Summary: Slight AU. John finds a little girl after her parents are killed by demons and takes her back to the motel with him. Dean grows attached to her and John lets her stay, but what happens when he finds out how deep their attachment really is? Please R&R!

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Can I Keep You?

~Chapter Seven~

John had decided to let Dean focus on more research for any hunts he got into contact with the teens about, and was headed two towns away to hunt another beast since Sam had begged him not to move straight away. It was several months since Dean's first hunt, and John wanted to give him plenty of time to recover and to train him more so that he wouldn't get hurt so badly again.

Dean and Kate were concerned for Sam because the kid was intelligent and he deserved a better education than what he was getting. One that was constantly interrupted. By things that he shouldn't even think about. By things that belonged in comic books and horror movies. So, John had decided to go on a three week hunting trip and then return to pick the kids up when he was finished. But Sam had to do everything that Kate and Dean told him, and Dean was in charge of protecting Kate and Sam. God forbid, should something happen to Dean, Kate was then in charge of caring for Sam.

So, for their three weeks of freedom, Kate and Dean decided to make the most of it. John had left them a credit card and some cash for food, and Sam had his own room next to Kate and Dean's with no entrance to the outside. Sam was happy being close to Dean and Kate, but he had no intention of baring witness to their kissing. He slept peacefully in the room, guarded with salt lines as Dean had made sure, as well as other forms of protection from evil creatures, the light of the first signs of sunrise seeping through the small gap in the thin, cheap cotton curtains of the room.

The winter morning was cold. And in the next room, Kate and Dean were tucked in the double bed, and while Dean felt rather warm under the thick covers, he felt Kate shivering, and he turned slightly to pull her body towards him.


"Morning, beautiful." He whispered, "You cold, huh?"

"Very." She replied, turning over and smiling at him as he welcomed her into his embrace.

"Three weeks." He whispered, stroking her soft cheek gently with his index finger, "I get to wake up like this for three weeks...With no worry of Dad finding us, with no worry of hunts. But..."

"You worry about John getting hurt." Kate said softly, "So do I. He's like a father to me, and he's your father, of course."

"He promised to call three times a day, if possible." Dean said as he rubbed his eyes, "At least once definitely."

"That's good." Kate sighed, smiling as Dean covered her body with the sheets and actually snuggled down with her.

They shared tender kisses tenderly stroked one another's bodies, finding the calm of the morning making a perfect mood for their 'special time' together. They were still learning, and were braving new things. As a seventeen and sixteen year old, they knew they'd have to wait before they actually made love together. Not because of the law. They'd been on the wrong side of it their whole lives. But because they had respect for each other and themselves. Also, John would expect no less of them to be of age before they made love with someone. Only John wasn't aware that Dean and Kate were together. And he wasn't aware of what they sometimes got up to when he was out hunting.

Dean pulled Kate closer, feeling her shiver in his arms as they broke a kiss, partially from the cold, and partially from the pleasure that she felt as her leg wound around him to pull him closer. They nuzzled noses for a second and kissed again, both staring into each other's eyes and breathing heavily as they held each other.

"You need warming up." Dean whispered, "Sammy's probably asleep so...we should be quiet."

"Yeah..." Kate breathed, biting her lip as Dean's warm hands ran up the cold flesh of her back, sliding her top up as he did before reaching her bra and unhooking it for a moment.

They'd progressed more and more physically and taken the time to appreciate one another in other ways apart from physically. Dean loved Kate's caring manner and her sweet giggle. He loved the way she looked at him when he spoke, like he was all that mattered and how she listened intently to every word he said. She loved how Dean would go to any length to protect her, and how he took into consideration her needs, fears, issues and her complete comfort in their relationship. And now, as he held her, he only had to look into her lust blown eyes to see that she wanted his attention more than anything.

Slipping out of her bra, Kate was left in just her tank top and pyjama pants, which they'd found was more comfortable for her if she was laying on her back. With a smile, Dean captured her lips in his own, turning her fully on her back and settling above her, pressing deep kisses to her lips before paying attention to that beautiful slender neck of hers. He continued his journey down to her cotton clad shoulders, sliding his hands up her top again only to be interrupted by knocking at the other door. The door leading to Sam's room.

"Shit." Dean sighed, "We'll carry on later, huh?"

Kate nodded, quickly rolling over and pretending to be asleep while Dean got out of bed and padded to the door, opening it carefully to reveal Sam standing there, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Hey, buddy." The older brother said softly, "You okay? It's six in the morning."

"I've got bad cramps in my legs." Sam sighed, "I've been awake all night and I can't take it anymore."

He looked like he was in a lot of pain and Dean knew it was part of his growing pains. It sucked to be Sam at that point. Dean knew what it was like and he felt for his baby brother, looking back to Kate who was still 'sleeping' and then back to Sam before he went to his bag and pulled out a thick pair of socks. Then went to get extra blankets to give the younger boy before gently turning him towards the other room.

"Come on." He whispered, "Kate's sleeping."

Sam put the socks on and Dean told him to tuck his pyjama pants into the socks and then wrapped the blankets around his legs. Sam smiled gratefully to his brother and settled back down, grinning as Dean got a hot water bottle and placed it under the sheets too.

"Get some sleep, okay, dude?" He said as Sam sighed sleepily, "It's Saturday, I don't care how long you sleep for, as long as you feel better. You've got your growing pains, is all. Promise."

"Thanks, Dean." Sam whispered, trying to get comfortable.

"No problem." Dean replied with a smile, stroking his brother's hair, "You need anything, just come and get one of us if we're up, okay?"

Sam nodded and Dean tacked up one more blanket over the window to block the light out so the younger Winchester could easily get his rest. Then he left the room, returning to Kate who looked concerned as he climbed back into bed, holding her close.

"Is he okay?" She asked softly, earning a nod from Dean.

"He's fine."

She smiled and then kissed his nose, giggling as he got snuggled down right under the covers.

"You're cold now...Maybe you need warming up too." She said with a waggle of her eyebrows, before she pulled Dean into a passionate, loving kiss.


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