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This is the sequel to A Political Romance. I'm not sure if this story will make sense, if you have not read A Political Romance, but I know 43 chapters can seem daunting. If it helps, APR is also posted on scarves and coffee dot net and is only 40 chapters.

For those who have not read A Political Romance, this story features a consensual slave/master relationship between Kurt and Blaine. It is not BDSM however, BDSM elements are strongly present throughout the story. This story is rated M (really NC-17) for lots of consensual and rough gay sex, some abusive and brutal. Contains triggers for abuse and rape. Also rated NC-17 for smut and language.

This is a very dark, dirty, twisted, strange love story. It is not sweet, dapper, Klainebows. However, Blaine loves Kurt and Kurt loves Blaine. Their relationship is consensual.

If these themes bother you, please DO NOT READ. There are several awesome, sweet Klaine fics out there. This ain't one of them.

This story also has a supernatural touch to it. Blaine has a dark power that lives inside him.

For those that read A Political Romance, this story is darker and dirtier. Kurt and Blaine are still in love, but they are struggling to find their way in the real world and establish their adult relationship. Naturally, there will be drama. And smut.

This story is not for everyone. Please think about these warnings and decide if you should move on. Just don't read and then yell at me. Seriously. Please don't. It breaks my heart. :-)

Our story begins during Kurt and Blaine's last few months of college.


Chapter 1

It was January. Kurt sat at his desk, staring at the webpage for the Parson Career and Internship Placement Office. He had stared at this webpage, every January for three years. Every year his eyes scanned the locations.

New York



Every year he clicked New York. The internships were incredible. He met top designers. He worked on fashion shows premiering cutting edge designs. He worked alongside some of the fashion industry's top talent. It had all been a dream come true.


Kurt moved his mouse over the word Paris.

He stopped and allowed his eyes to drift to the photograph of Blaine sitting on his desk. It was his favorite. Drew had taken it last summer while they were all in Central Park at one of Lake's famous, fashionable picnics. Blaine was sitting in the grass, his left leg stretched out, his right leg bent with his arm resting on his knee. He had allowed his hair to grow longer for the summer, so his face was framed by sexy curls. His smile was beautiful and his honey-amber eyes were twinkling. Kurt couldn't help but smile. He loved the photograph. He loved the man in the photograph even more.

Kurt pulled his eyes away from the picture and looked at the box containing his portfolio of designs and sketches. His submission packet. Everything was packed. All he had to do was print and sign the submission form.

His eyes moved back to the photograph.

"I love you Blaine. But, I have to go."

He clicked Paris.

From his seat on the second floor, Warren watched Kurt walk into the library and across the lobby to the elevators.

Three and a half years.

For three and a half years, Warren had been in love with his best friend.

He knew every detail about Kurt. His favorite foods, colors, movies, TV shows, designers, restaurants and coffee order. He knew how to make Kurt laugh and what made him cry. He knew his class schedule, what hung in his closet and what shoes he wore with each ensemble.

He just hadn't figured out a way to tell Kurt he was in love with him.

Or, a way to get Kurt away from Blaine.

Warren hated Blaine. With a passion.

Kurt and Blaine's freshman year had been difficult, and all their adjustment pains were witnessed by Warren. Kurt tried to spend as much time as possible with Blaine, but he was determined to establish other friendships and relationships. Blaine understood this, but his jealousy and possessiveness often got the best of him. He was suspicious of every gay man Kurt befriended and made it clear he would kill them if they were interested in anything besides friendship with Kurt. He missed Kurt terribly during the week, so he was furious when Kurt made plans with Warren or anyone else on the weekends. To Warren's amazement, Kurt never got upset about Blaine's behavior. He remained completely in love and devoted to his jealous, controlling and over-protective boyfriend. Above all, Kurt always asked Blaine's permission before doing something. This drove Warren crazy. He could not understand why Kurt remained loyal to someone so domineering. Yes, Blaine definitely loved Kurt; it was obvious he absolutely adored him. But Blaine was selfish, possessive and unreasonable. Whenever Warren suggested Kurt think about dating someone else, Kurt would look at him as if he had suggested Kurt wear polyester. "Warren, I love Blaine more than anything. I don't want anyone else." It didn't make sense.

Kurt could have anyone.

Kurt could have Warren.

