Chapter 3

In which Tony discovers his hitherto unknown superpowers.

This chapter is rated W for Well I'll be damned... (no seriously its rated M for a reason. You have been warned, there is sexin ahead)

Tony was no longer surprised to find Loki in his workshop, fiddling with bits of machinery and drafting papers. The god was naturally curious and Tony didn't mind so much anymore because it was an easy way to distract him so he could get some work done. Showing him the internet though, that had been a mistake.

Or rather, showing him the fun side of the internet, as Loki had already learned the technical aspect. (All the better for sneaking places he shouldn't be) Now Tony found himself trying to drag his friend (boyfriend?) away from the computer before Pepper showed up.

"What have I done?" He moaned mostly to himself as Loki's eyes danced with laughter at the article he was reading. "Do I even want to know what you're reading?" he asked with a cringe as Loki suddenly laughed out loud and annoyed as he might be Tony had to smile at the image before him.

Loki was completely relaxed, lounging in his chair, hair and clothes mussed up from their earlier activities and an easy smile on his face as he read.

"Not if you want to claim plausible deniability." he said with an evil smirk.

Tony just shook his head and grabbed another slice of pizza. Taking a seat nearby, close enough to watch Loki's face but not see the screen, he leaned back and considered their relationship. He tried not to do this often, as it mostly just left him with a headache at the end. By most peoples standards, he would say they were dating, though without actually going out. Most of the time they spent together was down here or on the rare occasions in his room. They shared meals, talked about really anything at all (but not of Thor), he even got Loki to watch some movies. Monty Python movies were met with great enthusiasm. Video games were met with suspicion, but soon enough Loki was hooked onto Call of Duty and Tony almost wished he could watch Loki go up against Clint.

And they made out. A lot.

Disregarding the fact that they shouldn't be together and if anyone found out it would likely be he head, it was probably the most normal and healthy relationship he'd ever been in. Only with no sex.

Tony frowned slightly at that thought. Making out with Loki was amazing, it wasn't getting old fast at least. And for a while there Tony was more than content with sticking with that. Loki was basically a thousand year old virgin, and he wasn't going to rush it and freak him out again. But Tony was only human, and after a time he had started making motions to push things a little further. Loki was either clueless or not interested and at this point Tony wasn't ruling either option out. He almost wished he could talk to Pepper about it. He hated keeping secrets from her, truly.

Speaking of which, Pepper really was going to show up soon and he had one of Earths most wanted sitting in his chair. God he hated throwing Loki out, more than lying to Pepper actually. Especially when he looked as he did. Lounging like royalty (well yeah, probably because he was), his dark long hair flared out with bits hanging in front of his eyes. His long fingers were up by his lips rubbing the index across, a look Tony called his 'plotting' face. His green eyes were focused and sparkling with mirth and damnit he wasn't even doing it on purpose and Tony was getting completely hot and bothered just watching him sit there and it wasn't fair!

"Are you alright?"

Tony blinked and realized Loki was looking at him now, brows furrowed in concern.

"Yep," he managed to grind out, "Great."

Loki stared at him for a moment longer before he suddenly smirked. Parts of Tony twitched at that smirk. Damnit!

"Are you sure?" he asked slowly, leaning his elbows onto the table and lifting a single eyebrow.

Tony waited a beat, trying to rein in on his control, but a second later he was on his feet. In the next second Loki was out of the chair and pressed against the wall, his long arms winding around his neck as Tony attacked his mouth. It wasn't enough though, and soon Tony was pulling the white collared shirt off, probably ripping it in his haste but Loki wasn't complaining. His hands were busy yanking at his sweater, and apparently gave up and twitched his fingers a few times. Suddenly his sweater was gone and Loki's hands were on him and searching. Tony's own hands mapped out the skin beneath, flicking thumbs over his nipples, loving the way Loki arched into it. He mouthed wet kisses down his pale neck and shifted so that he could slide his thigh between Loki's.

Loki's eyes went wide and he flung his head back only to meet the solid wall. Tony kissed his ear in apology, running a hand through already tousled hair to soothe the hurt. His other hand gripped a slender hip and he felt Loki shift and then tentatively grind into his leg. He dropped his head to Tony's shoulder and groaned as he did it again, gasping at the sensation. Tony could only moan his response and he pressed himself into Loki, dying for friction. His hands fell lower and he shakily managed to undo the button on Loki's trousers, his hand about to reach in when Loki suddenly stiffened in a bad way.

