A/N - This is my first attempt at a fic. Chapters will be longer. This is just a starter. Let me know what you think so far. I have more written, just want to make sure it's right before posting. Enjoy!


Love in a Coffee Shop –

Set Four years after high school. Three years after Rachel moved to New York. Two years after Quinn realized she loved Rachel. One year after Quinn moved to New York. And one hour since Quinn watched Rachel walk through security at LAX. When Quinn ends up on the same flight back to New York as Rachel, she decides it's time to finally say sorry for senior year.



"At this time all electronic devices should be turned off as they may interfere with the aircrafts navigational and communication systems"

"Rachel, honey, I can hear the flight attendant giving the warning for phones. Call me when you land." Hiram calmly explained to Rachel from the other end of her phone.

"Not yet Dad, the plane hasn't even started moving"

"You know for someone who flies between New York and L.A. as much as you do, you'd think your fear of flying would've lessened by now. You're plane is not going to strike a flock of birds headed south for the winter and have to make a crash landing in a river. That's already happened, what're the chances of it ever happening again?" Hiram said with a slight chuckle. Trying, and failing, to lighten the mood.

"Ugh, where's daddy? He stays on the phone with me and at least tries to make me feel better." Rachel looked up to see a flight attendant with a forced smile across her face. "I gotta go."

"Yes, I know, three minutes ago. Love you honey. Call me when you land in New York."

"Okay, I will. Tell daddy-" Rachel was cut off by the flight attendant, and was none too happy about it.

"Ma'am, you need to turn off your cell phone, immediately." The flight attendant told her through gritted teeth hidden behind her fake smile.

Rachel dramatically hit the END button on her phone and gave the flight attendant a look that said 'happy?' . The flight attendant simply nodded and walked away. Rachel quickly turned her body towards the window attempting to shield her phone with her body and tapped out a mass text to everyone in her contacts:

LA-NYC, if something should happen to the plane, please know that I loved you. Rachel B. Berry*

She hit SEND and held her phone low next her leg and kept an eye on it to see if she received and replies. As usual, the screen never lit up, they were all pretty used to the routine by now. She finally did as the flight attendant said, and turned off her phone.

On the very same plane, 4 rows back and 2 seats over, sat a very calm Quinn Fabray. She had been listening to Rachel talk rather loudly with her dad about all the possible scenarios that could take place during their flight. Surely she was freaking out a few other weary passengers on the plane, but the other passengers on the plane were far from Rachel's thoughts as she explained what happened on a show she watched once where the window on the plane busted and it sucked the lady right through before anyone had a chance to grab her. Quinn watched the scene play out with the flight attendant, and smiled as she imagined the look Rachel had given the lady as she walked away. Then she waited, knowing what would happen next. Quinn also had not turned off her phone. She clenched it inside her pocket, waiting to feel the vibration she knew was only seconds away. When she felt it, she looked up to see if a flight attendant was watching, and when seeing that the coast was clear, she glanced down to see "1 new message from *SUPERSTAR*" displayed across her screen. The smile on her face grew wider.

The first time she had received one of these messages, she was confused and couldn't figure out why Rachel would be sending it to her. Not knowing what to think about it, she never responded. The second time she received one of Rachel's panic-from-the-sky messages, she had been at the park with Puck, and when he received the same message, she realized what Rachel was doing. What she couldn't figure out was if Rachel realized she still had the entire high school Glee club still programmed into her contacts.

One day during senior year, which happened to be the year she and Rachel became actual friends instead of just teammates, Rachel was shocked to find that Quinn didn't have her number in her cell phone. So she took the phone from Quinn's hands and promptly made a new contact titled SUPERSTAR in all capital letters. She handed it back to Quinn and told her she could change the name, but she needed to keep the number.