Conflicting Perspectives

Chapter 31: Tying of the Knot


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3 Months Later

It had been a busy three months for the Hale pack, after they had finally rid the world of the Kantheon everything was finally peaceful. Scott, Derek and Jackson were to be wed in the morning and each was staying with their best man. Derek was at his house with his uncle Peter, Jackson was with Danny at his house and Scott was at Stiles house. The three of them could not be more excited for their wedding day.


Scott and Stiles were sitting in his room playing on his Xbox; it felt like old times, it had been a long time since the two of them had spent any time together, when it was just the two of them. Scott had just passed the controller over to Stiles after he had died; he looked down at his stomach to see the small bump that had formed in the last three months. Scott smiled to himself before placing a protective hand over his stomach and gently rubbing it. Stiles looked across from the screen to see Scott rubbing his stomach; he had brought up the idea with Danny of them possibly having children after they were married, Danny seemed to like the idea but neither of them knew how to go about achieving it. Stiles paused the game and turned to back to Scott setting the controlled beside him.

"Scott?" Stiles began, not sure how to ask such an embarrassing question.

"Yeah?" Scott asked, as he looked up at Stiles a big grin on his face.

Scott could hear Stiles heart beat steadily rising.

"How did…?" Stiles began pausing to think, "How did you, you know." Stiles hinted towards Scott's stomach.

"What? How did I get pregnant?" Scott asked.

Stiles simply nodded his head in response.

"To tell you the truth Stiles, I don't actually know myself, it just sort of happened, I mean according to Derek, I was going through a heat when it did occur, but other than that I'm pretty sure, that Jackson, Derek and I made it happen with, well you know the sex." Scott said blushing towards the end of it.

"You think it was just the heat?" Stiles asked

"I, I don't really know Stiles, I think that maybe Jackson, Derek and I may have done a little magic while we were in the bedroom by accident, after all the baby does belong to all three of us so some magic had to be involved right?" Scott answered thinking about it quite heavily. "Maybe you and I can talk to Derek about it after the wedding and the honeymoon. What do you say?"

"I would like that, a lot." Stiles said smiling afterwards, "I missed this you know, just the two of us hanging out." Stiles finished.

Scott looked over at Stiles and gave a big grin.

"Same here buddy." Scott replied.

"Well, I think it's time I get you into bed, Derek would kill me again if you were tired tomorrow because we stayed up all night." Stiles said.

Scott sighed at the memory of Derek killing Stiles, he understands why it had to happen but that still doesn't ease the memory.

"Hey Scott, don't worry about it, look I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere, Derek did what was best for everyone that day, and Scott, I wouldn't go back in time to change it for the world, because if he had not of, we may not have been sitting here today. Derek did what he did to save everyone and if it saved you then it was worth it." Stiles confessed.

Scott let a tear role down his cheek before wrapping his arms around Stiles and giving him a tight hug.

"Thanks Stiles. You're the best friend anyone could ever hope for." Scott said.

"We had better get going or we are going to be late." Stiles said looking down at his watch.

"Do you think Derek what we have planned for him?" Scott asked.

"I'm sure he will love it, how can he not, it's coming from you and Jackson." Stiles said

"Your right, you ready?" Scott asked standing up.

"As I'll ever be!" Stiles said

Scott took hold of Stiles hand and a cloud of golden fog spread around them and they were gone.


Jackson and Danny were sitting in the living room of the Whittemore household; Jackson's parents were away on business so it gave the two friends some privacy. Much like Scott and Stiles the two of them had spent very little time together over the past few months, Adrian, the Kantheon and then all the wedding planning really took up everyone's time.

Jackson and Danny were watching a movie, just spending the time together; they could both smell the lasagne that Danny had prepared for them and both of them knew it would not be ready for another thirty minutes. Jackson's stomach gave a loud rumbling groan he was starving. Danny gave a gentle laugh at him as Jackson gently rubbed his stomach.

"Hungry are we?" Danny asked.

"Dude it has been like forever since I've eaten anything you have cooked and your cooking skills are awesome." Jackson said smiling over at his friend.

"Thirty minutes Jacks, I have the salad in the fridge and the garlic bread ready to go in the oven in another fifteen minutes" Danny responded matching Jacksons smile.

The two of them turned back to the movie and continued to watch, fifteen minutes went by and Danny got up coming back in shortly after to see Jackson's drooling over the heavenly smell of the lasagne that was permeating though the house after Danny had opened the oven to put the garlic bread in.

Danny almost fell to the floor laughing at the sight, though he caught himself in the last second and dropping back down beside Jackson on the couch.

