Originally, this was going to be a one-shot, but seeing as how everyone asked for the other parties reactions, it only seemed fair to do a small follow up.

When Sam and Gabriel got back to the motel where they had left Dean and Castiel, Gabriel had a fairly sized shiner, and Sam looked like he could spit fire.

"Sam, are you alright?" Cas asked as soon as they stepped through the door.

"Worn out but slowly getting my energy back." Sam replied as even Dean noticed Sam's eyes were different. They appeared his normal hazel at first, then Sam turned to face Dean, and he saw that they had changed to an acidic blue color that could switch to a darker color at will.

"Be thankful; I've found out that when he gets angry, his eyes turn acidic green and the pupils turn into slits; he looks like a pissed off snake." Gabriel said as his shiner turned a lighter color; for some reason, when Sam had punched him, it had actually hurt quite a lot, and a decent sized black eyed had been left behind. It was slowly healing, but even Gabriel didn't understand how Sam had actually been able to hurt him.

"So, uh, what is Sammy a God of? Wheat or bad omens?" Dean asked while looking at Gabriel's face and trying not to laugh at the sight.

"Or perhaps a God of war?" Castiel asked with an open smirk as Gabriel flinched.

"Actually, he's a God of Loyalty, Trust and Forgiveness."

"Really? And what's that? A 'love tap'?" Dean asked, being unable to contain his laughter any longer.

"You should know as well as anyone that forgiveness needs to be earned, and he's got a lot that he needs to be forgiven for." Sam practically growled.

"Yeah, I guess kidnapping does require quite a bit of forgiveness." Dean said as he laughed until he noticed Sam's mother of all bitch faces.

"That is only the tip of Mount Everest."

"What do you mean Sam?" Cas asked with a severe look in his face, fearing what his brother had done to his best friend.

"Do you want to tell them? Or shall I?" Sam asked through gritted teeth.

"Normally I'd do it to try and paint myself in a more favourable light-"

"And just how often does that actually work?" Dean asked but Gabriel just glared and ignored him.

"But this way, if you tell it, it gives me a chance to vamoose for a little while, while everyone calms down."

"At least you're an honest little coward." Sam mumbled before he told the fallen Seraph and his brother what he had been told earlier the day before after he had regained consciousness.

Yesterday, after Sam woke up

"So, let me get this straight; you raped me and force fed me enough of your blood so that I'd become your mate? Doesn't my consent come into play anywhere in these stupid rituals of yours?" Sam shouted at Gabriel, who was ducking behind a high back chair. He had not had many meetings with Gods of Loyalty, Trust and Forgiveness, but he had heard that when one of their traits, especially the Trust one, was either ignored or betrayed, they had rather violent tempers.

"Well, seeing as how you promised to stop fighting if I took the gag out, the ritual took that as consent. You really have to be careful around angels; 'yes' can be said in one context and taken in as another. I f Lucy had said to you 'nice day, isn't it?' and you replied with 'yes, it is' he could have taken that little word to mean you agree-"

"I know that part you jackass! I just thought, like an idiot, that you were perhaps better than your brother! At least he said that he would never trick me!"

"At least my trick didn't result in your soul being burned out!" Gabriel shouted right back. What shocked them was that when Sam punched him, Gabriel was actually pushed back a little by the force of it. Oh boy, I think there may be some problems I didn't foresee! Gabriel thought as he brought up some ice to put on his eye which, remarkably enough, felt very tender.

"I thought that the only thing that could hurt an angel was another angel? And seeing as how you're an Archangel, one would think a person would be very hard put to hurt you." Sam asked his new 'husband'.

"Well, seeing as how I'm the first one to make a mate for an Archangel out of a human so it'd be hard put to say exactly what's going to happen." Gabriel said as he summoned two glasses of whiskey and a plate of double chocolate chip cookies.

"Would this be a good time to mention an itch I feel between my shoulders?" Sam asked as he accepted one of the glasses. Gabriel looked at him with the undamaged eye.

"Do you think you could point to where this 'itch' is?" Sam then shrugged and did his best to show exactly where it was coming from.

