Disclaimer: I don't own harry potter also warning bulling and an injured harry which some might find distressing. Also I like to just make a point James and Lily don't know what is going on at Hogwarts Dumbledore never spoke to them he lied plain and simple I think lily would hex Dumbledore into the next century when she finds out. I am trying to rid Dumbledore off that fake grandfatherly appearance and as for that greater good crap I think its all bull. Snapes a good guy will be a mentor to harry later on. Remus/Sirius/James and Lily will soon make an appeances in the next few chapters. Along with new characters I would like to say a huge sorry I had broken four fingers and one thumb on my right hand so updating has been slow due to the fact I am not left handed.

The last two weeks left harry in severe pain, Up and down his body he was covered with nasty curry stained bruises. Beside these busies small punctures embedded into his already wounded back. On the tops of his arms and legs long lacerations raw and bloody. Those bastards left his lower arms, hands, neck and face untouched to ensure nobody really knew what was happening to the young second year. The boy was so beaten up he could barely eat a small plate of food and started to become extremely thin due to rapid weight loss. Soon he became withdrawn and depressed not once did any student stop the treatment off the child even his friends who watched on helpless or joined in thanks to bulling.

The adult where worst only one kept watch but to his anger could not stop the attacks from happening because the headmaster had him working tirelessly. The stock pile off potions sat in the cupboard waiting to help but the child never came. He overheard that Ravenclaw prefect along with two Hufflepuff and one Gryffindor prefect boasting about what they had done in earshot off the professors but Dumbledore never intervened nor did anyone else. Lily had left the school because she was close to giving birth a few days before the first attack on the damn cat and couldn't be reached. Snape In his desperation tried to reach the mutt and the werewolf but no reply was sent back. In his bid to aid Harry he sent an owl to Igor and petunia who was currently in surrey with pleas of help begging them to pull harry from Hogwarts alone with his brother Dudley (who was also suffering from the bullying) but as of yet no owl had arrived. He even tried to use Harry's snowy owl Hedwig but found harry had sent her away to keep her safe and only to return when he called.

The potions master painfully watched the child in-front of him slowly die, he had to get harry alone to give him the potions in-til the real person behind the squibs cat attack was caught. Severus feared Dumbledore would keep him busy in-till harry perished. His brain worked overtime trying to cunning come up with plans to help harry while appearing not to at the same time. Lucky young harry had double potions with him in the afternoon maybe Severus could give the boy extra lesson yes that was it give the boy extra lesson. It would help him save the intelligent child from a bleak and painfully short life. He needed a healer someone the headmaster couldn't buy off or close to him. Not that he didn't trust Poppy but Dumbledore could easy hush it up.

Blacks wife was a healer before her children were born, she loved harry and from his memory he remembered the day lily had told the blacks they had sent harry way. He would owl her after lunch get her to come to Hogwarts when harry had his "lesson" to take legal evidence of the attacks alone with memories from himself to id the people responsible for the boys injuries. Something in Severus mind kept him going to save the boy as if the boy was going to be someone important in the future. He stood watching his barn owl hades as the owl came flying in Severus grabbed his ink and quill and quickly begin his letter.

The afternoon painfully dragged for harry the measly sandwich he had munched on at lunch caused his stomach to send stabbing pains throughout his belly. The abrasions on his legs were in dire need off attention and bandaging, the wound rubbed on his school trousers ripping and opening the new skin trying to grow and much to his annoyance he had double potions with snape in less than ten minutes. Harry grabbed the wash cloth from the edge of the sink and applied it over the gaping wound washing the dried blood from around the inflamed entrance. For the next five minutes he washed and applied cream to the wound thanking his knowledge of survival training his mother insisted on when he was growing up. Once he tired of the bandage he pulled up his trousers before limping off in the direction of the dungeons. Arriving in time to take a seat next to the potion master's desk safe for the time being.

