He let it roll of his tongue, Hawaii.

It sure was pretty there, a lot of beautiful women, white beaches, lovely temperature and good moijito's.

Unlike his apartment.

He drowned his scotch down, normally he'd go down for a beer less alcohol but today he needed something stronger.

After a day like this he normally find some company in some club or go to Gibbs' house watch him sand his boat, but now he was alone in his apartment.

And for the first time since they had been dating he wished she was at his apartment, just her being here would have been enough.

But she wasn't here, no she was in Hawaii…

Freakin' Hawaii

He kinda missed her blonde hair, the way she would swing it backwards and raise her eyebrow at him then challenge him.

He shook his head and reminded himself of one of the most important rules ever, never get in over your head.

He pondered for a moment, he had made enough mistakes in his life just by getting in over his head.

Wendy, had been the biggest of course except that he really couldn't have foreseen what would happen.

He really couldn't.

Jeanne, he could have seen that one coming miles ahead yet he still fell for it.

Apparently you can't have it all.

Then of course came Ziva, or maybe not. They never did anything nor had anything happened but still…

He shook his head, he was already remembering way too much, all of the drawers which held his memories safely boxed away were beginning to rattle.

Threatening to spill over.

He took another swing from his scotch, he'd deal with it then when the boxes would spill over.

He closed his eyes and cleared his mind, Danny was history – literally now – and he should keep it that way.

It never resulted in something good when you went ahead and dove right back into the closet containing your skeletons.

He'd leave that door shut for now.