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Five years after graduation

Santana was in the bedroom that belonged to both her and Brittany. It used to be her parents' room before they sold the house to the young couple and officially moved into the lake house. The Latina was casually throwing clothes into a large suitcase lying open on their big Queen-size bed. Brittany would be home soon and she wanted to have finished packing most of what she needed so it would be easier for them to leave on time in the morning. She held up a vibrant purple lace bra, trying to decide whether or not to take it with her. At that moment she heard the rumble of Britt's car in the drive-way. After tossing the bra onto the pile of clothing in the suitcase she pulled the bedroom door open and stepped out into the hallway.

Her heart was beating a little faster than usual. Even faster than it did when she was around Britt-Britt. She was excited and a little nervous. Her whole plan was hinging on whether or not Brittany liked her surprise. If she did, she would be getting quite a few more over the next couple of days.

She entered the kitchen to see Britt leaning against the counter taking a swig out of her water bottle. The blonde was all sweaty and was wearing not much of anything. Just the way Santana liked her. She had just gotten home from the studio and when she got home she would usually just toss her shirt into the laundry and go pass out on the couch for an hour or two.

Santana smiled at her girlfriend and waited for her to turn around and notice her standing in the doorway. It didn't take the dancer long and when she did notice the brunette watching her she squealed in delight, tossed her bottle onto the counter and bounded over to San to wrap her long arms around her.

"Ewww, Britts you're all sweaty," Santana complained half-heartedly, not really caring. She didn't let go when Britt pulled away from her. The blonde laughed and kissed San's neck gently before moving to her lips. The Latina sighed into the kiss before resting her forehead on Brittany's.

"How was your day?" San whispered.

Britt smiled softly, "it was pretty awesome. Mr Schue brought the Glee kids in for booty camp." Santana raised her eyebrows.

"Really? How is good old Vest-man?" She asked.

Britt chuckled, "he's, like, ecstatic. He just found out that Emma's pregnant."

Santana's eyes widened. "Seriously? Damn, go Mr Schue and his show-tune singing swimmers. Anything else interesting happen today?" She asked casually.

Britt thought about it for a moment, trying to remember what else happened in her day. "Umm, I don't think so."

Santana tried again, "did anyone say anything to you? Maybe about work?"

Britt looked like she suddenly remembered something. "Oh! Mike was acting all weird and he told me that I should take a few days off because we didn't have many bookings or something and that he could handle it himself but I was like 'nah, it's okay I want to come in and help', but he said 'nah that's okay Britt you go home and spend some with Santana' so I was like 'okay'."

It took Santana a couple of seconds to soak in all of the information Britt had just spewed out. Did that girl even need to breathe?

"So you're staying home for a few days?" Santana asked, grasping the general gist of what her girlfriend had just said.

"Yup," Britt replied with a cute smile. Perfect. Everything, so far, was going to plan.

"Nope," Santana corrected, "neither of us are staying here for the next few days." Brittany would have been worried if not for the excited smile on Santana's face.

The Latina untangled herself from her girl and crossed the kitchen to the microwave. She had known that it would be the perfect hiding place from Brittany because the blonde had never actually mastered the use of the machine so she usually opted to avoid using it.

Santana pressed the open button to release the door, which sprung out to reveal a long white envelope. She removed it and handed it over to Brittany who gave her a suspicious look before sliding a long finger under the seal to open it. Once the envelope was opened she pulled from it two tickets. The blonde frowned at them.

"These are plane tickets, San, two of them to LAX!" She suddenly looked worried. "How did they get in the microwave, Sanny?"

Santana looked at her for a moment trying to gauge whether or not she was being serious. "I put them there, Britt-Britt."

The blonde looked more confused than ever, "why?"

"They're our tickets Britt. You and me are going to California!"

A good thing about Britt was that she was up for just about anything. Even if it meant making last minute holidays to another state when she didn't even know why. Another good thing about her was that she didn't ask too many questions. They left at about 11 that morning and after arriving at LAX they picked up a rental car and drove to the hotel Santana had booked about two months ago.

"How did you get time off work so easily, San?" Britt had asked on the way in the car.

