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Vol. I:Paparazzi-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Vol. II:Alejandro-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Vol. III:Bad Romance-Lady GaGa~The Monster

Vol. IV:Monster-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Vol. V:Speechless-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Vol. VI:Dance In The Dark-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Volume VII:Telephone-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Vol. VIII:So Happy I Could Die-Lady GaGa~The Fame Monster

Infinite Undeclared

The Tale~In~Song of Two Brilliant Almost Lovers

Volume I: Stalkerazzi

We are the crowd We're cuh-coming out

Got my flash on it's true,need that picture of you it's so magical

We'd be so fantastical

"I think I'm in love," sighed Jim Moriarty, consulting criminal extraordinaire, as he gazed down at one of his many photos of the object of his obsessive affection cutting quite a figure in his signature trench backwards, reminding Moriarty rather of Captain Jack Harkness. Without all the subtle and not-so-discreet innuendo but equally as arousing. They'd work on the innuendo, no doubt Sherlock would love it once he was introduced. After the debácle at the pool when Sherlock had oh so brilliantly solved his final riddle and come rushing to pool hall only to find Moriarty had stolen away his precious Eye Candy and strapped a special little toy of his own making to him. A toy, as it so happens, would blow him into oblivion if- when, really- detonated. He had to admit, he had utterly blind sided Sherlock and was reveling in it, because not very many people had come any place close to doing so before. Yet another fact to lord over his head.

Leather and jeans

Garage glamorous

Not sure what it means

But this photo of us, it don't have a price

Ready for those flashing lights

'Cause you know that baby, I

Ever since Moriarty had begun his little pet project to ensnare the infamous Sherlock Holmes-his sting operation, if you will-he had found himself more and more woven into the operation, neglecting and not caring much for nearly everything and everyone else, and fixated upon anything and anything to do with the world's only{not to mention sexiest} consulting detective. Which included his interesting and irritating new relationship with the decorated war veteran, John Watson. Whatever the hell was going on between those two... {which translated into late nights and chases on the case, then minutes spent in vain trying to get Sherlock to eat something then plead if not that then sleep a few hours, followed by a passionate argument about the basic necessities and functions of the human body followed by an equally passionate bout of snogging and a promise from John entailing that if Sherlock didn't start eating at least a bit once a day or so, there would be no more of this for a t least a month.} Of course nearly all of this was entirely inside his head, except for the fact that Sherlock eats and sleeps as irregularly as is inhumanly possible, and John is constantly attempting to get him to break the habit. Moriarty would take care of that once he had Sherlock all to himself{sans John, preferably}, but there wouldn't be much time left for eating and sleeping once he had his hands on and all over that impossible man.

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me


Baby, there's no other superstar, you know that I'll be

Your papa-paparazzi

Moriarty knew that Sherlock knew he was the only criminal, the only person point blanc he'd ever met who could match him in intelligence, wit, and pure insanity. Sooner or later, he would make him see that they were the only people for one another. Come Hell or high water, Moriarty would see to it that their saga ended with the two of them together at long last, and anything and anyone that stood in the way of that would be dealt with swiftly and as painfully as possible by any means necessary.

Promise I'll be kind

But I won't stop until that boy is mine

"Like it or not, Sherlock, love, you're stuck with me. And one way or another, you will be mine, regardless of of anything and anyone in our way."

Baby, you'll be famous

Chase you down until you love me


"We belong together, Sherlock. Forever."

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