"FLEA!" Shizuo Heiwajima's yell filled the whole town, or at least some of it. He grabbed the nearest sign and looked angrily at the black haired informant in front of him. This was a normal day in Ikebukuro. The two enemies fighting. The monster and the informant. That was completely normal. But what would come soon, was far from what happened on a usual day.

Izaya Orihara smirked lightly and pulled out his flickblade, pointing it at the blonde. "Hello there, Shizu-chan~" he giggled and threw one of his many blades after him with the other hand, keeping the flickblade pointed towards the bodyguard.

Shizuo didn't say a thing. He just threw the sign towards the smaller man and growled loudly. There were a big crowd of people watching them fight, like always.

Izaya avoided the sign with ease and giggled. "If you want me, you have to catch me first~" he said with a small giggle and turned around. He quickly started running towards an opening between the crowd of people, running towards an ally.

"Get back here, flea!" Shizuo yelled loudly and quickly started running after the black haired. The people in front of the ally moved away quickly, as usual.

Izaya giggled once again and kept running down the ally. As he saw the dead end, he stopped to find a way to escape. He looked around quickly and smirked when he saw the metal emergency latter, that led to the roof of a tall building. He giggled once again when he saw the furious blonde. He grabbed the emergency latter and climbed up to the roof. "Catch me if you can, Shizu-chan~ !" he said loudly with a big smirk planted on his face. He finally came up on the roof, and only waited for the bodyguard to get up, so they could end this.

Shizuo didn't stop a second to slow down a little. He just grabbed the metal latter and climbed up quickly, even more furious now.

"You're far too slow~" Izaya said and laughed lightly, before he started running away from the furious blonde.

By that line, Shizuo sped up and ran faster after him. "IIZAAAYAAAA!" he yelled loudly.

It was only now, that Izaya remembered he was on a roof. The ground suddenly disappeared from under his feet. Luckily for him, he quickly grabbed the edge of the building with one hand. His heart was beating faster than it ever had. He looked down at the ground long under him. If he didn't catch the edge only a few seconds earlier, he would be lying down there. Dead.

Shizuo finally stopped running, when he saw the informant falling down the roof. He walked to the edge and looked down at the hanging man. He smirked at him and sat half down. "What are you gonna do now, flea?" he said with the same smirk as before.

Izaya tried several times to pull himself up, but he failed every time. He gasped, when his fingers started to slip from the edge of the building, and quickly grabbed it with the other hand, keeping himself up still. Once again he tried pulling himself up, but the same happened. He failed.

"Having troubles?" Shizuo said in a teasingly tone, as he watched the informant failing to pull himself up.

"You know, Shizu-chan.." Izaya's heart was racing like hell as he started talking, "if I fall to my death, you will never get a chance to kill me." He continued trying to pull himself up, but with the same result every time.

Shizuo was quiet for a short time, before he smirked widely. "Or.. I could just push you down now, and then I would kill you," he said with the wide smirk.

Izaya stared up at the blonde for a long time, while thinking. Was he really gonna die now? He couldn't help but smile lightly, when he finally let go off the edge, letting himself fall down to his death.