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Chapter 2


"Genesis…" Cloud said as he was pinned to the ground. He was much stronger than the attacker, of that he was certain; however, he was too distracted to fight right now.

The coloring was off. His outfit was green, along with his hair and blade, while Genesis had been red. Still, there was no way that two people could look that similar, and no copy he had ever fought had been this strong.

"Close. You can call me, the man who is going to kill you, Kirijo."

With that last word a chill ran up Yuffie's spine.

"Wait a minute. What did you say?

"I don't think that I stuttered. My name is Kiri…" he turned around, remembering the sound of that voice. He heard it and was stunned. There was no way. "Yuffie! No it can't be."

"No. It's not you. You were taken by Shin-Ra. You're dead."

Cloud took this as an opportunity to get up. He grabbed Fenrir and lunged. He pushed Kirijo off of him, causing the Genesis lookalike to stumble and fall. He picked himself up only to be pinned by Yuffie, Tifa ready to help if she needed to.

"You are NOT him. He was killed. He's dead. You Shin-Ra A** hole! You're just another copy that Shin-Ra made to mess with my head." By now she was in uncontrollable tears. "I'll kill you, you SON OF A-"

"Yuffie please wait. I can prove it."

"You're a LIAR!" She raised her ninja star to drive it through his chest when he blurted out "When you were a kid your older brother left you to join the Turks. You were devastated. That night you went to the top of mount Wutai and you stayed there until I got there. When I did you laid your head on my shoulder and cried yourself to sleep. The next morning you woke up and I was still awake. Except that I had something in my hand. The ninja star you have in your hand. The ninja star that you have been using since that day. No one else could possibly know that."

At the end of his explanation, Yuffie collapsed on his chest, crying.

"That day, I said that in giving you that, I would always find a way back to you. It was what cemented our friendship for eternity."

Everyone stood in awe of what they saw. Somehow these two knew each other. But how? That was the silent question until Cid Yelled out, "what the F**** is goin' on? Yuffie, how do you know this piece o' s****? "

"And since you do, why does he look like Genesis," Cloud added.

"I was her best friend from when she was a kid. We were-"he stopped talking when he felt a fist connect with his jaw. He then felt another connect with his gut, knocking him out of breath.

"You little… How could you…. Why….!" Yuffie couldn't stop herself from hitting him. Rage and questions fueled her. She knew without a doubt that this was her friend. No one knew that. No one could.

She stopped hitting him only when Tifa pulled her off. He was bleeding, an open wound across his face, and he appeared to be unconscious. He probably could have stopped her. But he didn't want to. Yuffie was sure that he had let her do it. Let her beat him half to death. It had always been his way of thinking. If he had to hurt so that she didn't have to, then so be it.

Yuffie walked slowly over to Cloud, who was still stunned.

"Pick him up, heal him, and call me. If there are any problems, I want to know. OK?"

"Yeah, of course I will."


With that, she walked away, straight into the woods. Straight towards Condor. Vincent swiftly followed, knowing that she would need someone to talk to, and also because he was curious to know who this man was.