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"Waah, waaaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaahaahaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaa!"

Completely startled, Jonathan shot up from the laid down position he had been in and looked around wildly, "What is that sound? Someone kill it with fire."

Crane's eyes were blurry and his head splitting and the intense wailing that he was hearing did not help him any. After a few seconds of searching his gaze fell upon another figure that was in the same room as him, on a medical cot of sorts. Jonathan groaned at the realization that he was in the medical ward and not in his cell. He had no recollection as to how he ended up there, but he figured that the odd stinging sensation he could feel on his head might be the reason. With a glance down Jonathan noticed that he too was on a similar bed, but his was not as disheveled as his roommate's who had covers and pillows strewn across his part of the room.

The other person in the room was hiding his head under covers, but Jonathan could make out that the figure was miniscule. Before he could inspect more the piercing crying noise continued, "Waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Jonathan covered his ears and yelled, "Make it stop!"

The crying continued on and on and no doctors came to stop it, so Jonathan decided to see what was causing this man to shriek so loudly. Quickly getting off his own cot and striding over to the other one, he threw the covers off the other patient only to be a bit confused. The Mad Hatter lay before him, eyes as red as they could be from crying and his voice cracking from the constant wailing, "Jervis?"

The schizophrenic man did not respond at all, instead just crying more, "WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

Jonathan knew that if the madman was having an episode it would be hard to shut him up with normal means, as in threatening and physical harm, so he opted for the other route, being nice. Jonathan placed a hand on the ginger dwarf's shoulder and spoke in the least cold tone he could manage, "Jervis, what is wrong?"

The small man sat up and sniveled, "He ruined teatime. How can I meet the Queen of Hearts if I don't-"

Knowing the inane babbling that was about to come sputtering out of Hatter's mouth, Jonathan cut him off curtly and continued his 'therapy', "Who ruined teatime Jervis?"

Jervis did not seem to notice that he had been interrupted as he showed no signs of anger, instead replying to Jonathan's question once again in a befuddled tone, "A fellow whose name is as strange as why he would ruin teatime."

Jonathan cursed under his breath at the mention of Hugo Strange, or as he was known better, "Absonus?" Noticing that the mention of the insane doctor made Jervis quiver in fear, Jonathan did his best to ignore the delicious fear and instead comfort his fellow criminal, "Jervis, it's going to be okay. Absonus won't hurt you anymore."

Jervis wiped his eyes and whimpered, "I can finish my tea party?"

Crane nodded, intent on saying whatever it would take to shut the man up, "Yes Jervis. When you leave here you can finish your tea party," thinking of ways to preoccupy the diminutive man, Catwoman and the Ratcatcher came to mind, "And guess what? The Cheshire Cat has come here from Blackgate and the Dormouse is here as well. How does that sound?"

Jervis broke out in a big grin, "That sounds splendid. I can't wait-"

Cutting the man off again Jonathan asked, "Will you stop crying now?"

Tetch nodded and Jonathan sighed in relief, "Good. Sleep well Jervis."

"Waaahaaaaaaaaaaahaah! Waaahahahahahahahahahaaa!"

Penelope placed her hands over her ears and yelled, "What the hell is that infuriating noise?"

An orderly that was passing by turned and spoke to the doctor, "That would be Jervis Tetch Doctor Young. He has been experiencing extreme depression for some time now and is under constant supervision lest he attempt suicide."

Having only met with the schizophrenic a handful of times, Young had always thought him to be way too happy rather than depressed. Penelope didn't think she was an expert on him or his disorder, but was still surprised at the apparent change, "Tetch depressed? How could that crazily happy schizophrenic dwarf be depressed?"

The orderly shrugged, "Well we don't know. If we did we would be trying to help him out. For now we are just medicating him, but the sedatives we gave him recently don't seem to be working."

Young groaned as another yell rang throughout the ward, "Waaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaa!"

Young pointed to a different orderly than the one she had been speaking to and yelled, "Shut that patient up!"

The orderly quickly ran off to help the schizophrenic man, "Yes ma'am!"

Turning back to the original orderly Young remembered why she was there in the first place, "Where the hell is Jonathan?"

The orderly laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head, "He is in the same room as Tetch currently. The two have shown some level of companionship in the past so we thought it would be wiser to put them in the same room rather than put the hysterical Tetch with more volatile patients."

Young understood the reasoning even if she didn't particularly like the fact she would now be in the same room as that annoying crying, "Fine. Now go and tend to the other wounded. I will be here with Crane."

Right before nodding the orderly had a thought come to mind concerning that night's event, "But Dr. Young, what about the fundraiser tonight? Isn't it soon?"

Penelope replied in a matter-of-fact tone, "What's more important, the health of our patients or pleasing some idiotic blue bloods who somehow have undying faith in this facility?"

