Scoping the hallway ahead for any B.O.W.s, armed with the only weapon in her arsenal, Ada signaled for Leon to take the lead. It was neutrally decided that being not only younger and more fit than the former spy, he was better equipped for dodging sudden danger than she was, besides, cover-fire was not only more practical in this scenario, but it gave her a chance to prove her true colors. She sincerely felt bad about all that she had put him through in the past, but between a man that she barely knew and her own life, she would chose herself first on any given day, and she wasn't sorry for that.

"This really takes you back, huh?" He mused sagely, dashing across a four-way hallway to stand before a pair of heavy double doors that looked as if they were originally made for a bigger hallway, the edges melted away to fit in the frame, watching her cautiously as she stood opposite him at the doors, gun always at the ready.

She smirked ruefully, "To Raccoon City? Yeah. Except for the giant alligator and the G-Virus, that was a cake walk compared to this. It doesn't help that we've gotten older since then..." Ada trailed off, reminiscent smile fading as the doors hissed open of their own accord.

Still looking at the part of himself that he was only recently able to let go of, he failed to see what was on the other side of the open door, or even that the door had opened for them, the hissing silent, "Ada? Ada, what is it?"

Slowly lifting her arm as if it were dead, she pointed at the prone figure laying on the floor, manacled to the wall in heavy ropes of silver. Thick waves of brown swept from the creature's head, fusing at its ends into the skin, a red,claw-like appendage sprouting from a gaping hole in its chest, slimy things that resembled barnacles forming a natural shield over its skin. Changed as it was by the T-Abyss Virus, which neither of them had personally encountered but had heard tell of through their own adventures, both Leon and Ada knew full well who that monster had been in life.

"Luis! LUIS!" Leon shouted his name the same away as when the Spaniard had died in his arms so long ago in Spain. Luis moved in his sleep but was otherwise still.

He had died so many years ago now, how had he been salvaged? Had it not been so obvious, Leon would have wondered who had saved him, but it was perfectly clear that H.U.N.K. or one of his people had down it. Thinking back to to his escape via jet-ski, Leon felt his stomach drop as he recalled that only the island had been blown up, leaving the Plaugas in the castle and village alive and well, free for the use of the first scumbag who come along to claim it for his own. But why Luis? Couldn't the poor man just be left alone to rest in peace?

Ada had also known Luis, as they had briefly worked together, but not knowing him that well, she had no words of comfort for Leon, but that didn't mean that she didn't have anything to say, "Leon, he's dead."

She was right, Luis was nothing but a mere shadow of his former self now. He was something no longer human, something that must be killed, something that would kill them first if it had the chance...

Going Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole...

Carlos had done his best to lie low as he waited for the Calvary to arrive, trying to formulate a plan of escape as opposed to twiddling his thumbs, and so far he had done a pretty good job of it, gunning down any amblers that he had come across in his search for a map. Aside from ammo, and the occasional health item, a map was a must have, because with one, he could not only mark off all the exits, but he could locate his partner and get them both out of this mess. Too bad he really only knew about Ada and her friend Leon...

But that would all be too easy without any opposition. Turning a corner someplace near to where they had been brought in from, hours and hours of aimless searching generalizing him to certain areas, his location ironically not far from were Jill currently stood, the sounds of her gunfire muffled by at least two rooms, he found himself face-to-face with none other than the creature-man who had taken him and Ada to meet with the man in the mask. H.U.N.K.? Bah, Carlos mentally scoffed at that notion (what kind of sexy individual would hide his face?), curious about what that stood for, because he sincerely doubted that the bastard was much of a looker.

"You!" Carlos gaped at Steve, in his slender-toned human form, furious at him for landing them in this predicament, even though he was more than aware of the fact that Steve was no more to blame for this than himself. Actually, he was loath to admit it, Steve was even less to blame than himself, the poor bastard. It just helped to have someone to point the finger at.

Startled by the mercenary, expecting to see the other intruders, whom he had been ordered to eliminate, Steve shook his head, shaggy red hair swinging in his eyes, his eyes that glowed so powerfully with agonizing sorrow and untold pain. The years had left him mostly unchanged, but they had not been kind to him either, filling his life with woe and his heart with doubt. He had always secretly expected death to come at a moments notice, but it never had yet. It wasn't like he wanted to die, though it would certainly make things easier for him, Steve knew deep down that someday he would see Claire again, and even a second more of her company would be worth it.

