I Was Enchanted To Meet You

Part 1

"Hi sweetie what's your name?" Cheryl asked me. I was stood on the stage auditioning for The X Factor. I had wanted to be a singer since I was a little girl and I had seen Brittany on the music channel. I guess you could call me a triple threat, I dance, sang and act. Preforming is my life…I just want to have a chance of doing the thing I love.

"I'm Ivory Nicoles." I said into my mic. I was never a very confident person. I always shy away from things and never got myself involved in anything during school. I went to class, got the grades and hung with my friends. However you would always find me at Parties.

"And what are you going to sing for us today?" Simon asked. I took a deep breath.

"When I look at you, Miley Cyrus." I absoultly love this song. When I first heard it I fell in Love. I have had it on non-stop since it came out. I had practiced and practiced this song.

"Are you sure you can do this song justice." Simon asked, I knew he wanted to see if I would break down or if I was strong enough. I simply inhaled and replied,

"Yes." He smiled and winked at me. I shifted on my heels and nodded to the guy with the music. I slowly closed my eyes and let the music take me on a journey. I lifted my mic to my mouth and began to sang the words that I could recite in my sleep.

I belted out the chorus and opened my eyes and showed emotion just like my coach had told me. Sometimes the emotion took hold and I would use my hands or kick my feet out. I finished the song and took the mic from my mouth and looked at the audience. They were all on their feet clapping at me, Cheryl was also stood on her feet. I felt a tiny tear of happiness fall from my eye, I didn't bother catching it. This is what I wanted, this is what I had wanted for as long as I could remember, standing on a stage and people clapping me.

"You are amazing Ivory. I mean I'm speechless!" Cheryl gushed. I stood there smiling and mouthing 'Thank you' over and over again. She gave me a wink.

"Ivory when you opened your mouth the world stopped still. You have 'it' whatever 'it' is!" Louis told me in his thick Irish accent. Another tear fell from eyes. This time I did wipe it away.

"Well Ivory when you first stepped out I thought you would just be another average singer then you told us your song choice. I knew something was special about you and then you opened your mouth and the music industry changed forever!" I couldn't help it I fist pounded the air and smiled through a wave of happy tears. Did Simon just say that to me? I felt on cloud nine.

"Okay so votes. Louis."

"Yes. Yes. YES!" I laughed.


"Million times yes."

"It's three huge yeses. Congratulations you are through to bootcamp!" I squealed and jumped in my high heels.

"Thank you so much!" I said into my mic through my happy tears. I rushed off stage and into the arms of my adopted mum. I had never known my parents, they weren't able to look after me. At the age of 2 Mr and Mrs Nicoles adopted me. I live in Nottingham with their 2 younger daughters Amber and Brittany. I loved them all dearly…they are my only family.

"I am so proud of you sweetie!" She gushed into my shoulder and cradled me to her chest.

"Thank you mum!" She guided me down the corridor and she went through the door first. I dropped my phone and went to pick it up. While I was on the floor someone went through the double door and hit my head. I fell over straight to the floor. I moaned as I felt the throbbing of my head.

"Oh shit!" A husky voice above me said. I opened my eyes to see the person over me. I gasped and felt my cheeks go scarlet. A gorgeous boy stood above me, he had a mass of chocolate curls on his head, a strong jaw line. A cheeky smile on his face showing two perfect dimples. His eyes a green with a hint of grey, I found myself wanting to get lost in them. I looked away. He handed me a hand and helped me up.

"Er Thanks." I muttered. He chuckled.

"What you thanking me for I was the one who hit you with the door." I spluttered and laughed at the realization I had probably sounded like a right douche. I stuck my hand out, he took it and I gasped as electricity coursed through me.

"Ivory Nicoles."

"Harry Styles." Harry Styles would have to remember that name.

"Look I best be going. Good luck." I stuttered. He smiled at me.

"Thanks you get through?" I just nodded knowing that my voice would betray me.

"Congrats." I smiled at him.

"Bye Harry." I whispered and I began to walk off. Before the door shut behind me I heard Harry say goodbye and whistle. It was weird because from that moment in I wanted Harry to get through just so I could meet him again.