Why couldn't Kurt see that his relationship with Blaine wasn't normal? Didn't he realize there were other guys who would love to be with him? Guys like Warren who wouldn't try to control him. Blaine acted like he owned Kurt. Why did Kurt go along with Blaine's bullshit?

A year ago, after Kurt turned down a seventh invitation to accompany Warren home for a weekend visit, Warren pushed for answers.

"Kurt, I've watched the two of you for two years. I'm sorry. I can't keep quiet anymore. Blaine is an asshole! He is an asshole that doesn't deserve you! Why do you stay with him?"

"You just don't understand our relationship. Don't judge me or Blaine!"

"I'm not judging you! The facts are right here! You ask him for permission to do things. You allow him to plan how you spend every moment of your free time. And, let's be honest Kurt, you want to do the study abroad program in Europe, but you won't even apply! Why won't you apply, Kurt? Huh? Why?"

"Warren, stop it! You just don't understand!"

"Then help me understand!"

"Blaine's...Blaine's not like other guys."

"No kidding! He's a jealous, over-protective, control freak!"

"No! You don't get it. Blaine is...he has special abilities...and...they make him act the way he acts."

"What kind of special abilities?"

Kurt stared at Warren. He wanted to tell him. In that moment, he wanted to tell Warren so badly about Blaine. But, he didn't.

"He's just different Warren. I can't explain it."

Warren let it go. He hated to see Kurt upset.

Warren watched Kurt walk towards him. He really needed to get over him. Kurt belonged to Blaine. Warren needed to find someone of his own. Yeah, right. He'd been telling himself that for three and a half years.




"So, it's done. I mailed it on my way here."

Warren smiled. "Good for you, Kurt. That's awesome. I know you'll get accepted. Look out Paris! Here comes Kurt Hummel!"

Kurt smiled weakly. Warren reached across the table and took Kurt's hand. He loved how soft Kurt's skin felt. Soft and smooth.

"Kurt...you have to go. Don't let Blaine keep you from doing this."

"There's no guarantee I'll be offered a position."

"That's bullshit and you know it. Don't start making excuses. You have to do this, Kurt. Blaine will just have to get over himself."

Kurt pulled his hand away. Warren regretted saying anything. He cherished any small touch he experienced with Kurt. But, he didn't back down.

"I mean it Kurt. Don't let Blaine talk you out of this. You deserve this. You've earned this. This is the next step in your career."

Kurt looked into Warren's eyes. Like so many times before, he wondered if he could trust Warren with his secret. They had shared so much over the past three years. They had stressed over projects together, consoled one another over grades and cheered each other on. And, Warren had told Kurt his secret. How his dad would sometimes get abusive and beat him up. There were a few times when Warren had returned from the holidays with bruises on his face, and Kurt helped him design a concealer plan. Kurt loved Warren. He was his best friend. Besides Blaine, of course.

"Warren...about Blaine..." Kurt trailed off. What was he doing? He couldn't do this.


"I haven't told him I applied."

"Are you going to?"

"I think I'll wait and see if I get it first."

"Kurt, you know you're going to get it." Warren was pissed. This was ridiculous. Your boyfriend is supposed to support you. You're not supposed to be scared of him. Scared of wanting more for yourself than he wants for you.

"Kurt, if Blaine is such the great guy you always tell me he is, then why the hell don't you tell him now? He should be happy for you! He should be supporting you!"

Kurt sighed. He didn't want to do this today. He and Warren had been arguing about Blaine for three and a half years. Lake kept telling Kurt that Warren was in love with him. Kurt didn't want to believe that. He couldn't believe that. He loved Warren. As a friend. And, he needed Warren to remain his friend. There could never be more. Never.

But, Kurt knew Warren was right. He couldn't wait to be accepted to start convincing Blaine to let him go. There was a deadline to inform the design house of your decision. He needed to start working on Blaine now.

This was going to be a battle.

The biggest battle of their relationship.

And Kurt was determined to win.

Blaine sat in the law library half reading, half daydreaming. It was Kurt's fault he couldn't concentrate on the case he was trying to brief. Blaine couldn't stop thinking about their last time together. Kurt had been in a strange sexual mood and asked Blaine to fuck him against the exposed brick wall. They always avoided that wall because Blaine didn't want to scratch Kurt's back in addition to all the usual bruising. But for some reason, Kurt wanted to do it there.

"Beautiful, I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure? That brick looks really rough."

"I'm sure. Fuck me Blaine. Fuck me really hard. Right there."

