Summary; Nice guys finish last.. so I'll be the villian and get to her first

Enjoy :D

The lights were bright and the tables covered in roses petals from the earlier club activities. Except for off in the corner where Haruhi stood with Kyoya and Tamaki

"WHY ARE YOU SUCH A JERK KYOYA SENPAI!"Haruhi yelled as she began enraged by his actions towards her

"You broke the tea set you pay for it, it's only fair"Kyoya looked down at his note book

'You answered that question yourself at the beach house'Kyoya thought as he pushed his glasses up

"Haruhi no more fighting with mommy!"Tamaki whined as tears swelled up in his eyes

"THEN TELL HIM TO STOP HOLDING EVERYTHING AGAINST ME! DAMMIT SENPAI!"Haruhi pushed Tamaki out of the way as he stood between them and walked straight up to him. She grabbed his note book and pushed it to the ground


and all was silent

"Oh no..."Tamaki backed away fearful of what would happen next

"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PICK ON ME SENPAI!"Haruhi stood infront of him with her eyes filled with anger she glared up at him

"You're acting immature Haruhi, we'll discuss this later"Kyoya reached down and picked up his note book

'It's the easiest way for me to talk to you'Kyoya clentched his teeth as he stood up with an emotionless look on his face

"Whatever senpai"And she turned away from him walking over to the dressing room to change out of her cosplay outfit

"Kyoya are you okay? You didn't have to be so hard on her"Tamaki walked over to Kyoya who had closed his notebook and placed it on the side

"Leave me alone Tamaki"Kyoya rubbed his forehead unable to hold back the massive headache he was feeling

'I don't mean to be hard on her, but it I am too nice she'll treat me the same as everyone else'

-Honey and Mori-

"Takashi?"Honey mummbled softly as he looked up at Mori who sat next to him.

"Hm?"Mori looked down at Honey as the sound of the dressing room door slamming echoed

"Isn't this what little child do?"Honey questioned pointing out the situation between Kyoya and Haruhi

"They are still children"Mori patted Honeys head as they watched a very fustrated Kyoya literally trap himself in work


'I just want to keep her in the club'Kyoya stared down at his paper work as Tamaki sat with Hikaru and Kaoru explaining what had happened

'I want to see her everyday, dammit've infected my mind'Kyoya gripped his pencil tightly feeling it starting to crack under his fingers

'Why do I always have to be the villian in your eyes? Why can't you just understand!'He was beyong fustrated as he slammed his pencil down on the table before it could crack and shatter

"Kyoya, hey, we're having a game!"Hikaru and Kaoru rushed over grabbing Tamaki and dragging him with them

"What do you want me for"Kyoya looked up at them from his desk with a fustrated look

"Well you see-"

"We need a prize-"

"Or the boss won't play"

"What type of game is this?"Kyoya questioned as he took his laptop out prepared to search for a prize

"Who can get Haruhi to say she loves them first!"Hikaru and Kaoru announced dropping Tamaki to the floor

'Interesting'Kyoya smirked as he stopped typing

"How does she have to say it? does it have to be romantically?"Kyoya questioned suddenly becoming very interested

"Nope! So what type of prize do you have for us?"Hikaru leaned on Kaorus shoulder who had an unsettling look on his face

"A trip for 2, to a local hot spring Haruhi would enjoy very much.. but there is one condition"Kyoya stood up form his desk suddenly feeling renewed a bit

"What is it?"In perfect unison Hikaru and Kaoru questioned

"I'll play as well"


"What's with that a jerk"Haruhi mummbled to herself as she dropped her cosplay outfit to the floor and began to dress

"I thought we were at least friends.."Her voice softened to a whisper as she gripped her white dress shirt in her hands. Her heart felt heavy and her stomach twisted in knots

'I'm starting to believe.. you really don't feel the same senpai'

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