It had never occurred to Blaine that Kurt might die first.


He had always assumed that one day he would fuck up and be killed by the dark power that lived inside him. He never thought he would have to face life without Kurt.

But Kurt was sick.

The doctors weren't really sure what was wrong. He ate very little and had no energy. He wasn't in pain, just tired with no appetite. They blamed it on old age. After all, he was in his nineties despite looking 70.

Blaine was beyond desperate. He screamed at the doctors to find something, anything to make Kurt well. Away from Kurt's hearing, he screamed and railed against the darkness. What was the point of being powerful if he couldn't use that power to save the one and only person who meant everything to him?

"Save him! Heal him! Do something!"

The darkness remained quiet and settled. It was already in mourning. It knew what was coming and was powerless to stop it.

At Kurt's request they settled at the Connecticut house. Blaine arranged for a 24 hour nurse and a live-in cook, but it was he who bathed and dressed Kurt everyday. They would sit outside so Kurt could look at their beautiful yard. Blaine held his hand and they talked. They reminisced about their lives, their friends, their careers. Kurt was usually quiet, so Blaine would talk and talk and sometimes even sing. He made sure Kurt got to see all the wonderful fashion lines still being turned out by Kurt Hummel designs, prominently displayed in Vogue.

And at night, once Kurt was settled and sleeping, Blaine would slip out of their room and cry.

He would cry silently, his heart breaking over and over as he felt Kurt slipping away from him, a little more each day.

He shed more tears the final 3 months of Kurt's life than he had his entire life. Kurt was the only person he had ever cried over. Ever.

On a beautiful May morning, Kurt asked Blaine to dress him in one of his favorite outfits. It was one of his earlier designs. A kilt ensemble. Blaine slowly and lovingly dressed him, kissing him gently and telling him how beautiful he looked. Kurt didn't want to go out today. Instead he asked Blaine to lay down beside him. Blaine carefully settled next to him. Kurt slowly shifted until his head and hand was resting on Blaine's chest. Blaine felt Kurt's hand pressing against him.

"Are you my master?"


"Am I your slave?"

"Forever beautiful. "

"I love you, Blaine."

"I love you, Kurt."

Blaine laid there all day.

Long after Kurt's breathing ceased.

The funeral was huge and A-list. The entire fashion world turned out to say goodbye to one of the best designers of a generation. Samantha's daughter, Kaitlin, took care of all of the arrangements. To Blaine's surprise, Kurt had left detailed instructions regarding the service. He had written it all out and given it to Kaitlin years ago.

"He didn't want you to have to worry about things, Uncle Blaine."

Blaine said nothing.


Taking care of him to the very end.

Blaine did not speak at the funeral. He hadn't spoken since Kurt's death. He had nothing to say. He just needed the funeral to hurry up and end.

Once the service was over, everyone was directed to go downstairs for the repast. Blaine sat silently waiting for everyone to leave.

Kaitlin looked at him nervously. "Uncle Blaine...it's time to go downstairs."

Tyler stepped up. "I'll take care of him, dear. Why don't you go on down?"

Kaitlin hesitated, but nodded and walked out.

Blaine stood up and looked at Tyler and Warren. Tears were rolling down Tyler's face.

He knew.

He embraced Blaine and held him tightly.

"Tell him I love him and I miss him."

Blaine nodded.

Warren hugged him, pulled back and looked into his eyes. "Kurt was lucky to have you for a husband."

Blaine nodded.

He turned and left.

Tyler and Warren were the last two people to see him alive.

The first sign was the tennis racket in the corner. Kurt smiled when he saw it. He thought about going to wait, but decided it was too soon.

A week later he was walking in the gardens when he came across a tennis court. Made sense after the tennis racket.

A few days later a tree house popped up down by the lake. Kurt sat outside and stared at it all day, a smile on his face.

That evening bookcases of law books appeared on the wall. Kurt smiled and continued flipping through Vogue.

The next morning there was a plate of cupcakes on the table. Kurt changed outfits and went to wait.

"Honey, Shelly and the boys will be here tomorrow. You know the boys are going to want to play in the tree house. Have you had a chance to check it out?"

"I'm sure it's fine."

"Yes, but it's probably full of leaves and dead bugs from the fall and winter. I thought it would be nice to clean it out before they get here."

"Boys like leaves and dead bugs."

Cheryl glared at her husband.

"Okay, okay. I'll check it out after breakfast."

Brad walked across the yard and made his way down the path. Maybe he would cut back some of the brush to make it easier to reach.

He climbed the stairs to the top and froze.

A man was lying on the floor of the tree house. Brad stood there for a minute, unsure of what to do.

"Hey! Sir? Hey!"

No response.

Brad moved closer as realization slowly dawned on him.

He leaned down. The man didn't look homeless. His clothes looked expensive. Brad gently rolled him over.

The man was dead.

In his right hand he was clutching a necklace with a K&B pendant.

Kurt slowly caressed his hair across his forehead, crossed his legs and waited.

It was a beautiful day. Of course, it was always beautiful here. Sunny and warm. Always.

He stared up into the branches of the tree he was sitting under. This was his favorite tree. It reminded him of a tree he sat under many years ago.

He finally saw a figure in the distance walking towards him. Kurt smiled.

As the figure grew closer, he stood up. He grinned when he saw the white tennis shirt and shorts. The sun sparkled off of the K&B necklace around his neck.

Kurt reached out and took Blaine's hand.

"Hello master."

"Hello beautiful."


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