The young couple laughed as they walked into the hospital's waiting room. The dark haired man smiled at his beautiful blonde wife as she squeezed his hand.
"Why can't we add 'ice-cream' as her middle name?" she demanded to know, a small pout on her lips as she rubbed her round stomach with her free hand. "It's a lovely name." he gave a familiar sigh and closed his eyes.

"Because that's not technically a middle name, Bianca." he explained for the umpteenth time since they'd gotten into the car. "Can't we settle on something simple, like 'Rose'?"
"...How about 'Crème?'" to this, he groaned and slapped his forehead, causing Bianca to laugh.
"I'm joking, silly. 'Rose' sounds nice,"- she paused for effect, "but we both know that 'Rainbow' is better. Stop slapping your head! You're going to get a rash, Cheren! "
"My Arceus... If our baby turns out like this, please shoot me." she frowned, offended.

"But... you said I was perfect?" Oh, crap. She took that the wrong way. Cheren lifted his head and smiled apologetically at her.
"I was joking this time, dear." Please don't hit me, he silently prayed. She smiled then, finally getting the joke. Thank you, Arceus!
"You're so silly, Rennie. I love you, though. We both do," Bianca giggled, kissing his cheek. "I can't wait until we meet the baby. How long now?"

"Twenty weeks," he informed her, rubbing her stomach with a frown. "She's not very active today."
"She's tired. Me and White had a tickle fight before." Bianca may have been twenty-five, but she'd never lost her playful innocence. Cheren loved it, no matter how much it exasperated him at times.
"Mr. and Mrs. Akashi?" looking up, he saw an older nurse smiling expectantly at them.
"Come on!" Bianca squealed, nearly pulling his arm out of his socket as she dragged him into the room.

"It's good to see you both again." the nurse said as Bianca lay in her designated spot. "How are you today?"
"Great!" Bianca beamed at her. "I got into a tickle fight and got squirted with the hose again!"
"I'm sure you did dear." the nurse replied after a significant look at Cheren. He reddened. Why must this woman be so dirty minded?
"Why's Rennie gone red?" Bianca wanted to know. "Does he need to be squirted?"
"...Let's get into this." the nurse decided, smearing the paste onto Bianca's stomach. She winced as usual.

"Can't they make that stuff warmer? It's like ice-cream on my belly. Rennie, I don't want her middle name to be 'Ice-Cream' anymore." the nurse stared at Bianca. "What was your baby's middle name, miss?"
"...Her middle name was 'June'." she replied faintly. "Have you decided on any names, Mrs. Akashi?"

"So many!" Bianca replied enthusiastically as the nurse stared at the screen. "'Twyla' and 'Minnie' and 'Pebbles' and 'Bi-Bi Junior' and 'Sally' and 'Nicole' and-" bored, Cheren looked away. He did a double take as he caught the expression on the nurse's face in his perpetual vision. Looks like that can only mean... No, no, no... Bianca continued to babble on cheerfully, completely unaware of the situation. The nurse caught Cheren's eye and bowed her head, nodding at his questioning look. No...

"...Rennie? Rennie, what's wrong?" his wife asked, smiling falling from her face. "Cheren?'
"Mrs. Akashi... I'm so sorry." the nurse began. Bianca looked puzzled.
"-Bianca, let her finish before you ask questions." Cheren instructed, heart sinking as he blinked away tears. She nodded.

"Your baby has no heartbeat. I'm not sure when it stopped, but there's no way to revive her." Bianca began looking worried and struggled with speech.
"Is she sick?" she asked finally, looking from Cheren to the nurse. "Will she be okay?"
"Bianca..." those were definitely the hardest words Cheren Akashi had ever had to say in his life. "...she's dead."

She got out of the car, leaving the door open as she headed for the house. Cheren silently shut it, sighing. Why did this happen? They were both in their prime and healthy. Their daughter had been healthy too! She'd been fine yesterday. What had changed?
"-Cheren?" he blinked and stared vacantly at a worried White. "You okay?"
"Maybe he's sleeping." offered an unfriendly voice. Cheren managed to scowl, irritation filling the numbness inside of him. "Or not. It's hard to tell with Cheren, isn't it?"

"I can hear you, N." he answered coldly, scowling into the green haired idiot's amused face. "What in Arceus's name do you want?" N raised his eyebrows.
"Well, someone's feeling touchy today."
"I have reason to be." White placed her hand on Cheren's, still worried.
"What happened? Is Bianca okay? Is it the baby?" she inquired. Cheren's face dropped at the mention of the baby. How do I tell them? White had been involved in every single plan.
"No." he whispered, looking down at the ground. "No, they're not." Swallowing, he mouthed, "We lost her.".

"What?" N was shocked. White wordlessly wrapped her arms around him before walking into his and Bianca's two storey home.
"I'm sorry." Cheren grunted, wishing that the taller male would leave him alone. "I didn't know-"
"-well, of course you didn't." he snapped, shoving N aside. "Now if you don't mind, I have to find my wife." he felt N's eyes on his back as he walked away.

He heard the sobbing before he reached her. It broke his heart further to hear her crying. Bianca... Walking to the nursery, each step felt like lead. He couldn't believe that today had happened. He didn't want to believe that today had happened. He wanted to go back to the hospital to demand that the nurse got fired. He wanted to curl up into a ball and cry his heart out with Bianca.

But most importantly, he wanted her to stop crying. I have to be strong for that to happen. She was huddled on the floor, clutching the Teddiursa plushie close to her chest. That was meant to be their daughter's. Now it never will be. White's arms were around Bianca, tears pouring from her own eyes as Bianca began to howl. Crouching on the floor, Cheren took White's place and let his sobbing wife fall into his arms. Stroking her hair, he let a few tears of his own fall.
Why does fate have to be so cruel?

Originally meant to be a Oneshot, that I created while suffering from the block, but I've decided to extend it into a Three or Fourshot. I hope I got the feelings right... RIP to all of the angels that never made it or never woke up.