The orderly now nodded and went off to go complete their duties, "Understood. I will leave you to your work."

Penelope walked briskly towards the room she saw the second orderly go into to treat the Mad Hatter. When she got there she saw that the orderly had left already and that a heavily medicated Tetch and Jonathan lay in their respective beds. She scoffed at how the orderlies had a supposedly suicidal man with no-one looking after him despite their claims to the contrary, "Constant supervision, yeah, right. This is Arkham after all."

Jonathan shifted a little after she spoke and so she spoke quietly to test if he was asleep, "Jonathan? Are you awake?"

Jonathan replied in an exhausted tone, one arm hanging off the bed and the other gripping his head, "Barely.

Penelope walked over to his side of the room and ignored the now heavily medicated Tetch's snoring, "How have you been feeling? You were electrocuted by some loose wires from the sounds of it."

"So that's what happened…whatever. I don't care about that since I'm fine now, although my head still aches," Jonathan nodded toward his roommate, "Was that Tetch crying again?"

Pulling a chair up to his bed Penelope sat down, "Yes, yes it was. Has he been bothering you?"

Jonathan scowled but shut his eyes to block out the light in the room since it was as helpful for his headache as the wailing he had heard for the past few hours, "Of course he has. I thought when I comforted him before it would stop, but I guess his mind is too far gone for my prognosis's to be accurate."

Penelope rose an eyebrow, gears starting to turn in her mind, "You comforted him? What exactly is wrong with him?"

The mental patient decided that he did not like the possible paths this conversation could lead to but decided to go along anyways. He sat up in his bed and looked at his doctor when he responded, "Well, Tetch has been tortured by a certain doctor that both of us abhor with the reason of learning mind manipulation techniques. Can you guess why?"

The Mad Hatter was known for using powerful technology to make others bend to his will and to submit to his demented schizophrenic fantasies. Thinking about how Jonathan had been reduced to a quivering puddle that she had to nurture not all that long ago the idea did not feel out of place to her, "Oh my…no wonder Absonus was able to mess you up so badly. Going back though, I'm proud you looked after Tetch."

Jonathan felt a little cautious towards his doctor. He still remembered the embrace he received the last time he made her really proud and he did not really care for that uncomfortable and odd sensation again. Wishing to re-establish his anti-social tendencies he replied, "Would you let him wail on and on for hours if you were forced to stay in the same room as him?"

Penelope surprised him by smiling, "I suppose not. But you could have had a doctor sedate him more instead of helping him yourself, so my point still stands. Why do you hate admitting when you're being a good person?"

He responded in a deadpan manner, "Because I'm not. That isn't too complicated, is it?"

Young looked at him seriously, "Prove that the man I am talking to right now is not rehabilitated and a changed man from when he first came here."

Not even Jonathan could say that he was absolutely one hundred the same as when he came to Arkham. Instead of an angry man who wanted to kill every other being in the facility simply because they annoyed him, he now was the weak dolt who had been tormented by everyone he had ever met only that now he had a Jekyll and Hyde issue. Seeing as this was the one person he felt comfortable actually talking to about such issues Jonathan spoke, albeit with his eyes averted, "I…I am changed, but I can't say that I have reduced my evil tendencies. How would we prove that?"

Penelope placed a hand on his face and turned it gently to face her so that their eyes met, "If I gave you your fear toxin, would you use it on me?"

Jonathan took in a breath, caught completely by surprise. He didn't want to use his chemical formula on her, not the state of mind he was in at the moment. He could not speak for the other side of him though, but he didn't exactly want his doctor to know of that side anyways, "No."

She let go of his face and instead placed her hand on his, "Would you use it on the staff?"

Jonathan felt his face flush a little to his own chagrin, "No."

Penelope smiled at him, "Fellow inmates?"

He mentally cursed as he thought of a dozen people he would love to torture, but did not have the courage to confront as he was at the moment. Strange and Boles were at the top of his list, with the Joker coming very close. Still flustered he responded, "No."

In a very uncharacteristic moment, Penelope laughed and surprised the calculating Jonathan, "And what about Absonus?"

Deciding that the one person he could say this to was the woman sitting beside his bed, he replied hesitantly, "…yes."

Penelope squeezed his hand and smiled, "Well then you seem perfectly fine to me," closing her eyes she sighed, "I wish you had made an untraceable version that we could use on that bastard Absonus."

Jonathan remembered that he had designed something of that ilk in his Scarecrow mindset, a special strain that he had been planning on using on Penelope one day in fact, and as a result shuddered in fear. Before Penelope could inquire what was wrong Jonathan cut her off, "Are you sure you want to go around saying things like that?"

