Soon after two month of nothing, but being coped up in a safe house we started school. I complained when Ash first mentioned it, due to the fact that I had completely forgotten my regular normal life. But when I ran out of books to read and became bored as hell it didn't seem so bad anymore but Allie didn't agree.

"This totally sucks, we are awesome shape shifters who have a prophecy written about us, don't you think we shouldn't have to go to school. What if the night world finds us and kills us," Allie said being overdramic.

We all lay stretched across the floor of the room Lily and I shared. It was around midnight and in about eight hour we would be starting school.

"Oh come on Allie like circle daybreak would let us die! Anyway we will be going to school where Thea and Blaise did," Said Lily as she yawned and stretched like a cat, no pun intended.

"Big whoop," Said Rose rolling her eyes. I shivered when she remember the story Thea had told her about the particular incident that had happened at her high school.

"Yeah and we won't know anyone," I said then made my voice mocking, "At lest we have each other!" A pillow hit me in the back of my head. I saw Lily smirking at me stifling a giggle. I raised an eye brow at her pretty sure we were thinking the same thing. Life or death.

I looked at the pillow that was evenly between us. I dove for it gracefully and nearly got hit by another pillow on the way. I somersaulted behind the bed pillow in hand. I took in a battle stance and hurled the pillow right at lilies head. She ducked and lobbed another one. I bolted for the door.

The four of us ran from the room throwing anything and everything we could get our hands on. I leaped over a sofa stealthily. We all used our cat stealth to try and not wake anyone up, but that didn't go as paned. Thierry and Hanna stormed from their room thundering on the way. We dropped our thing and bolted for it luckily they hadn't seen us. We ran up different flights of stair. We ran in to an empty room and then collapsed in laughter on the floor. Sometime during laughter and talking we all fell into a deep slumber.

I woke sore and stiff. It took me longer than it should have to remember where I was. I looked around the room and stifled a laugh. I kicked the other awake. They stretched and looked as shocked as I did. I laughed and Rose glared at me. I grabbed one of the pillows we forgot about and threw it and her face and was out the door before she could even react.

I ran down the stair into the main hall and was shocked by what a big mess we made. I quickly sidestep to my room hoping no one would see me but it was no use.

"Brianna Harris what on earth did you girls do last night," Thierry said when he saw me. I froze and I had all eyes on me. I was saved when Lily, Rose, and Allie came running down the stair and threw pillows at me. I coughed. They realized we couldn't lie our way out of it now.

"It was self defense, I got attacked by an oversensitive blonde," I said with an overly serious face on. Lily smirked and Rose nodded. "That actually true so were just gonna go get ready for school," She said. Thierry didn't stop us as we went to his room but my hyper active ears heard him said something about a cat dinner.

I glared at him as I walk through the door. We hurried to get ready not wanting to be lat effort our first day of school. Looked at my reflection my green eyes piercing and black hair swirling down my back, a judgmental smirk on my red lips. I looked menacing; people will just avoid me, good that's the way I like it.

I walked out of our room and grabbed my black jansport backpack with my books in it. We packed our bags two nights before not wanting to do it on the morning of school. I

"Hey beautiful, ready for school," Ash said as he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my head in his chest. "No, you won't be there," I said. He laughed. "Well I'll miss you also and I have to worry about all those other nasty boys," He said. I got on tip toe and kissed him.

"I'm flattered but you don't have to worry," I said. He smiled.

"God would you two get a room and lets go I don't want to be late," Said Morgead brushing past us roughly.

"Your coming," I asked walking after him.

"Of course what would Jez and I do if we didn't have you in our entire day," He said with a smirk. I shoved by him. I wondered why he and Jez got to go but Ash didn't. Morgead walked out the door and got into the driver's seat of the circle daybreak car. I was about to walk out the door but Ash grabbed my waist and pulled me into a long kiss. He pulled away, "Goodbye," He whispered and set off down the hall. I sighed and walked out the door.

After nothing but shadows and fluorescent light it took my eyes several seconds to adjust. Morgead honked the horn, "Hurry up Harris we don't have all day," He yelled.

I smacked him hard on the back of the head when I climbed in the back seat. Rose snorted.

"You don't rush a lady," I said.

"Good because I don't see a lady, I see a snide, sarcastic, feline," He said rubbing the back of his head.

"And don't you forget," I said darkly, he glared at me through the mirror. We had grown used to our little fight and argument. Jez just sighed and put head phones in, obviously wishing she were somewhere other than here. I didn't blame her, Morgead is damn annoying.

We arrived relatively soon, thirty or twenty minute drive. I climbed out and stretched. Even a short time in a car was too much for someone who liked constant movement. I walked toward the school Jez and Morgead behind me, Rose, Lily, and Allie next to me when something knocked into me. I fell on my ass with a thud a heavy weight one top of me.

I held my breath. A beautiful guy was on top of me. He was obviously playing catch with some guy friends when he went for a long on and fell on me, I could tell those where his intentions. He flushed and scrambled to get off. I could hear his guy friends laughing from here.

He extended his hand to me once he was up. I took it and smiled at him, he smiled sheepishly back.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't see you there," He said still smiling.

"It really is ok, mistakes happen," I said. He flushed again.

"Your new here aren't you I think I would remember your face," He paused to smile, "Well my name is Will Anomaly, if you ever need anyone to hang with anyone."

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind," I said. I waved goodbye then went back to Allie and them.

"Making new friends," Rose asked.

"Yeah you could say that," I said. I looked back at Will Anomaly, god I was in trouble.