Austin and I wait patiently for the absolute perfect time to announce our big news. Laney, Nadine, Mom, Dad, and Matty are all chomping away at their food. Boy, if they only knew what was coming. Austin clears his throat, hopefully ready to back me up.

I clear my throat, but louder than Austin, to get everyone's attention.

"Excuse me, but, um, I kind of wanted to talk to you guys about something." I say, unsure of how I should word this.

"Uh oh. This better not be another one of your school talks because I have had ENOUGH of those." Laney says, sipping a glass of her wine intensely.

"Laney, let her talk. Maybe she has a good idea for some work she wants to do now that it's summer." My dad says. Good, he's already on my side.

"Thanks, dad. Well, uh, Austin and I were talking. Since I'm eighteen and technically an adult-" I begin.

"Kaitlin Burke, there is absolutely no way I'm letting you move away with Austin!" my mom yells at the top of her lungs.

"What! How did you even know what I was going to say?" I say, turning to Austin for help. He winks at me.

"Mrs. Burke, we would kind of wish to talk about this professionally, if you agree." Austin says, grabbing my hand under the table. Gosh, do I love him!

"Seriously, mom! Hear me out. See, L.A. is of course my home and I love it dearly, but I think it's time that I do something that I really want to do, with my boyfriend of course. We already did some research and nothing would be permanent, we just wanted to rent a house…in Hawaii. It's beautiful there and I want to see it for real!" I say, scared if what's mom and Laney's reaction will be.

"Hawaii? Hawaii? Kaitlin Bukre, you must be off your but! There is no way that I am letting you go to Hawaii without at least Rodeney!" my mom yells, this is going to be harder than I thought.

"Please! We figured out that not many paparazzi are in Hawaii, well besides when other celebrities go on vacation. But, no one would know! Seriously! Please, mom?" I beg.

My mom takes an Aspirin out of her purse. "Honey, I completely understand that you want to be by yourself for some time, but I just really don't know if that's a good idea."

"I agree. But, when and how long exactly would you be doing this?" Laney jumps in.

"Well, I guess we would leave this weekend, and maybe come back in about 2 months…?" I confidently say. I think this just might work…

Everyone at the table stars at each other for a good 2 minutes.

"Okay, fine. But one thing is for sure. If there are any signs of trouble, you MUST call me or Rodney to help you out. You must stay with Austin at ALL times, and you must call me every night." My mom says, and Laney nods her head.

"Deal! Oh my, thank you so, so much! It really means a lot that you guys trust me this much to go on a vacation with my boyfriend. I will have so much fun and I will send postcards and souvenirs and everything! I cannot thank you enough!" I joyfully say, getting tears of joy in my eyes.

"You better take good care of her, mister." Nadine says.

"Hah, I will. Definitely." Austin says, while we seep into a nice soothing kiss.