Kurt woke earlier than the rest of the glee club members in the room. Mercedes was curled up beside him on her side of the bed. How Kurt ended up bunking with the girls was an interesting story and a confusing one if you were Mr Schuester.

Mr Schue had been wondering how to split the rooms up between girls and boys when two of his male members were in a relationship with each other. He had never had a situation like this occur before and therefore had no idea how to remedy it without seeming like some kind of bigot. So he did the only thing he could think of, and asked Kurt and Blaine what they thought about the subject. Blaine, ever sensible, understood and pointed out that some of the other boys in glee club may feel uncomfortable if they knew that two gay boys were sleeping in the same room with them and in the same bed with each other. Kurt had said to Mr Schue that even though he would like to stay with Blaine he too saw that there may be problems with the other boys and said that he wouldn't mind bunking with the girls. Mercedes, who had apparently been eavesdropping on the conversation, piped in by saying that she would be happy to share a bed with Kurt and that the girls all thought of him as one of them anyway. Kurt didn't say anything to this, as he was unsure of whether or not to take it as a compliment.

That was how Kurt had ended sleeping in the girls' room and waking up next to Mercedes. He looked around the room and decided, after seeing various states of deep sleep, that no-one else would be awake for a while. He stood and started to make his way toward the communal kitchen that the girls, boys and Mr Schue would be sharing. As he passed the bed that Santana and Brittany were occupying he stopped to stare down at them. He raised a single manicured eyebrow at the sight of Santana lying behind Brittany with an arm around her waist. Their fingers were intertwined on top of Brittany's stomach. He passed it off as two very close friends seeking comfort from each other in order to quash the nervousness they all felt over their up-coming Regionals performance. With that thought he left the room to go get breakfast.

Santana woke the familiar smell of Brittany and the soft feel of Brittany's hair against her face. She smiled down at Britt through groggy, sleep filled eyes. Brittany was sound asleep and probably would be for a while. Santana herself was an early riser and she decided that she should get up and go get some breakfast before any of the other girls – and Kurt – got up to do the same and saw the very interesting position she and Brittany had curled themselves into. She surveyed the room, almost laughing when she saw Quinn curled up in the fetal position on the side of the bed furthest away from Berry, and noticed that the only one missing from the group was Kurt.

Santana wasn't too scared at what he might or might not have seen between her and Brittany. When she woke up, yes they had been spooning, but hey, she was sure that it wasn't that unusual a thing for friends to do if they were really close. Besides he probably didn't even pay attention to them anyway.

She slowly extracted herself from the ever comfortable position she had been in so she didn't wake Brittany and made her way out to kitchen to make herself something to eat. Kurt had obviously had the same idea as she did, because when she got out there he was already sitting at the island counter eating a bowl of some kind of cereal. He looked up when she entered and gave her a grunt of greeting. She muttered something in return and set about finding something edible in the fridge. She finally settled on making herself an omelette. After she had finished cooking the omelette she sat down beside Kurt and ate in silence. They both finished their food around the same time. Apparently Kurt wasn't that fast of an eater.

Kurt frowned at Santana as began to make another omelette. For such a skinny girl she sure ate a lot. He asked her why she was so hungry. She just looked at him like he was stupid.

"It's obviously for Brittany, Lady," she replied coldly and continued her cooking.

Kurt wasn't put off by Santana's snide attitude anymore. He had more or less gotten used to it now.

"You two are pretty close, huh?" He asked casually, watching her carefully. She stiffened at the question and angrily flipped the omelette in its pan.

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" She hissed softly.

"Nothing," he replied, "you two just looked really close this morning, that's all."

"Well, number one: we're best friends. Number two: you should learn to mind your own business." Santana slide the omelette out of the pan and onto a plate. She then began to cut it up into pieces that resembled triangles.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked.

Santana glared at him for a moment before sighing and replying, "I forgot to bring Britt's duck shaped cookie cutter and when I do that, she likes it when I cut her food into triangle shapes for her."

Kurt looked at her like she was insane and went back to ready whatever girly magazine he had brought with him from the room. At that moment it seemed that all of the other girls had woken up and started to filter into the kitchen. All of the girls except Brittany.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to turn off my alarm," Rachel was saying as the other girls glared daggers at her.