Gun pointed at Steve's heart, the barrel pressing into his tattered excuse of a chest, just a second of looking at the pitiful creature had caused Carlos not only to feel guilty for accusing him, but to feel remorse for his tortured fate, so he lowered the weapon again, making the snap decision to work with the monster-man in the hopes of getting out of this mess alive, "Steve, right?"

Nodding slowly, he answered, "Yeah."

Two Rooms Down...

Standing back up, dusting her steel-gray jeans off, Claire looked at her brother as he decided on whether or not they would go left or right. Jill was trying to convince him that they should split up, and Claire agreed fully with her, so making up his mind, he went left, leaving the girls alone to go right. He was more than sure of their abilities, Jill proving herself on more than one occasion and Claire more than earning her stripes in the field. Going their separate ways, the silent promise to meet back here at the end of it all, Jill and Claire followed the pathway Chris had set them on until it diverged again, at least, that was their plan...

Halfway down the dank hallway, the girls bumped into an unexpected roadblock - Carlos, and his new friend, Steve. But Steve was semi-obscured by the unlit corridor and the dark, handsome merc standing in front of him, so at first glance Claire didn't see him, but he saw her...

"Jill!" Carlos bolted to his old friend, quickly embracing her in back-breaker of a bear-hug, grinning at Jill as he set her back down, nodding politely at the other woman, "You sure got here soon, didn't you?"

She laughed, winded at his greeting but glad to see that he was unharmed, "I guess it's true - the ladies do love your accent."

He smirked, "Mocking me already, huh? Wasn't it bad enough that I had to call you to come play hero again? It might not seem like it, but it's highly degrading to my pride as a man to have to be rescued by a lady, even one as pretty as you are."

Her reply was cut off, however, by the surprised scream that escaped from Claire as she noticed the man standing behind Carlos, yes the same Claire Redfield that pulled a broken shard of glass from her leg without so much as a whimper, hobbling her way to safety, "Steve?"

She had gone bone white from the shock of seeing him alive again, a swell of emotion raging inside her chest at the sight of her old... Of Steve. Even after professing his love to her, she hadn't been sure what to call him. He wished that they had met up like this, in this place, but they did, and he had to watch the normally emotionally stable woman flicker like a candle in the breeze as she came to grips with what she was seeing. Running up to him as if she were about to wrap her arms around him and never let go again, her right hand swung around, cutting through the air as if it were butter, and she backhanded him. He held his face as the skin began to change into a soft pink where she had hit it, more surprised than the other two at this outcome, but he understood her anger and felt that it was more than justified.

"You bastard!" She struck him again, slightly softer than before, "I thought that you were..." She choked on a sob, taking the opportunity to smack him again, "I spent so many nights laying awake, thinking about you," Her voice cracked, tears welling up in her eyes, her fist coming down on his shoulder, "I spent so many years, filled with regret that I never got the chance to tell you that I-"

He cut her off, cupping her head between his hands, thumbs rubbing away her tears, "I spent every day thinking about you, Claire..."

"Oh, Steve!" Claire cried out, hitting her fist against his shoulder one last time, but the blow was so soft, her hand fell so that she was holding his heart, "I love you too."

AN: LUIS! Why did I have to do this to you? I wuv him, so why? Oh, so he can be in the story, and so I have a way of using both familiar and unfamiliar elements from the games. But, um, two things: I haven't been able to play/watch the added stuff with Ada and Luis (curse getting the original GameCube release), and I don't really know much about the T-Abyss either, but I did get to watch that game, so I just basically copied Rachael and made her into Luis. Speaking of, how in the hell did Leon come to care for him the way he did? At least now it kinda makes sense why H.U.N.K. was in the mini-game. Anyone else catch the reference to the original? Two rooms down, or Two Doors Down? Nah, I only know like one or two of their songs, but still...

To Recap This Chapter: Leon and Ada see someone they had never expected to see ever again, mostly due to the fact that that person has been dead for about five years, Carlos has relatively smooth sailing, joining forces with Steve, and Chris and Co. decide to split up so that they can cover more ground. Old friends meet again and even older lovers unite in the flames of danger and adversity! But with great decisions comes great discoveries...

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