Awakening to the chirping of morning birds, RJ lifted his head and yawned widely as he usually did every morning. He looked over the the rest of the family and noticed someone was missing from the pile, "Heather?" He whispered to himself looking around. He walked out of the log to search for her, only to see her sitting atop one of the trees, looking over at El Rancho Camelot.

RJ climbed up the tree to join her, upon making his way up he heard her sigh aloud. Reaching the branch she sat on, RJ asked in concern, "Heather, you okay?" Heather jump in supprize, and nearly fell out of the tree, "Oh, RJ, you scared me" she proceeded to laugh it off, as she sat back down, gesturing RJ to join her, "It's no big deal, just thinking". RJ couldn't help but ask "What about?", he cocked a brow at her, "I was just thinking it would be nice to go see other places, beyond the hedge, beyond the human houses." She stood up in excitement, her saphire blue eyes lighting up bright. RJ giggled a bit, his eyes started to twinkle a bit, his interest was peaked. Heather looked at him, a little disgusted that he would laugh, and then she began to calm down "I suppose it is a bit of a stupid idea" she sighed, lowering her head. RJ grabbed her shoulder "No, no, I think it's a great idea, I was just thinking what Ozzie's reaction would be to this."
"He would probably react the same way he does to everything, and fiegn death. Hather laughed at the thought as well, as they both looked out over suburbia, RJ caught site of Hammy running wildly about, searching for more of his nuts no doubt.

RJ stood up "C'mon, lets go down to the others, remember, we have a hiest tonight." Heather got up to join him in climbing down, as they did so, Ozzie walked out of the log, he looked to RJ as he reached the bottom of the tree, followed closely by Heather "Heather, is everything alright?" Ozzie asked running over to her, "Yes dad, I'm fine, I just wanted to watch the son rise" She said smiling at him, "I just want to be sure sweety" he continued with a little concern in his voice, "Nothing to worry about dad, like I said, just enjoying the morning."

As Heather walked away, Ozzie couldn't help himself but to ask RJ, "RJ, is anything wrong? she'll usually trust you." RJ looked at him, and then in Heather's direction, "She's just feeling a little cooped up, ya know, She just wants to explore other places." Ozzie jerked his head a little in suprize, he tried to say something but continuesly stuttered, before RJ began to reassure him, "Relax man, it's just common teenage curiosity." Ozzie hung his head and sighed, "I suppose you're right, I just wish she wouldn't keep these things from me, I feel like she doesn't trust me." RJ smiled and patted Ozzie on the back, "Give her time man, she's probably just afraid of being judged by her father, She most likely thinks you'd disagree with everything she thinks, just be patient, she'll come around." Ozzie lifted his head, and smiled looking over at his daughter who was talking to Stella, then looked back at RJ "Thank you, RJ" he said putting his paw on RJ's shoulder as he walked away toward Verne.

Lou and Penny were playing with the triplets whilst Verne and Ozzie were conversing, and Heather and Stella were doing the same. Hammy was still franticly running sbout before coming to thier new wagon in search for something else now. "OH NOOO!" Hammy screamed, everyones attention was turned towards him, RJ rushed over to see what was wrong, "Hammy, what happened?" He asked with a worried look on his face, "We're..." Hammy began to whimper "We're out of cookies!" He began to cry, as everyone rolled thier eyes in humor, Hammy ran up to RJ arms open for a hug as he usually did, RJ just let it come, and began to reason with him, "Don't worry my man, we're going on a mission tonight, we'll pick up some cookies then, we'll be sure to get more than last time." He pulled Hammy away by the arms to look him in the face, with his smug confident look, Hammy smiled at the thought of even more cookies than they had gathered on the last hiest, and began to bounce up and down in excitement.

Heather and Stella were still talking while the others went about thier own bussiness, "Hey Stella, where's Tiger at?" Heather asked realizing he was nowhere to be found, "RJ thought that since the humans were used to him being around, that it would be usefull to have him do recon for our hiests." Heather was suprized at RJ's planning yet again, it was as if the guy thought of everything when it came to being prepared. "I'm sure glad he came along when he did, we might not be standing here if he didn't." Heather looked over at RJ in admiration of his brilliance, "Yeah, that ring tailed genious really saved us all." Stella looked over at him as well. Just then Tiger came prancing through the hedge shaking his head, RJ walked up to him eager to hear the news, "Well Tiger, anything bad?" RJ asked crossing his arms and lifting his brows ready to recieve the details, "Well, the Doyle's now have a rather large dog now that they keep inside, so I doubt we'll be taking anything from inside anymore." RJ shook his head, his arms still crossed, "Shoot, that's where we always got our nacho cheese chips." Tiger sat down to give the rest of the details, "There is good news though, a new family just moved in across from the Doyle's, and one of them appereantly has an alergy to both dogs and cats." RJ's eyes widened and his head popped up, "So there's nothing guarding thier house!" RJ Turned to everyone else, and yelled out, "Alright guys, new plan, we're hitting the house across from the Doyle's tonight, we've done this house before, so we know the layout!"

Verne was standing next to the log, waiting for RJ to get done with his speach so he could talk to him in privet. Once done Verne waved him over, and RJ walked over to see what he wanted. "Hey, have you noticed something strange about Heather lately?" Verne asked with concern, RJ looked over at her and began to explain, "Yeah, I talked to her earlier about that, she's just a little bummed about having to stick to this area for so long." Verne nodded his head, and began to comment about it, "I understand, Stella used to be the same way, before she became an adult, I had to help her father keep an eye on her for a long time." RJ looked over at Stella, a little shocked for the fact that she never seemed the rebelious type to him, "That might be why Heather talks to her so much" RJ said raising a brow. "Alright, well, all that aside, I need to talk to you about tonights hiest, Verne."