"You ready for the big day tomorrow?" Danny asked after his laughter died down.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" Jackson stated.

"You aren't getting cold feet are you?"

"No it's just, I am nervous as to where my life will go after marriage, it feels like only yesterday that Scott, Derek and I started this relationship and now we're getting married."

"Your life won't change that much Jacks, you still have another year of School yet, you have plenty of time to decide what you're going to do with your life, and Scott and Derek will be there to help you every step of the way. You have a child on the way, and you, Derek and Scott are going to be the best parents ever." Danny smiled at Jackson.

"Thanks Dan, you always know how to make me feel better" Jackson smiled back.

The two young men continued to watch the movie until the timer could be heard buzzing from the kitchen. Jackson paused the movies and the two of them headed into the kitchen, Jackson set the table for them while Danny took the lasagne and garlic bread out of the oven and placed them on the table. He then removed the salads from the fridge and set out the serving utensils. Jackson's mouth was watering when the two of them finally sat down to eat. The two of them dug into the meal, Jackson moaning in ecstasy as he ate. He really loved Danny's cooking and what he missed most of all was the simplicity of sitting down at his dining table with his best friend, just the two of them and enjoying a nice meal where there was nothing to bother them.

After the two of them finished their dinner and had everything cleaned away Jackson took his Jacket from the coat rack and handed Danny's to him.

"You ready, Scott and Stiles are meeting us there?" Jackson asked.

"I sure am." Danny said pulling his coat on over his shoulders.

Danny took hold of Jackson's hand.

"Hold on tight" Jackson said.

A cloud of purple fog wrapped itself around them and they were gone leaving the house empty.

Jackson and Danny appeared in the centre of the graveyard they had summoned Lydia's ancestor in, Scott and Stiles appearing shortly after in the cloud of gold.

Scott ran over to Jackson and wrapped his arms around him.

"I missed you." Scott said into Jackson's chest.

"We better get this underway." Danny said.

The four of them stood around the gateway and began to chant.

A cloud of white fog made its way out of the gate and manifested into the form of Laura Hale.

"Scott, Jackson I know why you have come." Laura said

"Will you help us?" Scott asked.

"Of course!" Laura smiled.

"Then let's do this." Jackson said smiling at Scott.


Derek was sitting on the sofa looking through some of the old family photo albums that they had kept in storage, there was nothing that he wanted more than for his family to be present at his wedding. He knew deep down that they would be proud of him for what he had accomplished with Scott and Jackson but the need to hear it from them was a painful thought in his mind.

"They would be proud of you, you know that right?" Peter said walking in to the living room.

Derek didn't answer verbally sort of just gave a nod.

"You miss them!" It wasn't a question simply a statement.

"Of course I do, I want them to be there tomorrow more than anything." Derek said

"At least Laura will be there." Peter added.

"You're right; at least someone could make it."

Isaac walks into the room carrying the laptop he had bought with the money he had saved working at the animal shelter with Scott over the past few months. He sits down on the couch next to Derek and opens up a window in the browser and shows it to Derek. It's a photo of his mother, father and sister the day he was born. They are all gathered around a hospital bed; Derek is cradled in his mother's arms.

"I found it the other day, you have been there to support me since my dad died and I cannot thank you enough Derek, so I found this just to say thank you." Isaac said passing the laptop to Derek

"Thank you Isaac!" Derek says passing the laptop back to Isaac before getting up.

"I think I'm going to take a walk, I need to clear my head." Derek says walking out the front door grabbing his jacket and pulling it shut behind him.

As Derek walked through the woods towards the old lake he thought back to the days before the fire, the days when he had his parents and sister around. He wanted more than anything for his entire family to be at the wedding tomorrow, he wanted to see the proud look on their faces as they saw his pack and the strength within it. Derek sat atop a large flat rock by the side of the lake, the full moon was tomorrow night, and Derek looked down at the moons reflection on the lake surface and flicked his wrist out in front of him, the surface of the water rippled and the light reflected across the lake dancing along the ripples. Derek smiled to himself as he lay back and stared up at the stars, excited for the day that lay only a few short hours into his future.

A few hours later Derek awoke to a slight breeze blowing across the lake, he looked down at his watch and decided it was time for him to get back to the house and sleep, ready for the big day tomorrow.

Derek woke the next morning to the sun gently shining in through the blinds of his bedroom, he could hear the birds whistling in the trees outside and he knew that today was going to be perfect, he had dreamed of finding his mate for many years and today was going to be the day that he was united with them forever. As Derek steadily climbed out of bed and began to put on his tux he could not help but let his mind wander to what the coming years would be like, after Scott had their first child, would they have a second. Derek was broken out of his thoughts by a light knocking on the door he turned and looked over at his uncle.

