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Ianto bit his lip nervously as he continued to caress Jack's cheek with his thumb. Right now it didn't matter to him what had happened over the past week. He had made a promise to Jack long ago that he would be there for him every time when he came back, and he would still keep that promise now. He wasn't paying much attention to the others; they were just there in the corner of his eyes. He was a bit surprised that Gwen hadn't come running over after Owen was done looking at him, but when he had glanced over at them he noticed that Owen had a hold of Gwen's arm so she wouldn't. He had to refrain himself from smiling a little.

His attention was drawn back to Jack when he heard him take that first gasping breath. He tightened his hold, hugging Jack close to him.

"It's alright, Jack. I'm here. You're not alone," he whispered into his ear as he ran a hand through Jack's hair soothingly.

"Ianto? What happened?" Jack asked quietly, calming his breathing.

"A weevil got you from behind, but don't worry. They're all taken care of now. Just try to calm down and relax. You're okay," Ianto said soothingly with a small smile. Jack just nodded and took a deep breath. After about a minute he finally spoke again.

"Thank you, Ianto," he said sincerely, looking into the Welshman's eyes.

"I made a promise, Jack. I wasn't going to break it."

Jack really just wanted to lean up and kiss him, but he didn't think Ianto would appreciate that. So he settled for a bit of a compromise. He finally sat up and Ianto helped him stand. Jack kissed his cheek and started making his way back to the jeep.

"Wait, what are we going to do with the weevils?" Owen asked, causing Jack to stop and turn around.

"You think you could get Rhys to bring one of his lorries up here and bring them back to the hub in that?" He asked Gwen, who nodded and walked away to phone him. "They should stay unconscious long enough for us to get them back and get them into the cells. You two stay here and make sure none of them wake up. I don't want to risk it." He turned around and made his way to the jeep again after seeing them nod, although he wasn't surprised to hear footsteps following him anyway. He knew who it was.

"Sir, I—" Ianto stopped when Jack held out the keys to him and went around to the passenger side. Ianto got in the driver's side and drove back to the hub. The drive was rather quiet, but not an uncomfortable quiet. They soon got back and Ianto followed Jack up to his office, walking right past Toshiko. Ianto closed the door behind them and watched Jack as he sat on the couch.

"How are you feeling?" Ianto finally asked, breaking the silence. Jack looked up at him.

"Stupid," he responded simply. Ianto frowned and sat next to him.

"How so? It's not your fault the weevil got you. It snuck up—"

"Not about that," Jack said, cutting him off.

"Oh…well, what about, then? If you don't mind me asking, that is."

"Us…" Ianto looked down and stayed quiet. "There are not many people I say this about, but I need you, Ianto. I've missed you…"

"I've been right here, Jack…"

"I mean…I've missed the way things used to be…the way they should be…I don't deserve it, but I want you back, Ianto. You mean to much to me to just end it like I have with others…I was just too stupid to acknowledge that until I made the mistake of leaving you…I'm sorry…and I understand if you don't want me back…"

Ianto was quiet for a moment so Jack looked up and bit his lip, worried about what he might say.

"Oh Jack…" Ianto said with a small smile. "How could you think I wouldn't? I still love you, Jack. Always have, always will. Just because you ended things didn't mean I would stop, no matter how much I tried to…if only to make it easier to be around you."

Jack smiled back at him as Ianto leaned in, kissing him softly, and Jack kissed back, putting all his emotions into it so Ianto would know just how he felt. And he did.

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