As my heart starts to race, I know that I need to keep running. I don't know what I'm running from, but I can hear the pounding footsteps behind me. I have to be faster. Faster than whatever's behind me.


Shut the fuck up and let me think.

HOW CAN I LET YOU THINK WHEN THERE RIGHT BEHIND US? Besides your almost at the edge of the meadow. You can't out run it. Just give up already.

SHUT UP, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME THINK. There has to be a way out of this without surrendering. I won't give up. I just won't have it.

Fine, but your only thirty seconds from having to face your bloody death. I'll guess see you in hell, hahaha...

I can only imagine the look on her face when she spat those last words to me, and as much as I hate to addmit that she was right, she was. The cliff, aproaching faster than I expected, has now become a way to end all endings, as well as my existance, but do I really want to die without knowing whats caused everything?

Time Slows. Leaving me confused as to why I have to make this choice. Either I die by falling down this thirty foot cliff or have to face it. Whatever it is. Im not letting it win. No fucking way. I spin around so fast that I almost lose my balance, but quickly recover, my feet sliding across the plains of grass, my body filled with rage, but what I see when I turn wasn't what I thought. Not in the slightest.

People. Just people. Staring at me as though I was crazy. Expressions frozen in fear and disgust. When I realize i'm no longer in a grassy meadow, but laying on broken glass in the middle of the street, screaming for someone to save me. From myself. Surounded by a warm, familiar smell. I see the blood pooling around my body, none of it mine. Then I see the car, torn to peices. I roll over surprised at the lack of pain, but what I saw made me freeze. Time stops. the people around me screaming at me. but I cant hear what they're saying. All I can hear is my heart shatter into a million peices when I see the decapitated bodies surounding me.