It's raining.

Kayashima looks out of the window contemplatively. It's the kind of day that makes Nakatsu restless, trapped up indoors without soccer as an outlet for his outrageous amount of energy.

It's odd, though; Nakatsu hasn't been in their room yet to bother Kayashima. Not that Kayashima ever got bothered, really. He's proud of his unflappable calm.

Kayashima's eyes drift down, and a shock of bright hair stands out against the green field below. Nakatsu, Kayashima realizes suddenly. But what the hell is he doing outside in this storm?

Kayashima thinks of getting Ashiya to go and drag him in, but the morose gray of Nakatsu's aura causes him to go to Nakatsu himself. These moods Nakatsu got were few and far between, but Kayashima knew to simply be there for him in a way Ashiya did not. She knows only how to do, never to wait.

Kayashima ignores the weird looks he gets from walking out into the insane thunderstorm like it's perfectly normal. He joins Nakatsu in the middle of the soccer field. Nakatsu barely glances at him, but Kayashima can tell from the shift in his aura that he's relieved to have someone he can talk to. Only Kayashima knows how hard it is for him to keep up his happy face. Only Kayashima knows when Nakatsu feels like crap.

Kayashima sits down and waits.

"I don't want to feel like this," says Nakatsu lowly after what seems like an eternity of silence between them. "This- This thing I have for Mizuki."

"You are who you are," says Kayashima serenely. "No matter who you like, you're still Nakatsu to me." He wants to tell Nakatsu the truth about Ashiya's gender, really, he does; but it's not his secret to tell.

"Even if I'm… gay?" The whisper can barely be heard over the rain pounding down around them, but Kayashima can see the same question in Nakatsu's fearful eyes.

"Of course. Male, female, straight, gay, bi– it doesn't matter. All that matters is that Nakatsu keeps his good heart." If Kayashima were a more emotional man, he would have hugged Nakatsu.

"It doesn't make you want to… stop being my roommate or anything? Since I'm gay and all…?" Nakatsu asks hesitantly.

Kayashima smiles. "Of course not. You're my best friend, Nakatsu. Besides," he added, "I don't think you're gay. You've only been attracted to one guy, after all."

Nakatsu's brow furrows in confusion. "Doesn't that qualify as gay?"

"I don't identify as gay even though I've liked one or two men in my life," says Kayashima calmly, waiting for his words to sink in. "I fall for the person, not the gender."

There is a moment of silence as Nakatsu absorbs this. Kayashima plugs his fingers into his ears.


Kayashima's gaze is innocent and calm. "You've got a nice ass, Nakatsu," he says with a straight face, just to rile Nakatsu up, because nobody ever said Kayashima didn't like to bother his easily excited roommate.

It works. Nakatsu splutters and chokes as he turns a million shades of red. His aura is all over the place. He freaks out and flails and Kayashima smiles because this is better than gloomy Nakatsu any day. "I simply adore your athletic physique and brilliant smile," drawls Kayashima in his most deadpan tone because Nakatsu might think he was serious if he didn't.

"Bastard," says Nakatsu grumpily, catching on. He smiles though to show that he didn't mean it, and Kayashima smiles back.

Kayashima stands up. "C'mon, Nakatsu," he says, nodding towards the dorms. "Let's get out of this rain. I hear they're selling pork buns in the cafeteria today."

Nakatsu's eyes widen and he dashes off, yelling, "Race you to the cafeteria! Loser buys lunch!"

Kayashima doesn't even bother running, just walks calmly with a smile on his face.

Nakatsu doesn't have to know that Kayashima meant every word.