Black Midnight

CHPT. 1 Brianna Harris

This story puts a twist on the night world books and has some of your fav charecters. Brianna walked out side on her 16 b-day to turn in to a-

It all started on a cold foggy night with the moon high in the sky. I thought it was really beautiful, so I decided to go outside and get a front row set. But when I walked outside I turned into a half cat half human thing! "AHHHHHH' I screamed. I ran back inside and ran to my room and found a dreadful sight in the mirror! My tail and fur and the hair on my head had fluffed up because I was so frightened!

Maybe Allie, Lily, and Rose would understand. "Meet me at the clearing in the woods, bring no one! –Bri.' I texted them. Please let them understand, oh please let them understand!Apparently cats run really fast because I got there in five minute and by car it's fifteen. Then three minutes later my best friends got there.

Rose with her bright orange hair and green eyes but trust me just because her name is Rose doesn't mean she is delicate she is actually as fierce as a lion. Lily with sweet honey blonde hair and gray, yellow, blue eyes she is tall and beautiful but she is delicate like a lily. And Allie with her brown hair, warm brown eyes and gorgeous skin that was kissed by the sun, Allie is a marshal arts expert and I wouldn't mess with her if I were you.

But when I saw them my mind went blank. I Screamed, "BLOODY HELL!" and bloody hell indeed. Allie, rose and lily all had tails two and they looked as shocked as I did! "What is going on here?" I demanded in an angry tone. "YOU TELL US! HOW ARE WE SUPOUSED TO KNOW!" squealed Lily.

Then I went and sat down on the ground on the softest spot on the meadow. This meadow was found by us when we got lost in the woods. You can see all of town here but they can't see you. When we were little we use to think it was magic! They came and sat. We all have the same birth day so maybe this was new to them two?

"Do you think it's because of the full moon?" Allie asked in a strong tone. "No, or maybe not!" Said Rose. "Well then if it's not the full moon than what is it!" Lily yelled. "I don't know." I said plainly. We sat for hours discussing what it could be. Then the sun came up we half expected to change back, but we weren't so lucky. "Damn." I muttered under my breath. They understood why. "you thought it would change didn't you Brianna." Said rose. God she hated when her mates called her Brianna. It made her mad her mom us to call her that before she left her.

Allie, Rose, and me all had our parents left us when we were very little and now we live together with our grandmas who are best friends like us. "I'm sorry but it's the only way I can get your attention." She said. It's Lily's gift she can read peoples mind. Which at first I thought she was lying about but when she started finishing my sentences to prove it. I got the point. "It's all right I don't care anymore." I said in a flat tone. Then we each willed our selfs to change!

"Yes!" said Rose with a grin!

"oh my… GRAMS WE HAVE BEEN GONE FOR HOURS!"screamed Allie.

After we had a very very long sprint home we got grounded. "OH, come on grams we didn't do anything wrong we just went for a walk and got lost!" Lily said to her gram. "Oh really did you lose your phone on this walk you took at 12:30!"Said. Is lily's grandma's name, is rose's grandma, and is Allie's grandma. "I have had enough of this!"I yelled. I ran to my room to find a beautiful girl sitting on my bed.

"Brianna! It's me! Thea!" said the girl. "What I don't know a Thea sorry!" I said eyeing her. "Of course you don't silly! I was the one to cast a spell on you and your friends to not turn until your 16 on a full moon! Oh and if i didn't you would have been one at birth and I thought your friends wouldn't want to deal with that because of the Prophecy!" ok this girl has to be crazy. "ALLIE, ROSE, LILY COME HERE NOW!"I called.

Shortly later they came running up. "What, what's wron- who's she?" Questioned Lily. Over the last couple of day's lily got a stronger back bone, not that it wasn't all ready but she used to be shy and fragile, but now she strong with a glow to her ora. "I'm a witch a very nice witch who helped you!"Thea said all smiles.

"Oh and the rest of us are going to be here to see you!" Thea Said.

"The rest of whom!" Allie demanded.

"The day breakers silly!"

"Day What- Rose was cut off by the sound of the door bell. Ahhhh now how's that, well at lest they us the bell, and the door Thea just let herself in. I ran down stairs to get the door with every one behind me. I opened the door to see lots and lots of people. Me, Rose, Lily, and Allie all changed in to cheetahs and ran!

We ran and ran until our lungs felt like they were gonna burst. "OWWW, awww this is killing me." Allie flinched as she transformed back into her human form.

"I know!"Said Rose with a silly grin.

"Guys nock it of now is not the time for tom foolery and nonsense!" Said Lily. Rose and Allie made faces.

"Lily has a point we are being chased by a bunch of crazy people now is definitely not the time to fool around!"I said with a hint of authority in my tone. This time Allie and rose dint make faces. Somehow I had an effect on these two like they seem to take me more seriously than Lily whom I think on Lily's behalf isn't cool.

"We should get rose's car and drive to Vegas." Said Allie with a mocking grin.

"Oh yeah sounds like a plane, we can party till the break of dawn!" Said Rose with that same grin.

"What is wrong with the two of you!"Lily Screamed.

"GUYS NOCK IT OFF NOW!" I yelled at them. I got one fine and one whatever. I saw something in the distance a car and black car. Thea and 4 others got out. One girl with crazy red hair and a fire in her eyes, a guy holding her hand with black/brown hair and brown eyes, another girl with blond hair and a strawberry colored birthmark on her cheek, another guy was holding her with white blond hair and eyes so black you could almost fall into them.

"Hey look I'm so sorry we scared you," exclaimed Thea,"Oh band by the way this is Jez, Morgead, Hannah, and Thierry."

"Oh well what do you expect when you come to someone and tell them they are the key to the prophecy!"Yelled Rose.

"Like I said I'm sorry I came on way to strong."

"No really and who's brilliant idea was that."Rose said.

"Really Thea took a stupid move and did something we all told her not to do, but she did it any way she wasn't even supposed to tell you about the damn prophecy!"Said Jez without a trace of humor on her face.

"I'm sorry I forgot I wasn't supposed to tell them I hadn't seen them since they were babies and i was so happy!"Said Thea.

"It's ok but I might as well tell them." Said Thierry


"A long time ago there were times when witches ruled, werewolves ruled, shape shifters ruled and vampires ruled. I and jez are vampires; well jez is half human-half vampire. And Thea is a witch. And Hannah is a vampire. These days shape shifters are very rare. Long ago a legendary witch gave a prophecy that told of four girls, one with beautiful blond hair, and another with wild orange hair, one with deep chocolate hair and one with black midnight hair. And all of these girls share a secret; they are the last shift shapers in the universe. In other words the chosen ones. There are ancient shape sifter hunters you see long ago we made a tredy with the shape shifters that we would not harm any one of them if they do not harm any one of us. Of course that was difficult for a band of rebel vampires. They started to hunt and kill shape shifters. Then they went too far they tried to kill the most famous and old shape shifter. Even though he had the best security in the business that didn't stop them. They slaughtered them and tortured them, killing them all. This was the most epic battle of a century epic but terrible. Our closest friend was murdered she was amazing she was killed because of our ancient differences. If you step up and except your destiny we will be able to kill every one of them! With Lily's beauty, Allie's battle, Rose's smarts, and Brianna's leadership we can't fail!" Explained Thierry.

"I except." I said

"So do I." Said Lily.

"As do I." Said Rose.

"Aaaa it's worth a shot!" Said Allie