Snape sat behind his desk writing fast and hard to lady black in his letter he explained what was really going on at Hogwarts and not the shortened version he no doubted her son had told her. Towards the end the boy in question limped through the door taking the seat closets to his desk a quick glance confirmed more of his nagging doubts. Before he could do or say anything the rest of the students walked in find their seats, they sat near to each other giving Harry a wide berth. For the rest of the lesson he set them to their task while watching them from over their shoulder. Closer to harry he noticed the boy's potions was the correct colour and the boy had moved onto the next stage of the brew.

Severus removed his wand from his arm holster and casted a strong shield around the boy's cauldron as the next stage could very well be lethal to the whole class if any wrong ingredients happened to be thrown in with the now boiling mixture. Soon an owl hooted in front of him grabbing the bird he tore the parchment from its talons and stormed to his desk still watching a certain Gryffindor who was about to throw some lace swing fly towards harry. Thankfully it bounced of the shield hitting Daniel potter smack bang in the eye.


Nobody moved as snape grabbed the stunned boy-who-lived by the collar and threw him out of the door before slamming the door shut as he turned to face the mute class.

A hiss escaped from the enraged man as he thundered to the front of the class.

"If anyone tries to be that stupid again I will personally kill them with their own potion."

Severus knew he would soon be regretting his actions later but he simply didn't care what the headmaster had to say. With the brat out of the classroom no one dared to throw anything across to anger Snape, once the bell rang thought-out the castle he watched the second years bar one grabbed their bags and run from his dungeon.

The lonely raven haired twelve year old slowly put one book into his bag one at a time afterward the child pretended to look into his bag.

"Mr Evans would you please come to my desk for a moment?" As he watched harry unsuccessfully walked to him. "Mr Evans I would like you to tell me what has been happening to you over the last few weeks and why is it you have not said anything to me."

"I don't know what you mean professor," Harry mumbled shamefully while looking down at his feet.

"Harry look at me." Severus winced as tear stained green eyes met his own. "I know that you are being hurt by those thugs, I also know you're like Lily to stubborn to admit it." In all his years teaching Severus had never come across bullying this badly, it broke his heart that a twelve year old boy was on the receiving end of this treatment as most of the adults looked on. "I really want to help you harry, I don't want to see a very talented child disappear from the world. Stay here for a moment I have some things for you." As he gently moving the sniffling child to his seat.

The Potion master left the boy crying as he calmly walked to his office pulling open his store cupboard taking short and long flask of different colours, Carrying the mixtures back into his classroom setting them down cautiously hoping not to break a single flask, the dungeon door smashed open as four people one witch and Muggle followed by two wizards one holding a baby ran into the room looking around for their son /godson.

Petunia rushed to her son pulling him to her arms hugging him tightly as he cried loudly on her shoulder. Petunia running her hands though his dark locks like she did when he was a small child reassuring him as they continued to embrace. She could see down the boy's back wincing at the nasty looking injuries, anger rising at the thugs that did this to her little boy. Someone was going to pay for this oh someone was going to pay.

"Severus let me and petunia take him into your office I have brought the camera." Marlene ordered taking control of the situation. "Sirius, Igor and you stay out here in-till we find out what is going on."

Marlene followed Harry and Petunia into the dark gloomy living courters returning 30 minutes looking angry with no sign of harry behind them.

Both women were red faced hardly able to contain their tempers much longer but with the baby in the room fast asleep in her father's arms while harry was sleeping in the next room peacefully. All three men surrounded the parchment Marlene had put down on the table all gasped unable to believe what they were reading.

"How…..Could…This…Happen…." Sirius stuttered at his wife who looked on from the chair, the stunned man focussed on his old school victim.

"Dumbledore has done nothing know matter how much I have pleaded for him to do something."

"You said that the old man thought harry had attacked the cat." Igor interrupted while handing his sleeping daughter to her mother. "The only thing that can petrify anyone or thing is the king of the serpent's a basilisks but it makes no sense one hasn't been seen in United Kingdom for over two thousand years or around the world."