"Brittany really can sleep through anything, huh?" Quinn grumbled to Santana on her way to the fridge. Santana uttered a non-committal agreement and shuffled her way into the bedroom to give Britt her breakfast. Unbeknownst to Santana, Kurt had followed under the pretence of reading his mag in peace and quiet. He was actually just curious to watch Brittany and Santana interact. He went to lie on his bed and discreetly watch the pair over his magazine.

Santana placed the plate with Britt's food on the small table beside the bed, and sat down with one leg crossed underneath her. Brittany was lying on her back and her face was the picture of serenity. Santana pushed a strand of honey blonde hair off of her face and let her hand linger for a moment longer than was necessary. A slow smile spread over her face as Britt's lips quirked up at the corners. Santana leaned down close to Brittany's ear.

"Britt," she whispered softly, "it's time to wake up, baby."

Brittany slowly opened one eye and her little smile grew bigger when she saw Santana leaning over her with an adoring grin adorning her stunning face. Santana leant down and placed the softest of kisses to Brittany's forehead and reached over to retrieve her meal as Britt sat up into a more comfortable position.

"Mm, triangles! I love that you know how much better food tastes when it's in cool shapes, San," Brittany said before bringing a forkful of omelette to her perfect lips. "Thank you." She managed to mumble around a huge mouthful of food.

Santana grinned at the girl and placed another quick kiss to her forehead before standing up.

"Bring your plate out when you're done and I'll wash it up for you."

"You don't have to do that San; you already made me triangle shaped food. I can wash up my own dishes." Brittany replied with the cutest of frowns.

Santana laughed loudly, "I know you can Britt, but I want to. You know I like doing things for you."

Brittany smiled at this and thanked her again, through another mouthful of food. Santana found herself laughing again as she made her way out in the hallway joining the bedroom to the kitchen. 'Oh, hi Kurt!' she heard faintly from the bedroom behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and spun around. She heard Kurt reply and his voice was getting noticeably louder. He was coming closer. When he turned into the hallway his head was turned, facing Brittany so he didn't see Santana standing there until the last minute. When he did turn around Santana's face could have frozen ice. She looked angrier than Kurt had ever seen her. She closed the minute gap between them so her nose was almost touching his. Kurt thought he had gotten over his fear of the fiery ex-cheerleader, but apparently not. He was unable to move under that ice cold glare.

"What did you see, Ladyface?" She hissed in a low, barely controlled voice.

Kurt was desperate to assert himself, to tell her to get out of his face or tell her that he had seen the way her and Brittany acted towards each other. One could say, almost like lovers. When his mouth opened though, all that came out was, "Nothing. I didn't see anything."

"You better not have." She spat before spinning on her heel and strutting down the hallway. She shot him one last look before turning the corner into the kitchen and living area. It was one of warning. But there was also something else. He could have sworn that he had seen the faintest glimmer of fear in those deep brown eyes.

Fear of what? Being pushed out of the closet perhaps? He continued his thought train until he emerged in the kitchen to find his adorable boyfriend with his arm curled around a bowl of cereal. His hair was mussed in just the right to make his bed head look sexy. Kurt rushed around the island to give Blaine a cuddle. His man came before easing the bitch queen's anxieties about him outing her.

After a few intensively boring hours of practicing and choreographing for their performance that night, Mr Schue let the group out to explore the city. He told them that he would let them roam for the afternoon if they promise to stay in one group, all of them agreed with no complaints. Naturally, as soon as they had rounded the nearest corner and were away from Mr Schuester's prying gaze they split into small groups. It didn't go unnoticed by Kurt that Brittany instantly linked pinkies with Santana and started to drag her toward the shopping district. As soon as Santana noticed him watching she glared at him with all of her Latina fury until he dropped his gaze and let himself be swept away by Blaine, Mercedes and Tina, who were set on getting something for lunch.

Once they were away from the main group Santana slipped her hand into Britt's. Brittany glanced at the union and flashed Santana a knee-weakening grin. They set about searching for new outfits. Santana tried to buy Brittany an amazing blue dress that matched her eyes perfectly, but after Brittany saw the price she refused to let Santana buy it for her. Santana had pouted at her for this but smiled again after she successfully convinced Brittany to let her buy her some ice-cream before they headed back to the hotel.

