This story is something I wrote in five minutes so its not my best work but I decided to post it for your entertainment! (:

Rules for dating my sister, Katie Knight:

1. Katie is always right.

2. In situation where Katie is wrong, please refer to rule 1.

3. My baby sister is a princess, if she is treated any differently by you, don't expect a happy ending.

4. I don't care how low your pants sag but if your boxers go any lower than your hip line, expect a punch in the face.

5. We can be friends, but if you ever hurt my sister, you will become my enemy.

6. Expect three different interrogations from my three best friends, who will back me up if you ever need to be set straight.

7. If I ever find out you pressured Katie into ANYTHING, you better get your sorry ass out of this town.

8. If Katie's not happy, I'm not happy.

9. I have a hockey stick. And I'm not afraid to use it.

10. Don't ever try to sneak into her room, my brother senses will be able to sense it.

11. If you ever touch her innapropriatly, refer to rule 9.

12. Just because I'm on tour doesn't mean I won't fly half way around the world to check on you.

13. My sister does NOT kiss on the first date. Don't try to.

14. If you like hockey, come play with us sometime! Just remember, if you ever cheat on Katie, hockey "accidents" can happen.

15. If I ever find a hickey on her neck, refer to rule 9.

16. I will know about every date. Don't ever try to pull one over on me, you will be sorry.

17. Katie may not have a dad that you have to be threatened by, but just remember before you try to sleep with her: She has four 21 years olds looking after her. You are what, 15? Hah! Do the math.

18. Katie doesn't like seafood, so if you ever take her out to eat, just take her to Chinese. (oh and bring us some leftovers will you?)

19. If I hear about an sort of PDA at school between you two, or rumors get around about Katie that were caused by you, refer to rule 9.

20. If you follow all of these rules, we won't have a problem! *Any of the above rules are subject to change at any time by Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell.

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