Alyson flew into a Demon's line of sight and the Demon, it lunged at her. A wail of terror sounded. It was from Alyson herself but she did not know that. She was too awestruck at the sight of the Demon.

'He's handsome!' Alyson thought, shocked. All her life Alyson had been told that Demon's were hideous creatures. But it was a lie. This Demon, he was handsome.

Long, dirty blonde hair, down to his shoulders, ice blue eyes, a devious smile and sharp facial features is what described this Demon. Alyson couldn't bring herself to hurt this creature. And the Demon seemed to do the same for he didn't attack her after he had lunged.

"Why didn't you attack me?" The Demon asked Alyson.

"I couldn't." She muttered.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"I just couldn't... You're... Different than the other Demons." She explained.

"Different, how?" The Demon had folded his blood red shredded wings, and landed.

"I am not certain." She sighed, also folding her perfect white wings and landing, next to the Demon.

"Oh." Was all the Demon said.

"Now the same question for you. Why didn't you kill me?" Alyson wondered.

"Beautiful people, Angels or not, do not deserve to die." The Demon replied.

"I'm beautiful?" She asked, sounding slightly shocked.

"Yes. Very beautiful. So beautiful in fact that, I may be in love with you." He sighed.

She ignored what he had said and asked, "What is your name?"

"Zeke." He responded.

"Well Zeke, I will no longer be fighting Demons. Because of you, I cannot. Even though I will be Expelled from Heaven, it is better than fighting. Especially for one who does not like to fight." She said, looking down at the ground then at Zeke, then up to all the other Angels and Demons that were fighting. "I have got to go. I must go explain that I will not be fighting anymore." She said, opening her wings.

"Wait! I do not know your name!" He cried.

"It is Alyson. Maybe I'll see you again sometime. Goodbye, Zeke." She said then pushed off the ground and flew straight up into the clouds, going further and further until she hit the Teleporter. Which is when she made it into the Angel's Holy Land, Heaven.

Alyson didn't know how or when the Teleporter had gotten there but all she knew is that when the Angels flew into it, they got into Heaven.

Alyson folded her wings and walked into the Great Father's office area where he was sitting on his throne.

'Time to lose my wings...' She thought sadly.

"Father... I need to speak to you." She said, voice trembling a bit.

"What is wrong, my dear? Why aren't you out fighting those blasted Demons like the others?" Father's voice boomed.

"That is what I needed to talk to you about... I can't fight the Demons anymore." Alyson responded, with her head held high but her voice full of terror.