A Fruits Basket Drabble

Shipper: Tohru&Kyo.

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Hot Chocolate



Thouru knew exactly how to calm down the heart of a neko.



His first impulse was always to withdraw her.

He always thought her attempts of approch were so unnecessary, he did not believe that someone could treat him with affection, or a bit of attention, without wanting something in return.

But Honda Thouru has always showed up as an intriguing mystery herself.

All this time living together in Shigure's house, Thouru had never complained about Kyo's bad behavior or his selfish and often explosive nature. She never judged or rejected him for what he was. Never asked for anything. Even at times when he'd wished she had done so.

But she never had.

Instead, in cold nights of a frozen winter like this one, all she would do was to bring him a cup of hot chocolate, as a captivating smile'd adorn her childish lips.

Kyou was not sure what brought him more comfort: the drink itself or her presence, that always brought life to the atmosphere that surrounded him.

And Kyou knew that in moments like these, there was nowhere else that he wanted to be.

Because home is just exactly where she is.



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