Santana shrugged, "I asked for time off ages ago," she looked at her girlfriend, "I've been planning this for a while." She had even asked Mike to not schedule as many dance lessons during these few days so Britt could have time off and they could go on this trip.

When they got to the hotel, Britt was in awe of how nice it was. It was really big and it only took them like half an hour to get there from the airport. After checking in at the front desk they were shown up to their room and then left alone. They spent the rest of the afternoon snuggling and watching movies on the big TV in their room.

The next morning it took Brittany a moment to remember where they were, she rolled over to look at Santana who was lying face down on the bed with a pillow over her head. Britt giggled and pulled the pillow off. She leant down and planted little kisses on the back of San's neck. She didn't stop her little kissed until she heard Santana groan.

"What time is it?" Her question was slightly muffled by the pillow her face was pressed into.

"Hmm," Britt looked over to the alarm clock, "about nine."

There was a long silence and Britt became worried that San had fallen back asleep, until the brunette abruptly rolled over and pulled the dancer down into a hug. "Morning," she whispered before letting go and rolling out of the bed. Brittany watched Santana walk to the bathroom; she had on nothing but a pair of short shorts and a singlet and was being super sexy with her messy hair.

Brittany giggled and rolled onto her back to stare at the ceiling. It was totally random and so cool that Santana had arranged for them to go on a surprise trip to California! She had always been super nice like that. Britt's happy day dreaming about how amazing her girlfriend was, was interrupted by her cell phone ringing from the bedside table. She reached, grabbed it and flipped it open without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello-o!" She sang into the phone. Santana popped her head out of the bathroom to look at Brittany.

"Who is it?" She managed to ask through a mouth-full of tooth paste.

Britts covered the mouth piece of the phone and mouthed 'Rachel'. Santana rolled her eyes and scoffed before spitting out her mouthful and rinsing. The Latina wiped her mouth and walked back into the bedroom to choose an outfit for the day. She was going to take Britt-Britt shopping! She entered the room just in time to hear Britt ask, "Has she done what yet?" The blonde looked confused and Santana's eyes widened as she darted across the room and snatched the phone from Brittany's grasp.

"Shut it, Dwarf!" She hissed into the receiver.

"Hmph!" Rachel replied, "I'm taking that as a no? I wouldn't have given it away you know, I was just checking."

"Rachel." Santana said slowly, trying not to lose her cool. "Do yourself a favour and don't call either of us again. Like, ever!" After seeing the judging expression on Brittany's face, Santana sighed and added, "I'll call you when we get back to Lima. Bye Yentl."

She hung up and tossed the small device onto the bed next to Britt who was staring up at her expectantly. "What did she mean by, 'Has she done it yet?'?" Santana almost laughed at Britt's attempt to mimic the Diva's voice.

"I have no idea, baby," Santana lied, "I don't speak hobbit."

Britt frowned, "you're so mean, San!" She whined. Santana smiled and leant down to kiss the blonde.

"Not to cute blondes," she whispered.

After they had both showered and gotten dressed, Santana took Brittany out to do some shopping. She couldn't help but be reminded of Regionals their senior year. It was hard to believe that there was a time that she hadn't been out and proud about her relationship with Britt or that there was a time that she had disliked Kurt, Blaine and Karofsky. Well, she kind of disliked everyone but Brittany back then.

She was so glad that they had all gotten to be friends and formed a group. Kurt and Blaine actually didn't live too far away from them and Karofsky had moved to Texas with Mikael. They still talked on the phone all the time and would go and see each other on holidays and such. They were one big gay family. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway, back to shopping. They hit as many stores as they could before their feet were killing them. After grabbing some Chinese take-out for lunch they headed back to the hotel.

Almost immediately after they had finished their meal and were getting ready to go downstairs to have a swim in the hotel's massive pool, Santana received a text. Brittany watched the Latina's face as she read the text. It lit up with excitement but dropped a little when she saw Britt watching her.

"Umm," Santana said, "I actually have to go out for a little bit, Britt."

Brittany frowned. "Where?"