"No!" he gasped, and Tony froze. Loki's head had snapped up and was now looking directly into his eyes, breathing hard and flushed. Tony saw the fear, raw and naked all over his face. "No." he repeated, sounding absolutely miserable about it.

Tony tried to slow his breathing, and nodded slowly, bringing his hands up from the hem of his pants to hold Loki's face. "Ok," he breathed, and Loki's arms clung to him desperately. "It alright." he assured him, planting soft kisses on the side of his mouth, easing away the panic.

Loki stayed that way in his arms until Jarvis informed them that Pepper was on her way.


It was a little known fact about Tony Stark that he really did not like ghosts. Not that he would ever admit they were real mind you. Just that the idea of climbing through some forgotten old temple in Europe where scientists kept going missing gave him the creeps. The Avengers were investigating after reports of the temple had piqued shields interest. Tony was betting it was because of the illustration near the front showing the cosmic cube. They tended to get antsy about that sort of thing.

The building was older than dirt, half buried under a mountain and sound just didn't travel right when you got in. Which was probably how he found himself alone in one of the passage ways with no idea how to get out. Jarvis was fritzing away and with a huff he retracted his helm to look with his eyes. There was some sort of energy in the air, but he had no idea what it was.

The tunnel was dark and silent as the grave. Looking down he saw the dirt covered floor was undisturbed meaning no one had been down this way, which confused the hell out of Tony. Mostly because there was a candle at the end of the hall illuminating a single doorway.

He shrugged and started for the light, amusing himself by imagining that if this were a movie people would be shouting at the screen "You idiot don't go in there!".

The doorway opened up to a room that was so big it looked like someone had hollowed out the mountain for it. The ceiling arched up and up, lit by a light source he couldn't see. The walls were covered with rough paintings of a dark figure and the floor was a map of runes and lines. Tony gave a low whistle.

"How strange." a voice said and Tony dropped his mask to cover his face. His visibility still was fizzing out but at least he was covered.

A woman appeared in the centre of the room, forming out of the shadows just as Loki can. She was neither old or young, her dark hair was so long it dragged on the floor along with her cloak. She had black paint around her eyes and her lips, and she stared at him with a blank expression. He had a feeling this wasn't one of the lost scientists.

"Why are you here?" she asked, pronouncing each word slowly and Tony couldn't place her accent.

"Couple of guys went missing down here. You have seen 'em by any chance?" he tried.

She smiled. "They wanted my secret." she purred.

Tony narrowed his eyes. "What secret"

She tilted her head. "It doesn't matter any more. None of it does." she waved her hands towards the runes and paintings.

Tony tried a different tactic. "What is this place?"

"A map, a story that won't happen anymore."

"What kind of story?"

She smiled and he felt a shiver go up his spine. "One that told how the world will end."

Tony looked back at the paintings and tried not to cringe when he realized who the figure looked like. "Yes," she said, following his gaze. "It was his path, to destroy it all. Worlds were to fall beneath him, Asgard to ruin and his own brother dead by his hands." she spoke with she same slow tone that would have been soothing if it weren't for the words she said them in.

Loki stood before him on the wall in a dozen different scenes, surrounded by fire and death, those familiar green eyes staring out at him as if daring him to admit that he was surprised.

"He was to be the bringer of the Ragnarok." the woman said quietly and Tony jerked back to face her.


"He is defeated, felled before he could see his destiny." and Tony's heart slowed down painfully. He hadn't seen Loki in a few days, something that wasn't out of the ordinary but now...

"Who defeated him?" he managed to ask, ignoring the pleading tone in his voice.

Inked eyes bored into his through his mask and the woman smiled kindly. "You, Tony Stark."

There was a pause. "What?"

"He would have followed the path of violence to the end, driven by madness and unseen pain. He would have burned the earth, destroying everything in the world tree. But you have taken him from that darkness, the darkness that would have swallowed his mind and heart. You set him on a new path, and now my secret is meaningless. The world will no longer end at the hand of Loki."

Tony thought over her words. "So let me make sure I'm hearing you right. Loki was going to be the end of the world, literally, and now he's not 'cause what? I made friends with him?" there was no way, but the woman was smiling again.


"Huh." was all he could say to that, because honestly what else was there to say? Other than congratulate himself on apparently having super powered kisses.

"I have no more purpose here. When I leave, this place with come with me."

"Let the scientists go first." he said quickly and she nodded.

"It is done." painted lips smiled coyly at him. "You have saved your world, and all the others, is that all you would ask in return?"