Young's eyes darkened as she thought violent things about her fellow doctor, "He hurt you, one of my patients. If he died I would not care in the slightest."

Jonathan tried to release his hand from what had become a death grip from Penelope, her anger at Absonus coming out in the form of Jonathan's loss of circulation. His attempts were fruitless and he tried to talk as he continued to try and escape, "I am not a fan of death in particular, but to be honest his would receive a lukewarm reaction from me."

Penelope just shook her head and let out a breath, silent. Jonathan's hand still was being crushed by Penelope who was gripping it like a woman giving birth often did on most television sitcoms. He had a sinking feeling that his electrocution was not going to be the reason he would be staying in the medical ward. In an effort to make her realize her death grip Jonathan poked her hand with his free one and she instantly softened the grip, Jonathan speaking at the same time, "What time is it? And by any chance would you know how long I have been here?"

Penelope looked at the clock in the room, "It is 7PM and you've been in here for 8 hours."

Jonathan had heard some whispers concerning the upcoming social event where Arkham's administrators and doctors would be pleading for funding from their ignorant supporters so the current time confused him. He even knew that she had been going to the event with doctor Murphy because of the grapevine that was known as Arkham Asylum, "If that is the case, what are you doing here? Not only is it after normal hours, but don't you have some social event to be attending right now?"

He received a shrug in response, "Yes, yes I do."

Jonathan rose an eyebrow, "Are you going to go to it?"

A shake of the head this time, her voice plain and relaxed, "No. Why do you think I'm here?"

Jonathan twisted his lip up in a small grin, for wordplay at the expense of others pleased him and he was going to do just that, play with words, "A few ideas come to mind, for if I knew why then I wouldn't have asked."

Penelope gave him a pseudo-serious look, "You ever take a break from being snarky?"

Jonathan placed his not purple hand on his chest and spoke in as much of a proper tone as he could, "Why yes I do, but I cannot entirely suppress my normal method of communicating dear doctor."

"Fine. I care about you more than following Sharp's mandates. I hate social gatherings, but I-" Penelope mentally stopped herself from ending that sentence, unsure where she had been going with it. After a brief pause she continued, "enjoy being with those I respect. That list is small if you must know."

Jonathan smirked, "Well then I will do my best to stay on it. Murphy will be angry I suppose."

Penelope scoffed, "Let him. A night with him and millionaires or a night with you and a crying schizophrenic? I would take the latter any time."

Crane looked towards the door and whispered to her, "Don't say that too loudly. You may just become another patient here if anyone catches wind of that."

She shrugged her shoulders in response, having come to a place of not caring about the rules when it came to Jonathan, "I'll only start caring if my dad hears. He probably won't be pleased that I skipped tonight's fundraiser and ignored my 'date'."

Jonathan got an idea of how to steer the conversation, "Does he want you to dance with all the young, rich bachelors?"

Penelope sighed and looked down at the floor, "Yeah, something like that. I don't care much for either dancing or rich bachelors too."

Jonathan smirked, the conversation going as he had planned, "I never have been into bachelors myself. Too successful for me. I prefer being the bread winner."

Young scrunched up her face, partially amused but also annoyed that her patient was joking at her expense, "Oh how funny Jonathan."

Again, Young had fallen into a conversational trap Jonathan had laid forth, "Well do you prefer married men then if bachelors are not your type?"

Penelope's face turned red and she groaned, "Jonathan!"

Having had his fun Jonathan held his hands up in peace, "Fine, fine. I hate dancing as well. Never understood what the attraction to it was based on."

Young decided to ignore Jonathan's previous word escapade and reply like it had not occurred at all, "Have you ever danced with someone before?"

Now Jonathan took his turn scoffing, "Do I look like the kind of man who was invited to many parties or who attended prom?"

Penelope knew the open wound she had just trampled on so she quickly apologized, "Oh, right. I'm sorry about that. I haven't danced either to be honest. I've been to a couple parties but I always have been a wallflower."

Jonathan accepted the apology but remained quiet, images of social torment flashing through his mind. Thinking of how to remedy the problem she created ended with Penelope coming up with a solution fitting of a mental asylum patient, "I just got an idea."

Her patient tilted his head in confusion, "Why am I scared at that notion?"

Penelope shot him a glare, "Oh hush. Now, let's test your motor skills. Particularly, your ability to stand up and move around."

Jonathan hesitantly edged to the end of his bed, "Where are you going with this?"

"My thinking is this. If neither of us has danced before, why not find out what's so special about it? If I first test your motor abilities after your accident we have an actual excuse to use if someone sees us close together, like you were trying to walk but needed to lean on me."

Jonathan took a moment to think. This was entirely inappropriate for them to be doing…then again…

"Well, it's not like I am going to be doing anything else tonight. Why not?"

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