SUMMARY: what if dumbledore choose the wrong brother to be the boy who lived

instead of the correct bwl harry choose his younger twin brother daniel then to add insult to injury declared harry a squid sending him to the muggle world with james and lilly's permission and that petunia raises harry as a beloved second son. ( i do not own anything to do with harry potter )

October 31 1981

Clutching the bars of his crib little Harry James Potter watched as his mother pulled his twin Daniel Godric Potter out of his crib and ran to his crib. Moments earlier Harry had been woken by the shouts of his father to his mother, telling her to take the boys and run. Lily gently put Daniel into the crib next to Harry and looked at her two boys. Harry had black messy hair that always stuck up at the back, so like his father - a mini clone - except for his emerald green eyes - her eyes. She then looked to Daniel who had the same messy jet black hair as his brother and father but James' eyes. There was no escape for her or the boys with Lord Voldemort in the house. She had no wand to even try and defend herself. She took one last mental picture of her beloved boys that she and James had been blessed with and prepared for the end.

"Not the twins, please no don't kill them, take me, kill me instead —"

"This is my last warning girl "

Please ... have mercy ... Not the twins! Please — I'll do anything..."


Harry whimped and Daniel screamed, when they watched their mother drop to the floor. The stranger in the robes move toward the crib looking directly a harry with his red eyes rasied his wand to the boys forehead. this boy with the emerld green eyes was the one the one who would have the power to destory him he lord voldemont the most powerfull dark wizard not even Albus was as powerful as the boy infront of him. if he let him live, he lord voldemont would reget it.

"Avada Kedavra"

An explosion rocked the nursey, the roof collapsed around the crib that held the two boys. A chunk of plaster from the ceiling smashed the side of the crib sending small amounts plaster and wood towards the children. Hitting the youngest twin Daniel on the cheek leaving a small circle cut below his left eye. Harry had been Knocked out since the green light had hit him, like his brother he too had a scar a lighting bolt shape hidden under his black hair.

James ran to the nursey to find the place a reck the ceiling had collapsed crushing half the room daniels crib had been crushed by the plaster james heart missed several beats his little boy was gone. suddenly a groan from the depths of the ruins.


"Lily where are you please lily answer me "


"lily i got u can you stand are you hurt?"

"the boys Harry,Daniel"

James and lily ran towards the crib. both fearing the sight if their twin boys dead. Both Loudly sighed when they found daniel crying but alive .

"harry is he dead ? " james reached into the crib put is fingers to his eldest sons neck and felt for his pluse. After a few seconds he found his little boys heartbeat. lily picked up Daniel and James picked up Harry from his recked crib.

"Let go to Hogwarts we need to see Albus. He will know what to do. "


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office, holding a interesting conversation with the portaits off the old headmasters and mistress of hogwarts, when they where interruptied by a knock from the door. All the paintings looked from dumbledore to the door as professor Minerva McGonagall popped her head into the headmaster's office.

"sorry to bother you Albus. But James and lily have just arrived at hogwarts with their two sons. They are currently in the hosptial wing while poppy's checking their sons shall i go and get them "

"Thank you Minerva, yes i see them could you go get them but leave the twins in poppy's care for now out of interest does one of the twin have a scar at all ? " Minerva turned back to Albus "Yes little Daniel has one on his left cheek as for Harry i dont know poppy was treating him when i left."

She could have sworn the headmaster had smiled but quickly put it to the back of her mind and turned towards the door "wait Minerva ask them to bring Daniel up here to i would like to speak to them and see the boy" McGonagall nodded and headed out the door to fetch the Potter's.

little Daniel Godric Potter was the chosen one. Albus smiled to himself, he can train the boy when he gets bigger but what to do about Harry he would cause Daniel problems. for Harry would like any child try and get his parent's attention, so he would figth againts Daniel for his mothers and fathers attention and possibly it might be a small chance, he could even turn against them. NO no no he will send the boy into exile away from the wizarding world into the muggle world it was for the greater good little Harry would be negeleted.

Yes it was for the best, Young Harry will be much safer in the muggle world the only problem was to where and whom would look after him. He had only met the child once and to Dumbledore he didnt seem to strong magically. Dumbledore had seen harrys magical core was extremely weak the boy was a SQUIB. This was perfect he now had a reason to send the Little brat away to oh yes Albus thought lily's muggle sister perfect but first he needed James and lilys to see that their eldest son was a Squib, with twitch of his wand Dumbledore Sealed Harry's magical core. From now on the Boy who lived Daniel Potter will have no distactions in his life.

many thanks to Bekki for sorting out the first part many many many thanks again