How the hell was he supposed to resist that?

Blaine had lifted Kurt up against the wall, and slid his cock inside him, in almost one movement. Kurt's groan from the quick entry almost pushed Blaine over the edge. He started sliding in and out slowly, still worried about the brick damaging Kurt's back.

"Are you my master or not? Fuck me like you own me."

Holy shit.

Blaine had lost his mind.

Blaine sighed and discreetly adjusted his dick. He really needed to concentrate on this brief. He checked his watch. He was supposed to meet Professor Murray in 45 minutes to discuss his summer plans. The Professor said he had a great opportunity to discuss with Blaine.

Blaine was grateful for Professor Murray. Over the past three years, the professor had served as his academic adviser and mentor. Blaine appreciated his interest in his success. The only thing he didn't understand was Professor Murray's constant insistence that Blaine think about going into criminal law instead of corporate law.

"I just think you would make an outstanding criminal defense attorney, Blaine. You have the legal mind for it. Plus, it is very fascinating work. Corporate law can be quite boring."

"But the money is in corporate law. All those billable hours, plus you can charge corporations more than you can charge individuals."

"It doesn't matter if you are working at the right firm. I'm not talking about representing the poor schmuck who shoots his wife's boyfriend in a drunken rage. I'm talking about representing high society criminals. The fifth avenue accountant who murders his wife after she finds out about the mistress."

"I'm not interested in that." Besides, Kurt would not approve. Not at all.

Blaine stretched and tried to focus. He glanced around the room and his eyes landed on a tall boy with black hair. The boy had his back to Blaine, so he couldn't see his face, but the build was the same.

Was that him?

Blaine sat frozen, willing the boy to turn around.

Damn. Not him.

Blaine leaned on the desk and rubbed his forehead with his fingers.

When would he stop?

For the past three years, every time Blaine saw a tall boy with black hair, his heartbeat quickened and the pace of his breathing increased. He hadn't seen the gorgeous boy with green eyes that turned black, since that evening in the bookstore, freshman year. In the months that followed, Blaine walked around campus, nervously looking into the face of every tall boy with black hair he encountered. After two embarrassing mistakes where he actually chased down the wrong person, he stopped searching. He would have declared the entire incident a figment of his imagination, if not for the dreams.

He still had the dream. Once a week. Always the same. For three damn years. Blaine, lying on his back, his legs hooked over the boy's shoulders. Those green eyes staring into his, turning black as the boy fucked the shit out of him. Blaine always woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard and feeling disturbed and confused. What the hell did it mean? Why was the boy always on top? Blaine was the master. He did the fucking. He didn't want to be fucked by anybody. Except for maybe Kurt in some really, strange, rare, instance...maybe...no, not even by Kurt.

Blaine never told Kurt about the dreams, and didn't plan on telling him. He just wanted them to stop.

But, he wanted to see the boy again.

Blaine gave up on the brief and headed over to Professor Murray's office. For once, the professor was on time.

"Hi Blaine. Come on in." Professor Murray smiled warmly. He really liked Blaine. He was smart, an excellent student and...valuable. The professor loved his brownstone in Chelsea. Bought and paid for by the firm of Huntel, Wellington & VanSant. It would be signed over to him once Blaine joined the firm, and the professor would receive an extra cash bonus.

"So Professor, what's up?"

"I have some excellent news for you. Do you remember meeting a friend of mine at the beginning of your freshman year named Mike Huntel?"

"Sure." Of course Blaine remembered. He had been following Huntel, Wellington & VanSant in the news for the past three years. It had moved from being one of his top two choices to being his number one choice. His dream was to make partner there.

"Well, for the first time ever, the firm is offering a summer internship for a graduating senior planning to attend law school in the fall. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to work for a top firm, it is also a paid internship. A very generous, paid internship."

Wow. Blaine would love to get this internship. He had worked every summer, but not for a firm like HWV. This could set him on the path to get hired after graduating from law school. Maybe, if he worked really hard, he could make partner by age 32. And best of all, Kurt would be living with him this summer. He would be at the top of his game from fucking his beautiful boyfriend every night. Maybe, if the internship pay was really super generous, he could talk Kurt into taking a break and not looking for a job until the fall. It would be wonderful to have Kurt at home all summer. Blaine could come home to Kurt every night, in his apron, with dinner waiting. Awesome.

"I'd love to apply. What do I need to do?"