"Well, I can't see anything as of yet, but we'll watch it throughout the rest of the day and see if anything comes of it."

"I thought that once the ritual was done and I could stand we'd head back to Dean and Cas?" Sam asked, looking worried.

"Well, we've got to find out just what your powers are exactly; after all, there is a lot to take into account. There is the fact that the original ritual would have just been endowed with the powers of the God of your traits. In your case, helping people to trust others after they have been hurt and betrayed. Helping them to forgive the one that hurt them and so on and so forth."

"No offence to other Gods of Trust, Loyalty and Forgiveness, but those powers won't do me much good in a fight." Sam said as he ate one of the cookies.

"Oh I don't know; betrayal, infidelity, cruelty, intolerance and hate are what demons feed on, what they use to gain entrance into a body. You are now an embodiment of what people pray to for salvation, that's why your anti-possession tattoo has disappeared." Gabriel might have had a point there; when Meg had possessed Sam, she had fed on his hatred and all of his self doubt.

"So, what? I can help a person get rid of their demons?"

"Yeah, and that is enhanced by the fact you're the mate of an Archangel. My guess is that you'll probably be able to teleport on your own, seeing as how you had the ability previously, you'll probably be able to see the future again, the chances of you being able to create illusions, fairly likely, changing objects from one form to another, again, somewhat likely, I'd suggest trying to bring a dog back to life before you try something complicated like a human, though I highly doubt you'll be able to actually hurt other Archangels. And of course, you'll be able to exercise demons like Cas used to be able to."

"How am I able to do all that?"

"Well, you are my mate now, and I can't protect you all the time, so it makes sense that would have at least some of my power. Whether you'll be able to do all that or not remains to be seen. However, should you ever deem it necessary, you can punish those that dishonour your traits. For example, if a husband cheats on his partner, you can find a way to punish him or, you can try and help him redeem himself; guilt him like there's no tomorrow until he repents."

"Leave it to you to give that as an example." Sam mumbled into his drink.

"So, anyway, if the angel blood burned away the demon taint, why would I have abilities like precognition again?"

"I really don't know Sammy-kins; no one has ever made a mate out of a human before. Hell, for all we know, you could be able to give birth, seeing as how angels are genderless." Gabriel said, making Sam spit out his drink.


"It's hard to say just how your body has changed physically; if you've ever wanted to have life beyond your own, the transformation and cleansing could have had you develop a womb of sorts."

"I think I'm going to need a double if we're going to continue this conversation."

Present time

Dean was very pale when Sam finished telling what had happened in the last twenty-four hours. His baby brother had been raped and been made the mate of an Archangel. True to his statement, Gabriel had flown the coop, which was a good thing, seeing as how all three looked about ready to kill him.

"So Sam, just what all can you do?" Castiel asked, trying to pull away from the thought that his own brother had committed an act that should only have been perpetrated by a demon.

"Well, so far, what Gabriel told me has been true; my teleportation skills have about almost twenty mile radius and Gabriel thinks it will only get stronger as I get used to it. We don't know for certain about the precognition; I haven't had unusual dreams and I've seen no visions so it's tough to say. As for the illusions; I seem to have quite the knack for it, I can change my appearance and made some bullies believe they were being chased by a trio of tigers. Actually changing the molecular composition of an object into something else entirely? Not so much; I'm better at illusions. We haven't tried to see if I can revive things." Sam relayed.

"What about your 'Godly' powers?" Dean asked.

"Well, those were never under question; the original ritual would endow me with the powers of my traits. Not that I've really had a chance to test them yet." Sam told them and Cas asked

"Are there any other physical changes apart from your eyes?"

"For the Pagan God Ritual? No. For the Becoming the Mate of an Archangel? Yes, which is the big reason on why I'm still pissed off at him." Sam replied before he took his shirt off and turned around. As Dean and Castiel watched, Sam said one word in Enochian.

"Odo." As Sam spoke, a pair of the most beautiful wings opened from Sam's back. They were ultramarine at the top, going lighter as they went down, ending in azure, with highlights in electric blue. They must have been over twelve feet in wingspan.

