"What do you mean you can't fight the Demons anymore?" Father demanded, voice loud and full of anger.

"I can't do it anymore, Father. I've changed. And I know you hate hearing this but, I have found a Demon that is actually very handsome and his name is Zeke. He is the reason why I won't fight Demons anymore. I am sorry. Take away my wings, Expel me from Heaven, I don't care. I'm not fighting anymore." She said, voice stronger then before but still slightly terror filled.

"You will still keep your wings. But you will be only able to use them when you actually need them. And yes, you will be Expelled from Heaven. You only get to keep your wings because you were the only one brave enough to actually face me." Father paused a moment then continued, "That is the reason I liked you so much, Alyson. You could talk to me about anything. And even though most of the time I didn't agree with the things you said, I always listened. And you always came to talk to me of all people. So, you were like an actual daughter to me."

Alyson sighed softly then said, "Father, just get it over with. I'm starting to regret my decision."

"Fine. Alyson Gortoski, you are hereby Expelled from Heaven. May the Gods be with you in your journey on the planet, Earth. I hate doing this but, you did this to yourself." Father's voice boomed.

Alyson shrieked as she fell from Heaven and cried out in pain as she landed on hard ground with a loud "thunk".

"Are you okay?" A familiar voice asked her.

"Yeah, I guess. But what are you doing here?" She asked, looking up at the figure that was standing over her.

"I'm like you, no longer fighting. I told the Devil that I couldn't. I told him I met an Angel that changed me. I got Expelled from Hell, just like you got Expelled from Heaven. I want to be with you, Alyson." Zeke said, offering her his hand.

She took it, muttered a shy, "Thank you," and stood up when he pulled her up.