Summary: Slight AU. John finds a little girl after her parents are killed by demons and takes her back to the motel with him. Dean grows attached to her and John lets her stay, but what happens when he finds out how deep their attachment really is? Please R&R!

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Can I Keep You?

~Chapter One~

John was too late.

He could already sense it, and as he burst open the door to the house where the demons had left tracks to, he found the couple inside murdered in the kitchen, blood pooling out of them into a huge puddle on the floor. He checked the house for any sign of more of the little bastards hanging around, finding traces of sulfur all over the place.

Another failure.

Was he really meant to carry on missing his targets like this? Okay, so he'd lost his wife only a few months previously and he was trying to raise two boys, one of whom was in the motel room they were staying at taking care of the other one. Dean was five, and already being given too much responsibility. Dean took care of Sam who was just fifteen months old. He changed him, fed him and rocked him to sleep, while John took care of bathing and making Dean's meals. His boys were now sleeping, and he knew that all the protection he'd placed in that motel room would keep them safe.

He approached the kitchen, searching it for any sign of the child who clearly lived in the house since there was a child's bedroom upstairs. The sniffles coming from the closet near the back door told him all he needed to know, and as he approached he carefully opened the door, finding a little girl who looked to be about Dean's age sitting in there, shaking with a damp face that was streaked with her tears. Her hair was a beautiful shade of brown, that had shades of chestnut in it, and her eyes were bright blue. He'd take her to the police station in the morning, but the poor thing needed some sleep. He wasn't a heartless man, and he certainly wasn't going to leave her with someone who wouldn't be able to understand what she'd been through.

"Hey there, darlin'..." He said softly, "You're safe now, okay? It's gonna be okay."

He knelt down and watched as she slowly climbed down from the shelf she'd curled up on and looked at him with her tearful eyes and moved towards him.

"Come on..." He coaxed softly, "My name's John. What's your name?"

"Kate..." The little girl replied.

John smiled softly, holding his hand out to the tiny girl who edged towards him and took it, rubbing her eyes and bursting into tears as she saw her parents. John had almost forgotten about the bodies, and he picked her up, burying her face in his neck and heading out of the house with her.

"I'm going to take you somewhere safe, okay?" He said, "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. I have two little boys who you can play with."

"Really?" Kate asked, John rubbing her back gently as he put her on the floor.

"Yeah, Dean's five, and Sam's one year and three months old." He said softly, watching the grin cross her lips.

"I'm four!" She cried, "I was four yesterday!"

John felt something inside him break at those words and he went to put her in the car, locking it and heading back to the house to look for any kind of documentation for the girl, perhaps a birth certificate. He searched through draws in a bureau and found her birth certificate, taking it with him as he went to the car, buckling her in and driving her back to the motel room.

"Daddy?" Dean whispered as John entered the motel room, carrying Kate in his arms.

"Go back to sleep, son." John said softly, laying a sleeping Kate next to Dean.

Dean looked at the little girl curiously, taking in her beautiful face and her gorgeous curled hair. He didn't know where she'd come from. He looked up at his father and then moved towards the little girl who began to wake slowly.

"This is Kate..." John said softly, kneeling beside the bed and looking at the little girl as she woke up, "Kate, this is Dean."

"Is she living with us, Daddy?" Dean asked, John shaking his head softly despite the look of hope and fear in the girl's eyes.

"No, Dean, I'm taking her to the police station in the morning." He said quietly, "Go back to sleep. I have to go and make a call."

John checked on little Sam who was sleeping peacefully before heading to the call box just outside the motel, Dean looking to the little girl who looked terrified before she just started to cry. If John was taking her to the police station that must mean her mommy and daddy were...Oh. He knew how it felt to lose your mommy. He'd lost his mommy.

"Kate?" Dean said softly, "What's wrong?"

"My mama and papa are gone!" The little girl sobbed curling up on herself and rubbing her eyes.

Dean's protective streak which was only ever shown around Sam came shining through, and he pulled the little girl close to him, rubbing her back gently and stroking her head.

"It will be okay." He said softly, "My mommy's gone too...She's in Heaven now."

"Your mommy?" Kate asked, earning a nod from Dean, "I...I want my Mama!"

"I know." Dean said quietly, "It will be okay. I bet she's an angel now, like my mommy, and I bet your papa is too!"

"I want them back!" Kate cried, "I want them back!"

Dean didn't really know what else to do, so he just stroked her face and kept her cuddled close, letting her cry until she fell asleep. He didn't want his daddy to take her to the police station. He wanted her to stay with them. He watched her sleep for a minute, cradling her closer to him and pressing a little kiss to her forehead. He'd look after her. No-one could hurt her. He'd show them if they did.

She looked like a fairy princess sleeping like that. If he was a prince charming, he'd kiss her to wake her up like Sleeping Beauty. He cradled her, looking at her beautiful face as she slept peacefully in his arms and he kissed her again, pulling the covers back over them and settling against the pillows before asking her a soft question.

"Can I keep you?"

The little girl just continued to sleep, but she snuggled closer to him, and at that moment, Dean Winchester fell in love.


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