A small voice joined the conversation, harry looked better but still look underfed peered from the door. "The Chamber of Secrets, Slytherin must have somehow gained the king of serpents placed it into his laboratory in the chamber to protect the school from attack. But somehow someone knows off the existence off the chambers location plus they could speak parsletongue to control a four thousand year old dormant snake. It fits there are no spiders in the castle for the last few weeks which is odd for a place so old and dusty, the school's rooster have been killed how I know I overheard Hagrid talking to the rest of the staff."

"So your telling me a dirty great big snake has been slithering around the school undetected how?"

"Professor, Hogwarts was built in a time when flooding was common in this part of Scotland it has to have big underground pipework to deal with the extra demand off water."

"You know harry you are extremely intelligent but we want to know what has been going on." All four demanded.

The humble child took a deep breath before exhaling; he hobbled to the chair next to his mother and little sister. He rubbed his forehead tiredly knowing he didn't have a way out of the room in till they knew the truth.

"I didn't do it, what I told Dumbledore was true. I arrived at the scene a mere seconds before anyone else when suddenly filch grabbed me by the shoulders and threatened me. after the headmaster dismissed me from his office I left to go find drake and Orion i entered the common room with my head of house then left, one prefect who is in the pocket off Daniel turned the house against me for the first few days I stayed in my room. But things become difficult some hexed me and others used cutting curses at me. After that I've been camping in the room of requirement."

Petunia looked at Igor pleading about the conversation they had earlier that morning.

"Harry we're going to pull you out of Hogwarts for your own good at the end of the year with Dudley. No if or buts we are not sending you back here. You're going to Drumstrums where Igor can keep an eye on you." Petunia declared in her no-nonsense voice harry knew far too well.

"Harry for now on you will report to me every night if anyone asks you're doing extra credit. Keep a mirror on you at all time if you hear it get back here promptly." Severus laid down the law. "In the mean time we work on finding the entrances. Marlene you will see that these gets into the correct people hands. My memories are in the pensive I sent you."

"Hopefully we can stop any other attack on muggleborns at Hogwarts without loss of life. I'll contact Bones and Shacklebolt right away." Sirius nodded at the group as they all stood to leave. "Take care kiddo take this mirror and anyone giving you crap just say my name and I'll appear."

"Sirius don't forget we have to have a chat with Orion before we leave, Harry be good and please keep in touch with us." Marlene pushed her husband to the side grabbing her godson into a tight hug.

The school seemed to be on borrowed time, the second attack happened six weeks later on a Hufflepuff second year. He had been found standing next to nearly headless nick petrified. Students from the victim house rounded up a posse to go hunting for harry throughout the castle harry had been dragged to the headmaster office proclaiming his innocents, Harry had been saved by Snape as he had been with the teacher at the time off the attack doing his extra-credit project and no one dared call the potion master a liar. A few weeks after the second attack two muggle-born students Hermione granger and Ravenclaw's own Terry boot had been found outside the library with a mirror in their hands. Yet again Harry was blamed but like the second attack the boy had been in the dungeons working with snape on a newer and stronger version of pepper up potions for the school healer's stock cupboard.

The real attacker was extremely happy in the past few months; his spies in three houses had made harry an outcast. The child reported back to "tom" who gave him more instructions each becoming more and more disturbing. "Tom" was becoming increasing obsessed in opening the chamber of secrets again to finish the work of ridding the world of impure. Soon he would be back to his sixteen year old self and power and it was all thanks to a jealously little boy.

Come to the chamber with a friend and we become extremely powerfully together.

Yes finally I'll become more powerful than anyone, now who to take with me, Ron maybe no he too scared who of course I go find her now.

"Tom I be down soon I am just going to get my friend she always wants to be around me."

"Before you go boy paint the message on the wall."


There you go ! It was difficult to write but It had to be done. Harry maybe magically strong but he grew up with a loving family who never abused him. He's only a child. There's no duelling lessons Dumbledore a git plan and simple. i am taking a break for a four weeks on this story as i finish the rest of the chapters for second year. :)