About two hours and several full bags of clothing later, Santana and Brittany were resting in a small ice-cream parlour back near the hotel. Santana was having too good a time with Britt to even worry about other members of the club seeing them be affectionate towards each other. At one stage Britt managed to get ice-cream smeared up the side of her face after laughing especially hard at one of Santana's many duck related jokes. Santana cupped one of the blonde's slightly flushed cheeks and leant over to try her best to kiss the ice-cream away.

Kurt ended up forgetting all about that morning's Santana related drama and focussed more on spending time with his boyfriend and best friends. They had met up with Mike and Puck after lunch and they were all heading back to the hotel together. Kurt was out ahead towing Blaine by the hand behind him when he abruptly stopped causing the taller boy to bump into him.

"Hey, Kurt, what are you doing?" Blaine asked in confusion, placing one warm hand on Kurt's shoulder.

"Nothing!" Kurt replied a little too quickly, "I think I may have left my phone back at that restaurant we ate at." Blaine frowned at this. Wasn't Kurt just checking his phone a second ago? He voiced this thought and Kurt shot him a desperate look. Trusting Kurt to explain later Blaine helped him to convince the others to go back and rescue Kurt's phone with them.

Little did the majority of the group know, but the little ice-cream place that Santana and Brittany were eating at had been just across the street from where Kurt and the others had been. Kurt, upon seeing Santana lean across the small table and start to plant tiny little kisses on Brittany's cheek, had stopped and in order to maintain their secret, distracted the group. How did it go from one minute being teased by Santana about being gay, to another, where he was hiding the fact that apparently she was also driving on the other side? This was ridiculous. He would have to confront Satan on the matter and tell her that he would not go out of his way to protect her secret, and he would not lie to Blaine or the rest of the New Directions if he was asked about her and Brittany's relationship, whatever that was.

Britt and Santana were sitting beside each other on the couch when Kurt's group got back to their room. Santana swiftly removed her hand from where it had been gently playing a strand of Brittany's silky hair. Britt shot her an adorable pout and the brunette replied with an apologetic smile. Brittany immediately joined in with the group's conversation, always ready to chime in with her ever happy voice and sometimes incomprehensible opinions. Santana watched on silently, she didn't feel left out though. Watching the way Britt's eyes lit up when she heard something she found something exciting or the way her eyebrows would draw down together and her mouth would scrunch up when she was confused could keep Santana occupied all day. Her staring was interrupted by Quinn and Sam returning, Quinn had one hand full of the handles of various bags that no doubt contained clothing, and the other firmly settled in one of Sam's big hands. Santana made her way over to the couple to see what manner of goodies Quinn had managed to find on her outing.

A while later, Mr Schue was stressing his little gelled head over their upcoming performance. Santana was calmly filing her nails and making sure she looked picture perfect. Schue was making last minute preparations with Rachel when Brittany walked into the room. Santana's was breath was momentarily stolen. All of the girls were wearing the same outfit as they usually would during a performance, but the powder blue fabric that matched Brittany's eyes so well, made the gorgeous blonde look absolutely radiant. Santana found herself looking around to see if any of the others had noticed the entrance of this goddess. The hem of Britt's dress swirled and fluttered as she skipped over to wear Santana was leaning against one of the kitchen counters.

"Wow, Britt you look amazing." Santana told her softly, trying to quash the enormous grin that was trying to surface on her face.

"I know," Brittany said, most probably joking, "But you look better." Now Santana knew the blonde was joking. No-one could look better than Britt right now and Santana said as much. Brittany blushed and shifted so she was standing beside Santana with her pinkie outstretched invitingly. Santana linked their pinkies and flashed Brittany one of her best smiles.

The performance was amazing. That was the only word Blaine could use to describe it. He hadn't gotten a solo but he found that it didn't really bother him that much. He was with Kurt and an incredible group of people and performers, having the time of his life. Who cares if he didn't get to sing alone when he got to sing in harmony with, what he thought to be, some of the best voices in the world. But those that did get solos were terrific, namely Rachel, as usual, Finn, Mercedes and surprisingly Santana. Kurt had told him about what he suspected about her and Brittany and now Blaine couldn't stop watching them for any indication of intimacy. And lo and behold, as soon as they were announced the winners of the competition Santana had run straight to Brittany and into her strong dancer arms. The two spun and jumped with joy, squealing like little girls. But then again everyone else in New Directions was doing the same. It was something about the way the girls held each other though. It was like they had been doing it forever. There was nothing awkward about their embrace; they just seemed to fit together, much like he thought he fit with Kurt. It wasn't until they pulled apart that he really knew though. It wasn't until he saw the way they looked into each other's eyes that he really knew that those girls were in love with each other. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

