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"My princesses I have returned did you- WHAT'S HAPPENING!"Tamaki burst through the club room door and was shocked at the scene before him

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU LITTLE BASTARD!"Kyoya was kneeling over Hikaru who was now lying on the floor covering his face. Haruhi sat there a foot away from them covered in frosting looking shocked. Honey was holding Kaoru back, and Mori was making his way towards them

"God dam it was just a kiss! Chill out Kyoya!"Hikaru looked up at Kyoya with a fearful look in his eyes, as he covered his now red and swollen cheek.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea'Hikaru suddenly had second thoughts about his plan as Kyoya raised his fist up to start beating him again

"Kyoya relax"Mori stood on the side looking down at his two friends, prepaired to step in if things got too violet

"HIKARU ARE YOU OKAY?"Kaoru sat there paniced as Honey held him down onto the chair

'Breath, relax, relax.. dammit I want to beat his face in!'Kyoya could feel his fist shaking as he glared down at Hikaru. But slowly he pullled back and got to his feet.

"I apologize for the out burst"Kyoya stood up and straightened his clothes out as Hikaru stumbled to his feet

"Don't, if gives me an excuse to hit you back"Hikaru moved forward towards Kyoya with that fearful look now gone from his eyes


that was the sound of Kyoyas glasses hitting the floor and cracking against the ground with Hikarus fist made contact with the side of his face

"WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S HAPPENING!"Tamaki yelled as he fell to his knees at the door watching in horror

"You can't even see me now! Come on! Or can't the money hungry demon lord fight!"Hikaru was getting a bit cocky down that Kyoya had lost his glasses and was simply glaring at him with a brusie forming on the side of his face

"Hi-hikaru you should apologize"Haruhi sat there on the floor still in shock as Mori helped her stand up

"Why? It's not like he can even see m-"


"For your information the glasses are a prop, I have perfect vision"Kyoya looked down, with the murderous glare in his eyes now being shown to everyone in the room. If it was possible to have fire coming out of your eyes, it would have happened to Kyoya.

"What?"Everyone but Haruhi blurted out in shock

"Kyoya why didn't you tell me!"That was Tamaki rushing over confused

"Kyo-chan are you serious!"Honey let go of Kaoru in the shock of it all

"I didn't see that coming"Mori mummbled as he looked down at Haruhi who obviously already knew

"Hikaru are you okay?"Kaoru sat there kneeling next to Hiakru who had fallen back.

"Yeah, that was a fun game, but next time you can get hit"Hikaru had a smile on his lips as he looked up at Kaoru who was now helping him to his feet

"So what started all this? And have any of you even apologize to our dear guests!"Tamaki turned towards the ladies who were now all gossiping

"The twins had attempted to annoy me, against my better judgement I let them"Kyoya touched his fingers to the bruise on the side of his face and fliniched slightly

"We just wanted to see how long it'd take for him to give into jealousy"Hikaru was now leaning on Kaorus shoulder with a very proud grin on his face

"Jealous?"Tamaki looked confused as always

"I'll explain, Haruhi come here"Kyoya extened his hand to Haruhi who had just finished whipping the frosting off her face

"Mitsukuni cover your eyes"Mori looked down at Honey who stood there behind him

'You have to be kidding me!'Haruhis mind was practically in panic mode from the moment she took his hand. It all seems to go in slow motion. He gripped her hand gently and pulled her towards him, that look in his eyes was something she had only just started to get used to seeing. A look of compassion, love, and understanding that made her forget that they won't alone. So when he bent down to kiss her she forgot about everyone else in the room. Their sounds of shock didn't registar to her as she closed her eyes and tangled her fingers into his hair. Enjoying the sweet taste of the frosting still left on her lips mixing with the tingle he always gave her.

"I love you Haruhi"When he pulled away and spoke to her in that way she didn't realize everyones eyes on them. She could only see him and smile widely like how she had begun to do whenever they were alone

"I love you too Kyoya"It might have seemed sappy but she said it without feeling weird about it, well that was until she finally realized where they were again

"I told you Takashi!"



"Geeze that took along time"

"Tell me about it, they took forever"

"WHEN! Kyoya when! When did you take my little girl away from me!"Tamaki yelled in horror as he fell to his knees and gripped Kyoyas leg clearly out raged

"I couldn't take what wasn't your to begin with Tamaki"Kyoya harsh kicked Tamaki off his leg while he kept his arms around Haruhi protectivly

"Why do you always have to do that?"Haruhi looked up at Kyoya feeling the slightly bit sorry for Tamaki since he clearly had no idea

"Do what my Haruhi"Kyoya asked making sure to add the my

"Be mean?"Haruhi questioned as Kyoya released her from his arms and reached down into his pocket

"Well it's the role I must play isn't it, and I do it very well"Kyoya removed a spare pair of glasses from his pocket and slipped them on

"I guess you're right, you are good at it"A genuine smile spread across Haruhis lips as she watched him carefully but flawlessly fix himself

'Does she understand what I was implying?'Kyoya offered his hand to her as everyone began to return to their places except for Hikaru who was off to the nurse

"Good at what exactly Haruhi?"Kyoya let a grin spread across his lips as she slipped her hand into his and their fingers laced together. It was relaxing for some reason. Even with all the questions they'd have to answer now, and all the trouble Tamaki would no doubt give them, it was peaceful. So with a smile on her face Haruhi simply answered

"Playing the villian"


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