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Before you start reading this fic, you must know that I don't blame Ruth AT ALL for what happened at Ros' funeral; Just to make things clear…I would never do that, and besides I can now relate to her fully.
This fic is dedicated to everyone who has done a 'ruth' (as I call it) and gone and refused to marry/go out with the guy who they really really love/like. (I know how you feel!)
Oh, and the start is set at Ros' funeral, but I twisted it a bit…

Marry Me

"Marry me Ruth" He whispered in her ear

"What?" she asked, astounded he had asked

"Marry me"

"Harry, please-not here"

"Just answer me"

"No. No I…I just. I don't think I'm ready" Ruth stuttered, forcing out her words

"Oh. I just wondered. Just wanted to know" His reply was forced, cold compared to how he normally spoke to her. He turned away, and went to carry on with his perfectly lonely life; leaving her to deal with her own perfectly lonely life.

Later that night she was lying in bed, thinking. You stupid, idiotic woman! You love him and then you do and turn him down! What was I thinking? He never going to ask again and he'll probably find someone else. Who can blame him? He's gorgeous, charming-unlike so many men nowadays. He makes me laugh like no-one else can. And that smile, the way it only reaches his eyes if he truly means it. And that always happens when he smiles at me. What have I done?

As she lay there, thinking of ways around this, her phone buzzed. She picked it up:
Message Received
From: Harry :)

She opened it up, curious.

Ruth, I'm sorry I rushed things. What would you have said if I had waited? Harry x

She quickly texted him back,

Yes Harry. It will always be yes. Give me a week? Ruth xxx

Luckily, she didn't have to wait long before it buzzed again;

As long as you need, sleep well xxx

She sighed and lay down, smiling. Just a week she thought and then I will be engaged to the man of my dreams. Ruth Pearce you lucky thing. And then she laughed out loud, scaring poor fidget and making him jump of the bed "Sorry little guy! But, I just subconsciously called myself Ruth Pearce!" She laughed again, telling the poor cat "I guess that's a good sign though!" And she slept solidly for the first night in a long, long time.

At work the next day, she watched as Harry's eyes followed her as she sat down at her desk. Watched as Beth and Dimitri shared a look that clearly said "Something good happened to her!". And she watched Harry, as he opened and email, and she saw the smile that spread across his face as he read it:

From: Ruth Evershed
To: Harry Pearce
Subject: Sooner

Sooner Harry, a week is WAY too long!

Ruth xxxx

p.s I love you

Ok, so maybe a strange way to end it (?) I dunno, I think I kinda liked it ;)

I hope that was alright for you all, and if you did actually enjoy it please please PLEASE would you let me know! And I know I said I would stop my one-shots :/ they just keep coming... but I think I could possibly carry this on-but I'll only do that if people actually want me too!

Thanks as always to anyone who reads this! :) xxmentalistxxspooksxx