"The Pack is waiting downstairs, well everyone except Jackson and Scott, they are meeting us in the Valley of the Shadow." Peter said before walking over to Derek and doing up his bowtie.

"I cannot thank you enough Peter, well I best not keep my mates waiting any longer." Derek said now fully dressed.

He and Peter headed downstairs and joined the pack on the front porch. Peter closed and locked the door, making sure his keys were in his pocket first.

"Everyone ready?" Derek asked.

After an affirmative nod from everyone Derek's eyes pulsed red and they were all transported to the valley of Shadows. Since the death of the Kantheon and Stiles tear the valley had truly flourished and been brought back to life. The pack steadily made there way to the graveyard where he could see Jackson waiting by the alter with Scott's mother, Stiles father, Doctor Deaton and his entire family. Derek stopped where he was, he could not believe his eyes, sitting on the benches facing towards the altar was his family, there to witness the most important event in his life. The pack brushed past Derek and took their seats, while Peter put his hand on Derek's shoulder and together they began to walk forward. The closer Derek got to his family the more the tears in his eyes threatened to break through. As he entered the graveyard, everyone turned to look at him, his entire family sitting on the benches smiling at him. Derek broke the tears flowed down his face he ran over to them and hugged them.

"We have missed you so much Derek, and we are so proud of you, and everything you have achieved." Derek's mother said to him as she pulled back.

"I'm so proud of you son, a pack worthy of the Hale name." Derek's father complimented.

"Congratulations Brother, I am so proud of you." Laura began, "Now lets not keep Jackson and Scott waiting any longer.

Derek looked up at the altar to see Jackson smiling at him. Derek walked towards him and wrapped his arms around him.

"How did you do it?" Derek asked

"The same way we brought Lydia's ancestors back, The only person we couldn't have be here today was Stiles' mother, according to your family she has an important role in the afterlife but has promised to take the necessary amount of time off for Stiles and Danny's wedding." Jackson replied.

Derek let go of Jackson and took his place at the opposite side of the altar as the gatekeeper stood at the podium to begin the ceremony.

"Welcome, friends as we gather here to celebrate the marriage of Derek Hale to both Jackson Whittemore and Scott McCall. Devine one I ask thee to bless these three, their love and their marriage as long as they do live in love together. May they each enjoy a life filled with joy, love, stability and fertility." The gatekeeper began. Before turning to face the east. "Blessed be by the element of air, may you be blessed with communication, intellectual growth and wisdom." She then turned to the south, "Blessed be by the element of fire. May you be blessed with harmony, vitality, creativity, and passion." She then turned to face the West, "Blessed be by the element of water. May you be blessed with friendship, intuition, caring, understanding, and love." She turns to face the North, "Blessed be by the element of earth. May you be blessed with tenderness, happiness, compassion, and sensuality." Finally she turned to face the guests, "would you all please stand as we welcome the arrival of Scott McCall, barer of their child and mother of the pack."

Everyone stood and turned to face the graveyard entrance as Scott stepped through wearing a white tuxedo a long drape dragging behind him. Scott stepped up to the altar and stood between Jackson and Derek.

"In all the eons, the long slow climb of evolution has no greater culmination than the union of people in love. From the time the first amoeba fissioned into two there has been a possibility of companionship, and the possibility of loneliness. From the time nature invented sexual reproduction, love has been a quickening. In humans as self-aware beings, sexuality provided a way that love could conjoin the bodies, hearts, minds and souls of those who love. Humans have sadly turned away from nature's harmony for most of our lives. There is war, loneliness and desolation, and the soul of nature mourns. So when there are those of us who love enough to make a commitment such as this one tonight between Derek, Jackson and Scott the very stars rejoice at the rediscovery of love, joy and bounty. Love has its seasons as does the earth. In the spring of love is the discovery of each other, the pulse of the senses, the getting to know the mind and heart of the other; a blooming like the buds and flowers of springtime. In the summer of love comes the strength, the commitment to each other, the most active part of life, perhaps including the giving of life back to itself through children; the sharing of joys and sorrows, the learning to be humans who are each complete and whole but who can merge each with the other, as the trees grow green and tall in the heat of the sun. In the fall of love is the contentment of love that knows the other completely. The heart smooth's love into a steady light, glorious as the autumn leaves. In the winter of love, there is parting, and sorrow. But love remains, as do the stark and bare tree trunks in the snow, ready for the renewal of love in the spring as life and love begin anew. Now is the time of summer. Derek, Jackson and Scott have gathered before their friends to make a statement of their commitment to each other, to their love." The gatekeeper spoke these words and the crystalline forest surrounding them seemed to sing with joy and love.
"Do you now commit to each other to love, honor, respect each other, communicate with each other, to look to your own emotional health so that you can relate in a healthy way, and to provide a healthy home for your children when they come; to support and comfort your partners in sickness and in health, as long as love shall last?" She asked the three of them.