"Hchzrh." The two then watched as they darkened into black with red highlights. But both saw that, instead of being made of feathers, they looked like they were made of scales or possibly bone. They looked as if they hit you, you would not be getting up for a very long time.

"You even developed war wings?" Cas asked in awe as Sam flapped the wings a little, causing a couple of things to be blown about.

"War wings?" Dean asked.

"You didn't think that we went into war with our usual wings did you? They are far to fragile and sensitive, as you very well know when we're in bed together. Our war wings can knock an opponent down or, as you can see, whip up whirl winds. They are however, useless for flying." Castiel explained as Dean blushed and Sam said

"Chdr." Causing the wings to retract.

"At least you seem to have a fair amount of control over them. Have you learned how to fly yet?" Cas asked Sam.

"Not yet; Gabe wanted me to be able to push the wings out and pull them back before we started the flying lessons, though it seems like they're building strength in them quickly." Sam explained.

"So, how deep does this bond of yours and Gabriel's run Sammy?" Dean asked once the blood returned to normal levels in his face.

"Well, I can tell you he's in Italy right now scarfing down spaghetti and wondering if I'll let him touch me again. He's also afraid that Castiel is going to him because of what happened." Sam explained and the two, especially Cas, were shocked that Sam could already pinpoint where his 'husband' was when they had been bonded for less than seventy-two hours. At the thought of Sammy being married to Gabriel, Dean snorted and asked

"So, Sammy, does this make you the step-mother of a giant dog, a six-legged horse and a big snake?"

"Actually, I'd be step-father to Sleipnir; Gabriel actually gave birth to him. Fenrir is a giant wolf, not dog. Jorgumand is a sea-serpent, not a mere 'big snake' and you forgot Hel, Goddess of the Underworld. Once I've gotten everything under control, Gabriel is going to introduce me to them." Sam said, not looking in the slightest embarrassed.

"Sam, how do you feel about all this? Really?" Cas asked, making sure Dean couldn't talk and interrupt them.

"Still a little freaked out but, last night, while I slept, I didn't dream of Lucifer; I'm looking forward to flying; and the chance, no matter how slim, that I could actually have a kid of my own? Fan-bloody-tastic." Sam said and Cas knew he spoke the truth.

"And what about Gabriel himself?"

"Do I love him? Not yet. But, you know, a lot of marriages were formed out of convenience, not love, and the unions were rather happy together for a very long time. Sometimes, love comes after marriage, not before it." Sam said and Cas nodded with a smile on his face.

"Besides, if he tries to abuse me, I know where he keeps his sword." Sam said and Cas laughed. Dean was trying to get their attention in hopes of getting his voice back. To no avail.

"Well, I think I better go get my 'husband' before he turns into Garfield the cat." Sam said but just before he teleported, Cas asked

"Sammy? Try to get him to eat more fruit." Sam's laughter echoed in the room even after he was gone.

In Italy

"Please don't tell me you always eat spaghetti when you're nervous." Sam said as he popped in near Gabriel, taking the seat across from him."

"Nah, I usually have ribs but I felt like Italian today."

"Give the guys some time and they'll forgive you." Sam said as a plate appeared in front of him.

"Think you can guarantee that, oh God of Forgiveness?" Gabriel asked with a teasing smile.


"And you? Are you going to forgive me anytime in the near future?" Gabriel asked, no longer looking at Sam.

"I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't, seeing as how I am, as you said, a God of Forgiveness. Though believe you me, you're going to be at it for a long time before I forgive you." Sam said and he noticed Gabriel looked relieved.

"When can I get started on making it up to you?" Gabriel asked with a playful eyebrow wiggle.

"Are you a God of Mischief or a God of Sex?"

"You'd be surprised how many people have asked me that."

Sam figures he can wait a few more days before telling Gabriel he just might be pregnant. After all, when he was sick, it could just have been motion sickness while he was teleporting. Right?

He hopes not.

Odo - Open

Hchzrh - Reflection

Chdr - Close