After the performance the club headed back to the hotel to spend one more night before heading back to Lima in the morning. The venue that Regionals had been held at was easily within driving range of their home-town but Mr Schue thought that it would be good to go and stay somewhere to bond or whatever. Santana would have preferred to have been able to go home and curl up beside Brittany without the watchful eyes of the rest of Glee club but she had found the experience more or less fun. More because she got to go shopping with her favourite person and less because she was now paranoid about what Kurt did or didn't think about them.

Nevertheless after finally returning to Lima and getting home, after she had had a shower and unpacked, Santana texted Brittany to see if she wanted to come over. She then tossed her phone on her bed and began to brush her hair in front of the vanity. Brittany's replied within minutes as she was never too far away from her phone.

Awesome! Ill b there in 10! xoxoxo – B

Britt always signed her texts with hugs and kisses but Santana knew that she got way more than anyone else. Even when Britt had been dating Stubbles she got more love than him. Sort of. Oh well, she hated thinking about the cripple and his hands all over her woman. She shuddered at the thought of him touching the most important part of her life.

As usual Santana's parents weren't home but Santana didn't really care. Her parents never being home meant that she had more freedom and when Brittany came over they could have sweet lady kisses without the fear of getting caught. She really couldn't be bothered explaining the whole 'Lebanese' issue to her parents.

Santana forced herself to walk slowly, not wanting to seem to eager even though she really wanted to run to the door, fling it open and scream her love for Brittany at the top of her lungs. Doing things like that in Lima meant an immediate slushie facial. Thanks, but no thanks. She slowly pulled the door open and smirked at Brittany. Her Brittany. Britt was wearing one of those adorable animal beanies she loved so much, and Santana almost giggled. So much for Head Bitch in Charge.

"You look impossibly cute today BrittBritt," Santana told her, "So you should probably get in here before I kiss you on the porch and the neighbours start to talk."

Brittany grinned and pushed her way past Santana into the house. As soon as Santana had shut the door she was assaulting by a bone crushing Brittany hug. When she pulled away, Santana looked Brittany in the eye and leant forward to kiss her. She was confused when Brittany leaned back. She tried to kiss her girlfriend again but once again only got air. She frowned at the blonde. Brittany giggled and placed a chaste kiss on Santana's lips before spinning and skipping into the lounge room.

Santana laughed softly at Brittany's antics and followed her. When she got to the lounge room she took a seat on the couch to watch Brittany put in a movie. She was assuming it was something Disney. That was Britt's favourite after all. She loved the singing and had once told San that once they joined Glee club their lives had kind of become like a Disney movie, randomly breaking out into song as they so often did.

After Britt was satisfied that the movie was ready to play she stood up and sat beside Santana and entwined their legs. She then rested her head on Santana's shoulder to watch the movie. It was the Lion King. Santana really enjoyed this one, even though it was kind of depressing when Mufasa died. When it got to that point Britt turned her head and buried it in Santana's neck. The brunette had once asked why she watched it when it made her so sad. Brittany chose that moment to say the most profound thing:

"I watch it because Simba reminds me of you. You ran away from me when you thought you were wrong and I was really sad. Then you realized that you weren't wrong, came back and everything was good again." Brittany smiled.

It hurt Santana to think that she had caused Brittany pain. Instead of saying this though, in true Santana style she said; "And you like Timone and Pumba."

Britt laughed and agreed.

Santana ran her hand across Brittany's hair, mesmerized at its soft feel. Eventually when Santana signalled that it was safe to continue watching, Britt removed her face from Santana's neck and sat back to look her in the eyes. They smiled at each other and Brittany leaned in to kiss Santana softly on the lips. Santana's hand came up to cup the blonde's cheek and guide her back to her lips when Britt began to pull away. She felt Britt's smile on her lips. Needless to say Santana and Brittany had an immensely good day after that, talking, cuddling and having sweet lady kisses. They both wished that everyday could be like this. Even the thought that Kurt might be onto them didn't dampen Santana's spirits that day. She was with Brittany and nothing could bring her down.