CPT. Renko exited the singularity. He had just shot Demichav. He had spared barishov's life. He had decided. To give up this shitstorm of bullets and blood. He was leaving. No one could stop him. "Cpt. Renko you must go stop yoursel…", "shut it Barishov." said Renko. He didn't bother disguising the anger in his voice." But CPT.", " I said shut it." Barishov stood there as Renko walked of. His mouth open in shock." Renko proceeded toward the base of military operations.

1 year later.

Renko looked at the small city. He had managed to rout the Russian military forces from Texas and Louisiana. He heard foot steps. A man in a makeshift uniform entered the room.

" sir the Russians forces have just attacked an oil field at the edge of our territory.". Renko's brows crossed. His voice turned hostile. " then send squads to get it back!" he screamed. The soldier ran, he looked like he was going to shit his pants out of fear. Renko looked back at the city. "it's all so different." he whispered. All the malice drained from his voice. And it was true. When the Russians invaded America. They left no stone unturned.

The only pockets of resistance was MIR-12, and a small group in Mexico. It was a bunch of people of all races. Each one pissed off at the Russians. Sure America wasn't the best place, but the Russian government turned it into a police state. You had 8 hours. Had 30 minutes to, and from get to work. Then curfew. For 16 hours. They searched each house daily. All tools were to stay in shops. They kept ridged count of each nut and bolt. You had exactly 250 calories a meal. 400 for pregnant women.

If you broke any laws. You were hanged. They had weekly shooting squads. attendance mandatory. you missed it. You'll see it next week with a front row seat. Renko went over his plans to retake America. The resources of Texas were obviously important.

What he really needed were some tanks. Sadly he had none to ally with. No one to gain support from. No one, but the people. Heavy weapons were also running short. The armored spetnaz soldiers were killing many men with they're auto guns. He had obtained auto guns, sure. But his engineers were having trouble replicating it. Homemade bombs worked on them.

But they were running low on the materials needed. At least for standard production. He had each man, and women taught how to make a bomb. So the more resourceful rebels could get some ready. He needed a way to break into Okalahoma. The Russians had an airfield in Nebraska. He got out a pen then began to plot out courses on a map of the united states, and wrote notes on a piece of paper.