"We do so and forever promise that from now until the day we die commit ourselves to each other to our children." Derek, Jackson and Scott each spoke together.

"Jackson and Scott, from this day forward until the end of my days when I am reunited with my family in the afterlife I will continue to love and cherish you, from the day I met you both my life changed forever, and to look back on it now I know that there is nothing in this world I would trade this life for." Derek spoke his vows looking into the eyes of his mates.

"Derek and Scott, from this day forward until the end of my days I do so solemnly promise to love and cherish you both, and when I am reunited with my family in the afterlife should I pass before you remember that I will always be looking over you, to protect you and keep you safe until you join me." Jackson spoke looking into Scott and Derek's eyes.

"Derek and Jackson, from this day forward and until the end of my days, when I am put to rest and united with my family in the after life I do so promise to love and cherish you both, to remain true to you and love you with all my heart, to protect you from the dark, to love you with my heart and always be there for you." Scott looked into Jackson and Derek's eyes as he finished his vows.

Scott, Derek and Jackson walk in a circle around the altar starting in the East and finishing in the North. The gatekeeper places four candles upon the altar.

"These three candles are yourselves. Each of you is a complete human being. Derek as you light your candle speak to us of who you are." The gatekeeper finished.

"I am Derek Hale, alpha wolf of the Hale pack, mate to both Jackson Whittemore and Scott McCall. My place is beside my mates guiding our pack towards a better future." Derek spoke before lighting his candle.

"Jackson, speak to us of who you are and light your candle." The gatekeeper said.

"I am Jackson Whittemore, alpha wolf of the Hale pack, mate to both Derek Hale and Scott McCall. My place is beside my mates guiding our pack towards a better future." Jackson spoke as he light his candle.

"Scott, speak to us of who you are and light your candle." The gatekeeper said.

"I am Scott McCall, alpha wolf of the Hale pack, mate to both Derek Hale and Jackson Whittemore. My place is beside my mates guiding our pack towards a better future." Scott spoke as he light his candle.

"Each of you will now hold your hand above the final candle clasped around each other to form a triangle." The Gatekeeper spoke.

Derek held out his hand, gripping Jacksons arm, Jackson gripped onto Scotts arm and Scott gripped onto Derek's are completing the triangle the forth candle in the center.

The gatekeeper waved her hand over their joined hands; a golden magical rope weaved its way around their hands and up their arms.

"As the rope does bind your arms together so does it bind your souls, you light the final candle together without extinguishing the first three. For in marriage you do not lose yourself; you add something new, a relationship, and the capacity to merge into one and other without losing sight of yourself. Together speak of who you are when together." The gatekeeper spoke.

"We are alphas of the Hale pack, we are mates, we are three souls as one, yet we are three individual souls, we are stronger when together we share our love with each other, we share out hearts with each other." They spoke together.

"Let us bless the rings. Circles represent eternity, and though our lives are finite, love is everlasting, the creative force that binds us together, and the force that gives new life. The blessings of the wind upon these rings and your love, that you share communication and creativity. The blessings of fire upon these rings and your love, that you share passion and the spirit. The blessings of water upon these rings and your love, that you share love and compassion. The blessings of the earth upon these rings and your love, that you share health and sexuality. We humans are born of stardust and deepest oceans, of erupting volcanoes and the bones of the earth. In celebrating love you celebrate a heritage of all these things, and of the love of all humans from the dawn of time. In making a commitment to loving each other, you share that which is best in us and give a moment of light to the world. Derek and Jackson place the ring on Scott's finger and repeat after me with this ring, I thee wed." The Gatekeeper spoke.

"With this ring I Thee wed." Derek and Jackson spoke to Scott.

Scott and Jackson place the ring on Derek's finger and repeat after me with this ring, I thee wed." The Gatekeeper spoke.

"With this ring I Thee wed." Scott and Jackson spoke to Derek.

Derek and Scott place the ring on Jackson's finger and repeat after me with this ring, I thee wed." The Gatekeeper spoke.

"With this ring I Thee wed." Derek and Scott spoke to Jackson.

