hammer. It was a good thing too because if he hadn't he would have likely dashed to where he had last seen Tony with the intention of digging him out with his bare hands. Wouldn't that have been a sight?

Loki bit back a sigh. What was he becoming? He honestly didn't know anymore. When he had first landed on earth he had been consumed by his rage, carefully putting aside the hurt and heartbreak of Odins dismissal. If he couldn't be a worthy son, he would be a worthy opponent he reasoned.

And so he reveled in the chaos of his magic, causing turmoil for those that would stand in his way. And Thor, the plans he'd had for him...

But then Tony had showed up, either fearless or stupid or both. At first he had tolerated his presence, as making another rooftop invisible to the avengers security system was more trouble than it was worth. And then he started to accept that the mortal wasn't going away, and then he began to want him there. Eventually he'd had to admit that he was lonely. Even in Asgard he'd had people to converse with, if not friends then at least other magic users and of course his mother. And he then he rather liked Tonys strange sense of humor. And the kissing.

That had been something he had never imagined but was sorely glad had happened.

But now as he watched, Tony shifted on the bed and he wondered what the mortal would do now. So far they had avoided any sort of contact in battle, mostly because Loki was certain if faced with the decision he didn't think he could strike against the man. But today Tony had been reminded that they stood on opposite sides. He was the villain, the 'bad guy'. What would he do now?

He shifted ever so slightly, and Tony's eyes snapped over to where he stood. They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before Tony quirked his lips up in a half smile and shifted over on the bed in invitation. Loki let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and shucked the coat he wore before awkwardly joining Tony on the large bed. Pressed up against Tonys side Loki breathed a little easier when he felt an arm snake around him and rubbing carefully at his side where Thor had struck him.

"You ok?" Tony asked as his hand spread warmth into the damaged area.

"It will heal." he murmured, curling closer so that his face could hide under the bearded chin if necessary. Not that he was hiding if course.

"Good." was all he said. He didn't try and tell him off for his part of destroying the building, or for even being there in the first place. He didn't try and convince him to give up his 'evil ways' and join their club as he keeps expecting. Tony does none of this. He just accepts that Loki is Loki, and telling him to be otherwise was unnecessary.

And Loki is more grateful of that than anything.

You all can thank Kereea for the length of this chapter, because let me tell you, this was one short chapter until she gave me the idea for the date. I would never have thought of Loki in an amusement park until he/she asked for it and I was like… hey, I can totally see that being hilarious! So please! If you have any fun plot ideas or interactions that you'd like to see tell me and it might make it in the story. Also if it doesn't, I might just make it a one shot cause I am loving this pairing!

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