All I wanted was to be loved.

Can't you see that Yusei?

I can no longer control myself.

My rage releases as I bash your skull against the wall.

"Love me," I say, but you can only sob and wince.

"Love me... why don't you love me...?"

Again I hit you and you whimper.

I will beat it into you.

Love me... Love me... Love me...

You cry out and weakly grab my shirt, begging for mercy.

"No," I say, "Not until you learn."

I tear your flesh with my nails and bathe my hands in your warm blood.

Your body shakes with violent sobs, but I won't stop. I can't stop.

"Love me," I command, over and over, "Love me. Love me. Love me!"

It's the only thing I want, the only thing I ever wanted.

Love me, Yusei.

And finally, your breath slows and your body becomes still.

"I love you..." I hear you whisper softly as all light fades from your eyes.

But it was a lie.

If you had loved me, you would have stayed.

And once again I am alone.