Disclaimer I own nothing

I am sad

Hurry up Witch Hunt

As an extra poem

I apologize for calling it a haiku

It could have taken me a few seconds to check on Dr. Web

But I am dumb

Only fifty-five percent?

I am mad

To check everyday

Adorable young Ange

Win them all

By loading a game

Do not cry now Natsuhi

Look and see

All is forgiven

Genji needs a lot more love


He is one cool bro

Poor Eva you need a hug

You were good

At making us cry

Why am I writing poetry?

Yes why not?

I am cheating now

I will not spoil myself


Must not read spoilers….

Beato and Battler

So happy

And yet so tsunda

Now yet another colour!

Why oh why?

Rainbows are abound!

Battler how could you?

My white prince

Is a murderer

Overall I had much fun

Solving it

Well played Bern well done

Erika you are not so bad now

Eva B.

Go and save Ange

Why are there so many goats?

Mind screwing!

So many theories...

This music is so awesome!

Rock on man!

Off to my iPod!

Forgive my crappy poetry

I am bored

But now is The End