Eight months have gone past slowly. We still grieve for Nicole and cry, but we're getting stronger, slowly. Bianca's with White more often now- I even saw her smile for the first time in six months yesterday. It may have been strained, but she smiled. Prof. Juniper thinks that it will take years to get over this emotional pain, to even laugh properly again; but we're doing well so far.
Never again will I take life for granted, though.

I'm thinking of starting a tournament to raise money and awareness for infant and fetal deaths. Everyone I know supports this- I've even began to receive donations to start it. Alder and Clay watch over the money carefully while White openly supports my cause. Bianca still doesn't have the strength to talk about Nicky or look at other babies, but she supports me from the sidelines as much as she can. We haven't talked about trying for another baby- the very thought makes me feel sick. We spend more time together at night, relaxing in bed until we fall asleep or going for late night walks.

N and White really helped us. I don't even want to think about where we'd be without them now. I still have days where ending my life seems to be the only option... so does Bianca... but we haven't acted on that impulse yet. Thank goodness for that.

"Will you hurry up?" N asks me with a smirk. "You're acting like we're going to your wedding." I roll my eyes and stare at the green haired man that's become my closest friend. Ever since... the incident, we've become close. We fight, we laugh, we drink and we talk. Yes, I actually laugh now. Not very often, but I laugh. White watches us with a smile, claiming that this was entirely N's idea.
Somehow, I think she's only partially telling the truth.

"Just because you haven't gotten married, yet, Harmonia," I retort. "Nice suit, though." He strikes a pose, making me roll my eyes again.
"It is nice, isn't it? The shirt is silky, the jacket is shiny. I think I'll wear this more often."
"Royal jackass."
"Dorky commoner," he says in an exaggerated royal voice, "I find thy comment insulting. I throw down my gauntlet!"He throws down his hat instead and winks at me. "Art thy a coward?"
"Nay," I reply, "Thou hast the heart of a Entei. I throw down my gauntlet, too. En guarde!"
"Come at me," he laughs as Bianca walks in. She looks beautiful in a red halter neck dress. "I revoke my gauntlet. Thy lady is here." she looks confused.
"Aye," I reply, ducking to kiss her cheek. "Ignore him, dear. He's been into the berry bushes again." A faint smile appears on her lips.

"When isn't he?" she asks me. N looks puzzled.
"When am I not what? Sexy?"
"There isn't a time," answers White. She wears a silky pink gown that looks fit for a princess. N bows down to her.
"My Queen, you are beautiful." She blushes but lets him kiss her hand. "I should take you here." Bianca stiffens and covers her eyes awkwardly. "Or not. I have plans," he winks. Straightening, he looks at Bianca and I. "Shall we go?"

Unbeknownst to us, Bianca planned a dinner for us. She booked a table and only bothered to 'remember' two hours ago. I fumed a little, but the thought melted my heart.
That's my girl, I think. She's closer to being herself again. Well, the Bianca I know.
"Is this Magikarp or Tepig?" she asks, poking at her fillet mignon. "It looks like Magikarp... but smells like Tepig." N stifles a laugh while White swats him.
"I actually have no idea," she confesses with an awkward laugh. "Cheren?"
"Is this even fillet mignon?" I ask, sniffing the food in front of me. "It has salad next to it..."

"It's foie grass," N chortles. My insides churn as I shove the plate away. "No, I'm joking. It's a salad. Or is it?" he waves his hands over my plate. "King, Klang..."
"N, you are embarrassing," White groans. "Tell him what it is." N sighs dramatically.
"Okay, fine. It's roast Ducklett with a side of salad. You all fail at cuisine."
"Shut up," I say, throwing a piece of salad at him. He looks shocked.
"Hey! This suit is expensive!"
"So is my ass. Oh, snaaaap," teases White, giving in to the banter. "What now, N?"

"Now I ask your ass to marry me," he opens a box and gets down on his knee. Bianca gasps and I smile smugly. Took him long enough. "White Touko, marry me?" she nods and they kiss. White's nearly crying with happiness.
"Congrats," I say, hugging them both. "About time, Natural." N is blushing.
"Shut it, you. I was picking the right time."
"Hey, White? Am I your M.O.H?" Bianca asks, standing up. When White nods, my wife squeals- she squeals!- and hugs her. Bianca and I smile and sit back down, Bianca babbling like a child high on candy.
We're stronger than I gave us credit for.

Voila, the end. Kind of corny, yeah... but I felt it was necessary. Stories like these deserve happy endings.