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Rebecca stared intently back into his eyes, wondering the same thing. Seeing that they were getting nowhere, she leaned in to him, her lips hanging mere centimeters from his ear. In a soft whisper, she spoke, "Guess I'm stronger than you thought, huh?" And, boy, are your muscles turning me on right now.

Chills ran down Simon's body, from the top of his head, all the way down to the tips of his toes. He felt paralyzed. He was now realizing what kind of affect this particular woman had on him, and boy was he enjoying it.

Rebecca pulled away from his ear, staring intently into Simon's eyes. Her hands were now resting just below his pectoral region, her touch gentle.

Simon, feeling more vulnerable than he had in months, moved his hands on top of hers, gripping them in his softly, "Rebecca?" His tone was quieter than usual, a seriousness taking over.

"Yeah?" she asked, her voice matching his.

"Can I…"

But Simon never finished that statement. Excitement had taken over Rebecca, overwhelming feelings crawling to the surface. Her lips crashed down on his full force. Passion that had been building since the moment her eyes had met his was finally being released.

Simon hands slipped from hers and found their way to her lower back. He pressed Rebecca into him, taking in everything that was happening. In one quick movement, he rolled them over, now finding himself on top. He knelt on the bed, letting his upper torso rest against Rebecca's as he continued kissing her.

He moved from her lips, kissing along her jawline and down her neck. Upon reaching her collarbone, he began to suckle. Hearing her moans in response was almost enough to push him over the edge. Without his lips leaving her body for more than a few seconds, he had removed his own shirt and moved on to remove hers.

Rebecca took the initiative to help him, shoving him forward. She sat upright, tearing her tank top off in record time. After she had discarded it to the floor, she laid back down, pulling Simon with her.

The two fondled with each other for several more minutes before things got more heated. Rebecca's hands found the elastic band and started forcing them downward as far as she could. Simon removed them the rest of the way. In that moment, he stopped, pressing both hands into the mattress on each side of Rebecca. He looked directly into her eyes and asked in a sincere tone, "Are you sure you want to do this? We're risking our jobs here."

"Honestly," she brought one of her own hands to rest on his cheek, "I think you're worth it."

Simon leaned down, brushing his lips gently against hers, "I agree completely. I so am worth it."

Rebecca laughed, "Again, so full of yourself!"

Simon chuckled, "Ok, fine, what I meant was that I find you worth risking my job over as well. Happy?"

Rebecca grinned, "Very!"

Simon moved off the bed, but leaned forward, his hands resting on Rebecca's hips, "Lift your cute little ass."

"Only because you said it was cute," Rebecca found herself blushing some. To keep Simon from noticing, she did as he said, letting him focus on that rather than her face.

He slid her yoga pants slowly off her toned legs, letting his fingers run against his skin. Halfway down, he could feel goosebumps form against her skin. "Chilly?"

"A little, so hurry up!" she smiled.

Simon threw her pants next to her tank top and crawled back onto the bed, hovering over her again, "God, you are sexy!"

Rebecca's grin grew even wider, "I try my best!"

He laughed and then went back to kissing her collarbone, moving down her sternum until he reached her sports bra. Working together, the pair removed it. Simon continued his process of turning Rebecca on. He suckled lightly on each of her nipples. He felt them go hard in his mouth and this turned him on even more than he already was.

He felt his member start to grow and hearing Rebecca's moans only made him swell more. He moved past her belly button and reached her panties. He brought his hands to her inner thighs, massaging them as he moved further inward.

Rebecca's moans became louder and more consistent as Simon massaged his fingers against her wet panties.

Rebecca propped herself up on her elbows, one arm moving to Simon's face. She lifted his chin, "I'm ready."

Simon nodded, removing her panties. He then discarded his boxers, tossing them to the floor with everything else. "Do you want me to wrap it up?"

"Wow, that's a lovely way to ask about a condom," Rebecca laughed, shaking her head, "but no, I think we'll be ok!"

Simon nodded, "Alright, whatever you say!" He grabbed her legs and pulled her gently more towards the edge of the bed. He positioned her just right and grabbed his throbbing penis. He pressed it just outside her opening, "Let me know if you're uncomfortable, ok?"

Rebecca nodded, "I will."

He pressed slowly into her, her tightness enveloping him. He didn't go too far in before retreating. He didn't want to hurt her and was going to take this slowly unless given permission otherwise. Pressing in again, he went a little further. He continued this process, making sure Rebecca wasn't suffering in any way possible.

"Oh my god, Simon!" Rebecca tried to retain from shouting to the heavens how good she felt.

"Yeah…yeah…" Simon grunted as he pushed all the way into her.

Rebecca's hips bucked as he did so. Her petite body wasn't used to something so large invading a sensitive area. She took deep breaths, trying to get past the pressured pain that had made itself known. She felt relief as Simon pulled back out.

Just as he was pushing back in, a high pitched ring began echoing off the walls. Not too much later, another ring cried out in unison.

It was the doctors' emergency beepers.

"Oh, shit!" Simon pulled out of Rebecca, leaning over her to reach the pager on his nightstand. Rebecca mimicked him, rolling over to the side of the bed, reaching down to her pants. She grabbed the beeper, reading the message that had been sent.

"Are you freaking serious? Right now?" Rebecca huffed.

Simon grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him, standing her up. He leaned down, lifting her chin to his. He spoke lightly, "We'll continue this later, alright love?" Waiting for no response, he leaned down and kissed her passionately. Pulling away slowly, he whispered, "Now get dressed and get moving!"

Rebecca laughed, "Yes, sir!"

Soon, everything was back in order in Simon's housing unit. Rebecca had gotten dressed and ducked out the back of his place. Both were now headed in the direction of the Role 3 emergency room, acting as if nothing had happened…but both wore a grin that hadn't been present in years, a grin that stated they were in love.


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