He pursed his lips in thought but decided it was better to stay on the safe side. Asking for favors from one of Loki's old disciples probably wasn't a good idea.

The woman suddenly disappeared and reappeared at his shoulder, an arm curling around his neck. "A gift then."

"uh, what is it?" he asked carefully.

White teeth shone behind black lips. "A secret."

She leaned closer and whispered to where his ear would be. Tony felt his jaw drop. She had to be kidding.


Whoever she was, the woman was good on her word. As soon as the last Avenger stepped out of the temple the mountain rumbled and swallowed the building whole. All the scientists were safe and happy to be out of there. Now Tony was laying on his own bed, alone in his house and lost in his thoughts.

So Loki was supposed to destroy the world, or at least he used to. He was having trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that having one person as a friend changed a mans destiny to such a degree. But then again, in all of the stories Loki had told him, he had never mentioned any other comrades or friends. Thor did, he was always going on about the adventures he and his buddies had gone on. Now he had to wonder how long Loki had been alone for.

Another piece to the puzzle that was Loki. Tony was slowly collecting them, analyzing the little bits the trickster let him have and tried to imagine what else there was. He knew something had happened to Loki, someone had hurt him really bad and he had his theories as to who. Maybe one day Loki would tell him himself, but until that day Tony considered everything else. Like the effect of living a millennium without anyone to trust. Suddenly he was deeply grateful that he'd had Pepper.

"What are you doing?"

Tony didn't even start anymore when Loki did that. He looked over to the darkest corner of the room to see the object of his thoughts standing there, a worried expression on his face.

"Hey." he greeted and Loki didn't move.

"Are you well?" he asked after a moment, still looking genuinely worried.

Tony smirked. This was the world destroyer? He raised his arm. "Come here."

Loki looked him over distastefully, "I'd rather not if you are ill."

"I'm not sick, get over here." he insisted, wiggling the arm still hanging out in the air.

Loki hesitated before giving in and Tony grinned when he felt the thin body pressed up along his side. He leaned over and gave Loki a proper kiss hello (super power kiss!) and leaned back to look carefully at his face. Green eyes stared back at him and his mind flashed back to the dark paintings in the temple. One of his hands came up to stroke his face and Loki's eyebrows furrowed. He opened his mouth, presumably to ask again what he was doing but Tony cut him off with another kiss. Loki slowly relaxed against him, and Tony allowed himself to forget about lost destinies and painted eyes and just enjoyed it.

Tony kept the pace slow, and an hour later would find them nearly in the same position, only with Loki's shirt tossed in the direction of the door and his own was either vaporized or floating in another dimension. He rolled a bit, trapping Loki under him, sucking at his neck before moving down to his collarbone and then lower still to one of his nipples. Loki jerked under him, arching into the contact which only made their groins rub together creating delicious friction.

"Hah-Tony!" he gasped out and he looked up to see Loki gripping his own hair, eyes clenched shut and mouth panting. Well if that wasn't the hottest thing ever. He moved to lavish attention to his other nipple as Loki gasped and whined under him pushing up against the leg between his. Tony kissed lower still, down his slim torso until he reached the edge of his black pants. The memory of their last encounter like this sprung up and he knew he would have to do this exactly right.

Loki felt him pause, and had opened his eyes to meet his. Tony gave him a reassuring smile and crawled up to meet him in a searing kiss, his hands running his fingers through soft hair. After a minute he pulled his head back an inch, breaking off the kiss but still holding on close.

"Hey," he said softly when Loki didn't open his eyes. "look at me."

He did so, slowly and Tony ran his thumbs over his temples and hair. Carefully keeping eye contact, he asked. "Do you trust me?"

Because that was the crux of it all. Without it, this wasn't happening. Tony thought he knew the answer, or hoped he did anyways. But it had to be asked, and Loki had gone very very still underneath him. He kept the eye contact, staring into those green depths trying to search out the answer.

Loki's face was awash with different emotions, raw and unguarded, his hands gripped at his shoulders spastically and Tony just kept running his thumbs through his hair. "Come on," he pushed lightly and Loki clenched his eyes shut, closing off the torrent of emotion beneath. For one long heart stopping moment Tony feared that he had pushed to hard. But then Loki opened his eyes again and nodded jerkily.

Tony's face split into a huge grin. "Yes?" he checked.

Loki offered him a wobbly smile in return and whispered back "Yes."