Santana shrugged and grabbed her coat off the back of a chair she had hung it on. "To see an old friend. I won't be long, an hour – two at the most." She kissed Britts n the cheek scooped up her keys and handbag from the kitchen bench and was out the door before Brittany could ask any more questions.


Britts was a little upset that Santana had left her alone in their hotel for hours without really giving her a decent explanation to where she was going. She trusted Santana of course but it still hurt they had had gone on a romantic vacation together and Santana had just left her there alone without warning.

When Santana got back she was grinning broadly and walked straight into the bedroom. She was in there for a little before she came out, sat on the couch next to a slightly annoyed looking Brittany and kissed the blonde firmly on the lips. "I'm sorry," the Latina whispered, not sounding sorry at all. But all traces of annoyance were wiped from Britt's mind the moment Santana's hot lips collided with hers again. They stayed on the couch for a while, just kissing, before Santana stood them up and lead Britt into the bedroom.

Brittany was awoken by the smell of wonderful, wonderful food. She breathed in deeply before opening one eye and smiling at a sleep mussed Santana standing in the doorway. She had a tray of assorted breakfast food in her hands and she smiling fondly down at her girlfriend. The brunette crossed the room and placed the tray down on the bedside table before sitting on the edge of the bed while Britt moved up into a sitting position. Santana pecked her lightly on the lips and set about pouring a glass of juice for Britts from the pitcher on the tray. She had gotten pretty good at carrying heavily loaded trays around when she worked at Breadstix during college.

"What's this for?" Asked a pleasantly surprised Brittany. Santana grinned and kissed the dancer again.

"Does there have to be a reason for me to make the love of my life breakfast in bed?" She asked.

"I think so…" Britt replied slowly. Santana smiled and laughed. These were both things she had started to do a lot more of once they graduated high school.

"Okay, you can take it as an apology for waking you up so early," Santana said with a smile.

Britts frowned, "what time is it?" She looked over to the alarm clock and her jaw dropped when she saw that it was only six o'clock. Santana smiled sheepishly at Britt's expression.

"Sorry, we need an early start if we want to get all the things I have planned for today done is all," the brunette apologized.

"What do you have planned?" Brittany asked suspiciously.

Santana grinned evilly, "It's a surprise, now finish your breakfast, you'll need the energy."

Once Britt had finished eating, they got ready to leave. Brittany was wearing a cute yellow sundress that fluttered around her knees and before they left Santana kissed her and told her how beautiful she looked.

They were in the car for a while before Britt started seeing the signs. Big billboards with a picture of Mickey Mouse giving the thumbs up and behind him in big cartoon letters, 'Disneyland'. Brittany looked over at Santana who was watching her with a hopeful smile on her face.

"We're not…" Britt whispered in disbelief. Santana's grin widened and she nodded.

"We are."

Brittany let out a high pitched squeal and launched herself at Santana, who grunted and tried not to swerve too much. Britt let go and started bouncing up and down in her seat with a huge grin on her face and her hands clapping together in excitement.

"I love you, I love you, I love you!" She cried.

Santana laughed and took the exit to get to Disneyland.

As soon as Santana had bought their tickets and they were through the big gates, Britt's eyes widened and she spun in the spot, just staring at everything around her. She looked like a kid in a candy store. She grabbed Santana's hand and started pulling her one direction; she had seen a sign for the Lion King exhibit. She shouted 'Lion King' a couple times while towing San along behind her. Santana stopped moving, which pulled Britt up in surprise, she looked a little confused.

"Is everything okay?" She asked softly.

"Yeah, but can we go see the Lion King exhibit later? You know, saving the best for last and stuff," she replied softly. Britt thought she looked a little tense and slightly green.

"Yeah sure," Britt replied. She was happy to do whatever San wanted to do.

They walked around the theme park going on any rides they could find, visiting all of the attractions and buying copious amounts of useless novelties. Brittany's smile never once faltered from her face. She linked her fingers with Santana and swung their arms between them as they walked. She was so happy and once they had both fallen into a fit of giggles at hugging Goofy, Santana started to relax. It was turning out to be an extraordinary day. Santana hoped that it ended with a bang.

