The cold night wind hit him several times but not a single sign of freezing showed anywhere on his body. Not even goosebumps. If you listened careful enough, you would be able to hear an incoherent grumble passing the man's lips from time to time, as black pants wearing legs moved forward, the shoe covered feet taking fast and long step after step down the road, knowing exactly where he was heading.

Amber colored eyes was almost glaring towards the apartment further down the road, the apartment that got closer and closer faster than it should because of the speed of the man's steps. Anyone passing him would quickly move off to the side to let him get through, knowing exactly that they would end up being shoved down onto the ground if they didn't. This man was determined on getting something. But what that was, only he knew.

For this man, getting to that apartment took forever. At least that was what it felt like and he hated how it was that way. His mind was blank but his body knew what it wanted, what he wanted. And he was just going to go with whatever he felt. Even if that meant doing something he may regret at some point of his life.

And if this wasn't enough, this man was in fact the monster of Ikebukuro, Heiwajima Shizuo. This day had been probably the worst or best day of his life. He hated how things had turned. First he saved the fucking flea, then he got attacked by the man, made out with him and next... they almost did it. And he refused to let anyone know what his body wanted right now. He was not going to do the man he claimed to hate so damn much! How could he? It didn't make any sense. But then again... When did he even care about the flea? When did he start to want this man? It couldn't all have happened just on this damn day.

Before he knew it, he was standing in front of the door that led into his apartment. He hesitated for a several moments, letting images of what his gaze might meet once he opened the door, before he roughly kicked the door open, knowing it wouldn't be locked. It never was, so why would it be this time?

The first and pretty much only thing his eyes were drawn to was the raven sitting on the couch in his living room. The first thing he noticed was the expression that was obvious and clouding his face; sadness. The second thing he noticed was the fact that the informant was dressed, fully dressed.

Being in his own little world, Izaya didn't even notice when the door opened to reveal the man, who had made him seem this... depressed. Did he do something wrong? If so, what was it? As he could see when it happened, both of them wanting to do it. So what the hell did he do wrong?

When the door slammed shut with a loud bang, he jumped in surprise, his crimson red eyes widening in surprise of the sudden loud sound. Within a second, he had turned his head and locked his eyes on the tall blonde standing just right in front of the door. Swallowing lightly, he slowly pulled himself up to stand from the spot on the couch he had been sitting on for who knows how long.

Neither of them said anything. All both of them did was to stare at the other in front of them. The smaller of them didn't know what to do or say, thinking he was the blame to the awkwardness in the room at the moment. The taller one knew exactly what he wanted but he couldn't make himself to do it. But then again... no one was around to witness whatever would happen in just a few moments.

But before he could do anything at all, the informant made a move. Izaya slowly walked up to the bodyguard and tilted his head slightly, just to keep the eye contact. He took a deep breath in, trying to calm himself down even though it was rather difficult to do so. He was still slightly aroused, even though he had been out in the bathroom to fix the little problem he had. It only helped for a bit – until he started remembering everything, right up until the blonde decided to leave.

"Shizu-chan... I know you don't want to admit you actually want me, but I know you want. So why don't you just suck it up and do me already?" He didn't know why he was starting to get so impatient, desperate. It was almost like he was craving to get fucked, craving the feeling of having this man inside of him. He wish he knew the answer to all the questions that was running through his head at the moment. But he didn't know a single one. He just knew he wanted this man, that was all. Not counting the love confession, that was.

When he didn't get anything in response from the blonde, his brows furrowed slightly in confusion. Now the man wouldn't even talk to him? He let a heavy sigh pass his lips and his crimson red eyes roll in frustration to this. He might as well just leave now. There was no reason for him to be there, now that he wouldn't get what he wanted so badly.

"Fine. Just forget about it then..." Shaking his head shortly, making the raven colored hair move ever so slightly, he started to walk towards the exit of the apartment, walking around the bodyguard. He didn't give the man's face a single glance. If he did, who knew what might happen to him? He might start to remember things and get aroused once again, just by the blonde looking at him. That would just be awful and he didn't want that to happen – not now, definitely not after what happened the last time he got aroused with this man.

He didn't get very far thought. He only got a few steps past the bodyguard, before he felt a strong hand around his one arm, which made him stop walking any further, forced him to stand still.

Shizuo wasn't thinking when he did this. He had locked all thoughts out of his head, any thoughts that would tell him that this was a very bad idea. He knew it was but honestly... he couldn't care less at the moment.

In a rather rough move, he forced the raven to spin around as he turned to face him himself. Within a second, they were standing close, barely any distance between their bodies again. Just by looking into those crimson eyes, that before would annoy the shit out of him, he could see how surprised the other was. And the surprise was only getting bigger by his next move.

Without letting a single thought come into his mind, he slowly leaned his head downwards until he felt Izaya's lips softly against his own.

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