Tony was back on in an instant, kissing, sucking and nipping down Loki's neck and torso. His hands caressed and mapped the way down and with careful consideration for the shakiness of Loki's breath, began to slowly unbutton his pants.

Higher up Loki was a hurricane of conflicting emotions and sensations which was evidenced by his erratic breathing and the way he kept gripping at the bedsheets. At the sound of his zipper he tensed and Tony's hands abandoned their task and instead kneaded the back of his thighs. "just tell me to stop..." he murmured. Loki took a deep breath and his shaking hands unclenched from the sheets slowly. Tony brought his hands to his slim hips, thumbs rubbing circles into the pale flesh they found there before slipping under and pulling the trousers down. Loki lifted his hips slightly and then they were gone past his knees and then on the floor.

"Tony," Loki gasped out as he settled himself between his knees. Tony ran his hands under Loki's legs and up to hold on to his hips and Loki struggled to get the words out. "wait, I need to - I..." But Tony ignored it and lowered his head to take Loki in his mouth.

Damn Loki can scream, was one of Tony's first thoughts, followed by pondering of how else to get this effect but he put those thoughts aside for later. He had a plan to follow here. So he tightened his grip on Loki's hips, holding him in place as the trickster writhed under him. The sounds he was making were muffled due to the pillow he had shoved over his face. Tony's hands moved lower and ghosted over the underside of his thighs, softly urging him to bend his knees and make some room. He listened carefully for any protests, but all he could hear were the gasping whimpers from under the pillow. It was now or never. He moved his hands to grip at Loki's ass, squeezing once for good measure before sliding one hand up to hold his hips. The other ghosted over his anus, and moved slightly further up and he softly ran the back of his fingers at the slit he felt there. Exactly where the woman had said it would be. Who would have thought.

Loki went completely still at the touch but Tony didn't let that deter him. He ran his thumb along it lengthwise again and Loki's whole body jerked. "Tony!" Loki gasped out, the pillow having been thrown aside.

He rather liked the sound of that. Tony smirked and released Loki's still hard member so that he could explore this thoroughly, running his thumb over it again and again before carefully sliding in his index. Loki gave a half scream and arched into him, hands scrabbling at his shoulders, pulling himself up so that he was straddling his lap with Tony's hand still trapped between them. It was more awkward this way so he leaned them back over, kissing Loki on the lips as he did so. Long arms wrapped around him and he settled between his legs. Thats when he realized he still had his own pants on and Loki gave a little whine when he pulled away slightly so that he could shuck them off. Then he was back and Loki was gripping at him, pulling him closer, spreading his knees just a little further apart so he could lay between them and oh gods yes the friction. Loki pressed up against him, burying his face in his neck, and Tony reached down to grip at his hips again, shifting them up. He pulled back so that he could meet Loki's eyes. "Are you s-"

"If you even think about stopping I will set your head on fire." Loki snapped, nails digging into his shoulder.

That was all he needed to hear. With one swift move he was sliding in and Loki was sinking his teeth into his shoulder. He knew his fingers were bruising Loki's hips but god damnit it was perfect. Then he pulled out almost all of the way and snapped his hips back causing Loki to release his shoulder to cry out... something. It wasn't english anyways. It didn't matter, Tony started to set a pace and soon a whole stream of foreign gibberish was falling from Loki's lips into the crook of his neck. Tony gasped as Loki brought his legs up around his waist, the new angle allowing him to go deeper still and with one hand he reached between them and took hold of Loki again, stroking in time with his thrusts.

Loki's climax hit him after that, his body clenching around him, his cry muffled by his shoulder. Tony followed soon after, with Loki's body twitching as he eventually pulled out. Panting, he collapsed next to the still gasping Loki and pulled the covers over them both while they tried to catch their breath.

But even after their breathing evened out Loki still stared at the ceiling and Tony watched on, worry filling his gut. He was pretty sure what was bothering him, so being Tony he just blurted it out. "So is that why you didn't want me to see you without pants?"

Loki's gaze didn't waiver but in the dim light created by his chest piece Tony could see his adams apple bob in his throat as he swallowed. "I'm different, down there." he said finally.

Tony slid an arm around his waist and tucked him close so that Loki's back was pressed up against his front. Loki didn't protest the manhandling or the fact that he was being spooned. Tony took it as a good sign. "I like different." he admitted into the back of Loki's neck.

He couldn't see Loki's smile, but he felt it when Loki took one of his hands in his own and squeezed it in thanks.

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