Santana took Britts to a little café in the theme park to have lunch. It was kind of expensive and Santana insisted on paying for everything. She had on her 'I'm getting my way' look so Brittany didn't argue too much. Santana was being so cute today. Doing nice things like pulling out her chair and she even smiled and helped and old woman who had dropped her bag. It was sort of scary.

After they had seen pretty much everything they could see, they started heading toward the Lion King exhibit. Santana, who had been talking, smiling and laughing all day, had suddenly quietened and had a greenish tinge to her tan cheeks. She looked nervous. Brittany slipped her hand into the Latina's.

"Are you okay?" The blonde asked softly. Santana looked at her.

She swallowed and turned her attention back to the entrance to the exhibit. They had stopped moving. "I'm fine," she whispered.

"We don't have to go in if you don't want to," Britt told her. This startled the brunette. Not going in there was not an option. This had to be done. She wanted this so badly, she just hoped she didn't screw it up.

Santana shook her head quickly, "I'm fine. Let's go." She tugged on Brittany's hand with a look of determination on her face. They entered the exhibit and walked around for a while. Soon they came to a large circular deck with a stage set up to one side. There was a band assembled on it. Brittany had heard about this place, it was where they played all of the Lion King songs.

Santana had stopped and was looking over at the stage. She took a deep breath and turned to Britt. "Wait here," she said before spinning on her heel and walking over to the stage. She pulled something out of her bag and showed it to the conductor before taking a position in front of the microphone. She faced out at Brittany and some other people had stopped to watch the impending performance.

Santana looked nervous which was weird; she never usually got nervous before performing in front of crowds. She had been acting weird all day. Britts hoped that she was okay. As soon as the instrumental started up she recognised the song immediately. Santana was going to sing her favourite song to her.

Santana's husky voice soon filled the air. Her voice was filled with emotion as she sang everything she was feeling to the only person she would ever love.

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

There's a time for everyone if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours

When the song finished and the music trailed off, Santana stepped straight off the stage and headed over to where Brittany was standing. She took the blonde's hands in her own.

"Britt… do you remember the first time we talked? We were eight years old and you came up to me in class, and asked me why I was colouring my duck in purple. At first I was kind of pissed off that someone had the nerve to question my mad colouring technique. But I looked into your perfect, baby blues and I just couldn't speak. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember your adorable red dress with the polka dots and the little pink bow nestled in your perfect wavy blonde hair. I looked into your eyes and I just couldn't be mad at you. I remember it so clearly because that was the moment I decided that we were going to be friends."

Brittany didn't know where this was coming from but she remembered it too. She even remembered that little smudge of dirt on Santana's nose and how her tongue poked out as she concentrated on colouring inside of the lines. Britt's hands had started to become sweaty and she didn't know why. She was a mixture of nervous and excited and she wasn't sure what she was nervous or excited about. Santana went on,

"Next thing I knew, we were in middle school. I thought Quinn was my best friend and that you were just a backup that I hung out with whenever she was busy. It was like that until one day I had a massive fight with my parents. I called Q and I wanted to talk to her about it but she was too preoccupied being wooed by that big oaf, Finn. Out of nowhere you were there. I can't remember if it was me who called you or it was you who called me but you were there stroking my hair and telling me it was okay while I cried. No-one had ever done that for me. It felt amazing to feel so cared about. It was then that I realized that you were going to be my best friend and that you would be in my life forever."

Tears pricked in Britt's eyes as she remembered how broken Santana had seemed, lying in her lap sobbing uncontrollably. It was the first time Britt had ever seen her show anything beneath her tough, strong exterior. It was the moment she realized how sensitive Santana actually was.

"Then came boys, and boys, and boys. By that stage we both kind of dance crazy. We had gone to watch a high school football game and were immediately enthralled by the Cheerios. When I look back at it, I probably wanted to join so much because of the hot girls in short skirts, but at that point in time, I just wanted to be a freaking cheerleader. We were both a year away from high school and being able to even try out for the Cheerios, but we started rehearsing our routines and everything. When my parents weren't home, which was a lot, we used to dance around my lounge room, trying our hardest to imitate the cheerleaders. You remember that day, Britty? That day we both had our first kiss? We were fooling around, dancing to some hip tune and just being silly. We were watching some dancing show and were trying to do the waltz or something. I remember spinning you out then back in again. Suddenly you were so close and holding you like that seemed so right to me. Kissing you in that moment was just so… I dunno, so magical, so natural. It just felt like the right thing to do, you know?"

