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Heavy winds blew through Joker's long greenish-blonde hair saturated from the rain as he clutched the body closer to him. A loud nasal growl emitted from him once he realized Batman was the one who hopped off the Batpod and started quickly towards him.

"Put the knife down Joker!" holding his ground a good fifteen feet away Batman hesitated before taking a step closer, knowing that the unstable clown was all ready to knife himself, "You DON'T want to do this!"

Growling the clown didn't answer and barred his teeth. Batman held up both hands gently and slowly moved forwards hoping Joker didn't turn it on himself.

"JACK!" that shout startled the shit out of Joker, and glancing down at the body he shook his head in horror as tiny Minx with her hood blown off from the wind and lengthy raven hair already getting soaked trotted forwards on the wooden planked dock, "JACK no!"

"You're dead," was all he could sputter in horror, shaking his head and immediately both her clawed arms shot out and she shook her head in fear.

"NO! No no no no I'm right HERE, Jack I'm HERE I'm right HERE I am!"

Shaking his head he turned around and went to jam himself with the serrated edge, but immediately she sprang forwards and tackled him to the ground.


He backhanded her hard in the mouth to get her off and she yelped; putting Batman on defense as Joker moved to get to the mass of bloodied sheets and his coat. As Minx scrambled to her feet and squealed, Batman lifted Joker by the barrel of his chest and pinned his arms back, shaking his head in horror and looking to Minx, who quickly pulled the sheets apart and screamed because absolutely nothing was in there. Not a body…not a drop of blood…

Tears welled in her icy blue eyes as she shook her head and gave Joker a desperate look, "JACK I'm HERE!"

He still gave her that horrid disbelieving look so she started slapping her own breast plate hard and stamping her feet like a child.

"It's ME Jack I'm HERE! I'm HERE Jack PLEASE don't do this DON'T fucking do this, THIS is me! I'm ALIVE! I'm HERE and ALIVE and PLEASE Jack! Please baby baby I'm HERE I'm ALIVE!"

"NO…!" his eyes were glued to her abdomen that was covered by her blood red Minx romper zipped all the way up because the rain was cold. Struggling with the man who actually was taller than him Batman growled.

"She's NOT dead, she's right THERE! You didn't kill her! You never even HURT her she was NEVER WITH you!"

"Jack…" shaking her head in horror she tried her own psychology on him, and pet his face even though he tried to actually bite at her for freedom, "what did you do to me, baby? What did you do? Did you hurt me?"

Staring at her abdomen he whimpered, "Y-you're pregnant!"

"No…" running a hand through her hair she shook her head, "I have not been pregnant in like a YEAR, Jack no! I'm not pregnant at all! I was NEVER pregnant!"

"OH yes you were! You pulled me aside…told me…"

"Jack…" shaking her head she curled her lips in worriedly, "I've been with Bonehead," Batman wanted to roll his eyes that he still had that nickname from her, but he learned to secretly adore it, "I have not been on your side in forever, babe…me and Bruce…" she rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably not really knowing how to come about this, "You're SICK, Jack!"

"She was NEVER with you! Your CHILDREN are not with you!"

"It was MY turn to have them this week, remember?" she cringed but he shook his head, his body was still covered in blood he couldn't believe it.


"You are SICK! Jax sweetheart you are SICK! We have paranoid schizophrenia I do not know what happened but it DIDN'T! It NEVER happened!"

Batman grabbed the blade and dropped Joker on his hands and knees, Minx immediately hugged his neck and kissed his wet hair, gently running her fingers through it and whispering to him until both arms coiled around her neck and he had his face in her shoulder. He needed pills. He needed medication. Badly.

Batman removed the sheets and coat again to see nothing there, "He's been off his medication for FAR too long, Miranda!" turning to her and speaking in his Bruce voice he swallowed hard, "You NEED to put him back at this point! He NEEDS to be locked back in Arkham!"

"NO!" growling like a feral cat she left Joker's side to confront Batman now, "YOU remember what they do to him you saw it YOURSELF! Arkham and Strange TORTURE him and USE him and HURT him and I CANNOT allow that!"

Getting in her face he barked right back, Joker still too stunned to stand up on his own, "And he's MUCH better off NOW, right? Trying to KILL himself he's MUCH better off!"

"FUCK YOU he's ALONE! He's LONELY he thinks he has the kids he thinks he fucking KILLED me he does not even know I am ALIVE!"

"So what?" Batman shrugged and motioned to Joker as she helped him to his feet, his face having a more spaced-out look than usual, "You're going to BABYSIT him for the rest of his miserable existence? Is THAT what you're telling me? You'll forsake EVERYTHING we have to cater to HIM?"

"I am not 'catering' to SHIT I owe him my LIFE we have CHILDREN he's my HUSBAND!" she didn't realize how harsh that growl came off and he nodded along with a scowl while eyeballing the pair.

"You two deserve each other," that was his exit to leave when she grabbed his arm and would NOT allow it to go down that way.

"YOU let me be with him until he is back on his feet or I SWEAR I will-"

He gave her an understanding nod, they kissed quickly, and she held him tight.

"Thank you…"

Joker hesitated but she held out a hand to him and he unsurely took it, her gaze moving to Batman once more and she pointed a finger his way, "That girl who knocked on our door…" her lips curled as she wrapped an arm around Joker's waist and her finger went his way, "don't get rid of her yet until I get back. I like her."

He gave her a nod and took a deep breath as she lifted Joker's coat and kissed his throat before leading him away by the hand. Batman mounted the Batpod once more and sped home to take care of the kids and fulfill her request until she got home.

Once they got in Mindy sat him down and made sure he stayed before preparing a glass of water with her medications jacked in it, though it was meant for him. Usually he didn't take meds but sometimes he went off the deep end and needed a few to control it. Normally she railed against medication because he had tardive dyskinesia and didn't want it to be worse, but today there had to be an exception.

"Jax…" petting his face as she made sure he took his meds and he was still spaced for a half-hour or so, but she wasn't leaving him tonight, not while he was like this.

Swallowing hard she undressed him and brought down a pair of his gray sweatpants and a loose thin red t-shirt with a V-like cut at his neckline. Wordlessly as she blotted his face with a washcloth he put the clothing on and dropped his head to her neck as she towel-dried his hair and giggled while running her fingers through it. Smiling thinly he dropped his head to her neck again and gripped her tight as she finished with his face and kissed his forehead. Come to think of it, she didn't want to go back to Bruce for a long, long time.

Once she leaned in they began kissing gently and with her arms around his neck he kissed up hers and onto her lips for a long time as they made their way upstairs towards the bedroom. She didn't even kick the door shut before laying him on his back and making love to him while he was still calm. She fell asleep cuddled against his chest and he had an arm around her tight as well.

Hours later, after feeling he was hit by a rig Joker peeled open his eyes and flinched at the weight that he knew damn well wasn't on him before.

Groaning he went to sit up but he slapped his hand down to a mass of frizzed wavy raven hair that stirred with her breathing, and he smiled gently. Schizophrenia got him a hell of a consolation prize that BatWayne lost. Victory for him.

I can see blood
All over my hands
The longer you lay next to me
The further I ran
What's it all worth?
How much can you stand?
The longer you stay close to me
The further I ran

There's blood on my hands! (Hands)
There's blood on my hands! (Hands)
There's blood on my hands! (Hands)

There's blood on my hands!