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The lone survivor chapter 1:


Cloud was focused on his surroundings. His opponent was hidden behind the cover of the trees. There was no way to tell where they would come from.

'You've gotten better' Cloud thought.

It was true. His opponent was truly giving him a run for his money. That much was certain. He had never really been this impressed by someone's progress in battle before. His opponent had shown tremendous improvement since the last time they had seen each other.

He was caught up in these thoughts when his opponent made their move. They jumped out, hurling their weapon at him with all the strength they had left in their entire body; this weapon hurled at him so fast that Cloud barely was able to avoid it and was unsuccessful in dodging a kick that connected squarely with the back of his head. However, due to his numerous battles with monsters, humans, super humans, Jenova spawn, Jenova herself, would-be Cetra and the like (possibly ranging in the billions), he was unaffected.

His opponent fell to the ground clumsily, disappointed by the outcome of her attack.

"Gawd Cloud, why ya gotta be so strong? Not even I, the greatest warrior in Wutai, can defeat you!"

-Laughs- "you know why."

"Oh yeah. We should head back. It's getting late."

For the first time, Cloud realized how late it was. He wondered how long past the time he said that they would be back it was.

Getting back to camp, Tifa spoke to Yuffie, "And what, may I ask, was so interesting about battle training that it took three hours longer than expected?"

"Sorry Teef, we got caught up in it and lost track of time." The small teenage ninja sounded to Tifa as if she was afraid she was mad at her.

"It's okay Yuf, I'm not mad."

Yuffie was a little uneasy lately. Tifa had noticed this. For some reason, Tifa had learned on their first journey, Yuffie had a sixth sense of being uneasy around times that something big would happen. She had informed Cloud of this, and he had made the necessary preparation for an attack. He had been admirably compassionate with Yuffie, empathizing with the young Wutain Princess since she had joined their cause back at Meteor Fall. He tried to help her in battle and any other way he could since then, stating that she reminded him of himself when he was a Shin-Ra grunt, (or when he was in soldier when he thought that was what he was). He remained on guard because of advisement from Tifa.

It had been two years since the Advent Children incident, four years since Meteor Fall. Shin-Ra Company had risen to power once again with Reno and Rude at its head, Rufus leading them. Hojo's right hand man at the head of the research department, Reno and Rude had been infused with the Jenova cells pumped from the bodies of the creatures previously incubated in the Mount Nibel reactor. Needless to say they had definitely learned some new tricks. That was the reason cloud and his friends were once again journeying to stop the Shin-Ra Company from destroying the world. That was why they were without the aid of the Highwind. Yeah, Cid wasn't too happy about that last part.

It was blown up in a battle with a few Sephiroth copies and Reno. Yes, Sephiroth copies. Angeal had been found as a dead corpse near Midgar about a month ago, in a grave marked: "my mentor and closest friend, may he rest in peace," and was now being used to make copies of Sephiroth for Shin-Ra to use to their liking. The copies and Reno had destroyed the Highwind and everyone in it mercilessly. That was what had sent Cid into the hysterical rage that he was currently in.

Ignoring Cid's cursing and killing of plant life (and possibly Barret, Red, and Cait Sith); Tifa, Cloud, Vincent, and Yuffie discussed what they were to do next.

"We are very short on supplies and funds. We should make for Condor," motioned Vincent.

"That is a very smart plan. It's not very far away based on the landscape," Tifa added. Yuffie notice the best out of all of them where they were. This clearing that they had made camp was where she had first joined up with the group. She was proud of joining them. It had turned out to be the greatest decision of her life.

"Yeah, I think we should go for Condor too!" Yuffie was excited at the memory. She wanted to revisit the first place she had ever been with the group.

"I like it. We'll break camp and head there tomorrow morning." Cloud went on to plot a course from where they were, aided by Tifa. Yuffie had noticed that Cloud had been actually paying attention to her, much to Tifa's liking.

Vincent and Yuffie were off, much like they always were, discussing Yuffie's life and problems and things like that. Vincent never really elaborated on his own thought and feelings. Despite that, though, they had always been good friends, even if Yuffie wierded him out a little.

"I don't know what to do Vinny!"

"Well first off I don't think your taking this the right way. You may be on edge because of a bad dream or something along those lines," the mystical gunner of chaos replied.

Vincent and Yuffie went on until Yuffie took note of a strange light coming from a nearby cliff. It seemed as though it was coming from the energy that she had only seen the likes of once before. During the Wutai war when she came into contact with the man named…

'Uh oh, what was his name again,' she thought to herself. She did remember, however, a mystical aura about him. He kidnapped her when she was a little kid, and stolen her best friend for Shin-Ra research and experimentation. Come to think of it, she couldn't quite recall how long it had been she had seen her best friend. When she was a child, they had been very close. When he was taken away, she had been crushed. The man that had taken him said that they would soon be brothers or something like that. He had a red cloak. Come to think of it, everything about him was red. Right down to his weapon. The only thing about him that wasn't red was his wing….

'Maybe it was just in my head' she thought until that light started rushing toward them. It seemed to be headed straight for Cloud. It was in the shape of a blade. Just then, Yuffie realized that it must have been an attack from someone. Tifa absent-mindedly stepped in front of the attack, not noticing it was there.

"Tifa watch out!" Yuffie yelled, allowing time for Tifa to dodge. All of a sudden a man appeared from the brush with a weapon that resembled that of the man who kidnapped her friend from all those years ago. She remembered her friend's name had been Kirijo. She remembered that he had been training to be a warrior of the Wutain army.

After a small moment of recollection, she realized the weight of the situation. Cloud and the attacker were engaged in battle. He attacked Cloud who avoided and grabbed his own blade. Yuffie seemed to recognize the attack patterns. She realized she could predict his movements. Cloud attacked only to realize that his attacker looked almost exactly like someone from his past, though he could not place it. The attacker stopped and ran his hand across his blade, making it glow with energy. Just then it hit him. This man looked exactly like….

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