Santana was looking deep into Brittany's eyes now. Their hands held between them. There was so much emotion in the brunette's eyes. So much truth.

"So I did it and freaked out almost immediately. You kind of froze; I think I may have scared you a little. I was about to pull away and I was already thinking of a thousand excuses as to why the hell I had kissed you, when you kissed me back. I guess it was my turn to be too shocked to move. You leant away from me and smiled. It was just like you to smile in a situation so serious Britt, so like you that I couldn't help the smile on my face too. You said three words to me that sealed the deal. I had just realized that all that time spent so close to you had been making me fall for you when you said, 'It's okay, San,' and kissed me again. With that my fate was sealed and I knew that I was in love with you."

There was no way Britt would ever forget that first time Santana had kissed her. It was quick, but so soft, gentle and meaningful. She had to admit that she had kissed a fair number of people in high school. But not a single one of them had compared to kissing Santana. She had always thought that their lips had just fit together, just like their hearts did.

"In senior year, you remember that time when you were upset because you didn't think you were graduating? Remember when we were sitting in my car and I told you I loved you and that I would never find someone as special as you? Seeing you so upset because you thought you were going to lose me made me realize that I never wanted to be without you. That was the moment I knew that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together Britt-Britt. I want us to do that.

"We've come so far from me hiding our love away in the dark recess of my very own closet. My own hell. You saved me from hating myself with just the power of your love. I am so in love with you Brittany S. Pierce and I want to be with you until we're both old and grey and living off money Berry will send us once she hits the big time."

Brittany laughed at this, as a few tears streamed down her cheeks. Santana swiped them away with a careful thumb before swiftly dropping to one knee. Britt heard gasps all around her but she herself was too shocked too even move. Santana took one the blonde's hands in her own. With her free hand, Santana reached into the inside of her jacket pocket and pulled out a small black box. Brittany could feel her eyes getting wider and wider and her heart beating faster and faster.

"Britt, baby… I don't want there to be a single day that I don't get to see you or kiss your perfect lips. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Brittany… will you marry me?" Brittany's jaw dropped and her whole face went slack. Santana stood up quickly, worried about her girlfriend.

"Britty, are you okay?" She asked gently, hoping she hadn't killed her girlfriend by proposing.

Brittany was staring straight down at the glittering jewel set in the gold band Santana had produced from the box. Things started clicking for Britt then; the random holiday, Rachel's phone call, Santana disappearing for a couple hours the day before and all of the nervousness today. Her heart gave a lurch at the thought of how much effort Santana had gone through to make this perfect. And it was just that. Perfect. But then again, Santana could have proposed anywhere, at any time, and Brittany would have thought it was perfect. Still, it was so magnificently sweet that she felt herself starting to cry again.

People all around them were staring, waiting for a reaction. Santana was actually pretty worried. From all the movies she watched, crying wasn't exactly the reaction you wanted to get when you proposed to someone. Her worries were swept away, however, when Britt looked up from the ring with fierceness in her eyes, grabbed the front of Santana's shirt and pulled the Latina into her. She pressed their lips together heatedly.

Once she had thoroughly kissed her girlfriend, Brittany pulled back and whispered, "of course I'll marry you." The crowd that had gathered around them burst into applause, clapping and cheering for them. Santana grinned as she slipped the ring onto one of Brittany's fingers. The dancer threw her arms around Santana's neck and they stood like that, just holding each other for a while. In that moment everything was perfect.

After they had left the theme park, hand in hand, Santana drove them back to the hotel while Brittany was on the phone telling every single person she knew about the proposal. When they pulled up at the hotel, Britt had just finished talking to her mom. She had this glow about her and she was smiling from ear to ear. They walked into the building with their pinkies linked, smiling sweetly at each other.

"So," Britt said once they had entered the elevator, "what are we going to name our kids?" Santana just looked her before the doors to the lift closed, shutting them off from the rest of the world.

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