"I now pronounce you married. May you each and together be blessed with health, happiness, harmony, and love. So mote it be!"

Derek, Scott and Jackson kissed each other before telling each other they loved one and other.

Derek, Jackson and Scott, lay together on their bed in the Hale house, there arms wrapper around each other.

"Today was the best day of my life!" Scott sighed in contentedness.

"That is defiantly something I can agree on." Jackson said as he gently rubbed Scott's belly and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Oh Derek, I forgot, Stiles wanted me to ask how exactly I got pregnant, he wants to put forward the Idea about Danny and him having a child but he said he wants to understand how exactly it happens first." Scott asked nuzzling up beside Derek.

"As far as I know, our power mixed with the energy of the pack and you being in your mating heat was what caused it. The mating heat made you extremely horny and fertile, my guess is that had something to do with it, but then again it still isn't possible for a male to have a child so I believe that the combination of our power and the packs energy was what allowed you to fall pregnant." Derek said. "But I still cannot be one hundred percent sure."

"Hmmm, ok then." Scott said.

Jackson leaned over Scotts shoulder and looked down at his stomach as he rubbed the growing bump.

"Scott, look your finally showing, I cannot wait to meet our baby boy." Jackson said nuzzling against Scotts neck.

Derek placed his hand atop Jacksons and wrapped his other arm around both him mates as he tucked up against them both. Scott could feel Derek's hardness pressing against him.

"Derek, I would love to watch you fuck the living daylight out of Jackson." Scott said with a sly smirk

Jackson's eyes dilated at the thought, he climbed over to Derek and slowly began to work Derek's monster inside of him.

"The good thing is the whole pack is out tonight giving us the house to ourselves." Scott stated.

"Come here you! Jackson said wrestling Scott into position before gently pushing forward and into his tight hole. When Derek was finally sheathed inside Jackson and Jackson was finally inside Scott they began to work on a rhythm, Derek pushed forward, while Jackson pushed back while Scott pulled forward, they continued to pound into one an other for what seemed like hours until Jackson's cock began to swell inside of Scott locking them together, Jackson could only move an inch or two inside of Scott now as his knot began to swell. It wasn't much longer and Jackson felt his hole begin to stretch as Derek began to knot inside of him as Jackson felt Derek's knot reach full size he came full force into Scott, his muscles fluttering around Derek bringing on his orgasm. Jackson reached around and quickly tugged Scott to completion. They were all laying there still knotted together, basking in the after glow, the knotting would subside eventually but until then they were locked together.

"We should get some rest, your need all the sleep you can Scott, tomorrow we have to see Deaton and make sure everything is going ok with the baby." Derek said wrapping his arms around both his mates and pulling them close. They all fell asleep that night still joined together, just like they always would be.

Danny was lying atop Stiles, kissing him deeply and passionately, grinding his denim covered hardness into Stiles. Stiles moaned as he was pushed down into his mattress. Danny reached down and unbuttoned his jeans before unbuttoning Stiles' and pulling them down, Stiles groaned at the relief he felt after being freed from the prison of his jeans. Danny chuckled before standing up and pulling his own jeans and boxers off and climbing back on top of Stiles, sliding his boxers down his legs and off, throwing them across the room and out of mind.

"Wrap your legs around me." Danny said gently nudging Stiles legs.

Stiles lifted his legs to Danny's waste and locked them together behind his back, he felt Danny gently nudge at his puckered opening begging for entrance. Danny's eyes began to glow a bright purple, Stiles felt like he was lying on clouds, as Danny's magic stretched him open and lubricated him. After Danny deemed him prepared he gently slid his way into the tight heat. They both moaned in unison as Danny's cock filled Stiles tight hole.

"So tight, just for me." Danny praised as he slowly began to thrust in and out of Stiles.

Stiles could not speak he was lost in a haze of pleasure as Danny's cock assaulted that little pleasure button inside him.

Danny continued to pump his hips into Stiles until he felt that tickling sensation build in his toes and make its way up. After a few more thrusts Danny buried himself to the hilt in Stiles and let his orgasm go filling Stiles with his seed. Danny grabbed onto Stiles cock and began to jerk him off as he continued to thrust post orgasm, until Stiles came over his stomach and Danny's chest. Danny pulled out of Stiles gently before lying down beside him.

"That was amazing." Danny said.

"Amazing does not even begin to describe it." Stiles replied. "I love you"

Danny wrapped his arms around Stiles and pulled his head against his chest.

"I love you too. Get some sleep."

That night the two lovers and mates slept in each other's arms in perfect harmony.

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